If you do not want to wait, then you can make up for diamonds or ask friends from them by clicking on the heart in the upper left corner of the screen. Statues are obtained from irregularly shaped stones that are found at some levels of the game. With its help, you can swap adjacent elements without spending a turn. There are also a number of restrictions on synchronization: Can I have two accounts on the same device? To get more stars you need: If after winning the level you still have unused moves and bonuses on the field - all of them will be converted to points that will help you earn more stars. To open jewelry for an area already available to you, you need to go through match-3 levels. You can remove it only with the help of explosions of bonuses or boosters. Stone is a destructible obstacle. Select the "Privacy & Personal Information" category. To buy jewelry and animals, you need coins that can be won at each level of match-3. Each request will give you a few diamonds. As soon as you join the competition, the game will automatically identify you in a group of 15 players who will become your rivals. Open the Star Chest - it always has coins as a reward. A spinning top transfers water to a random cell in the field. At the start of the next level you will receive a booster. Birdhouses are installed on the levels in order to collect the birds. After that, your friends from the social network who play Wildscapes will automatically appear in the list of friends in the game. Game Genre: Casual. The Piggy Bank promotion is another way to buy diamonds profitably, and you don’t have to use it at all. Here it will be written how many stars for the successful completion of the levels it remains to collect so that the chest opens. With chips icing - red, green, yellow, blue, pink and orange. It prevents the chips from falling down, and you - freely make combinations on the field. You can try the following steps: If the amount of jewelry, aviaries, animals, boosters or coins, as well as diamonds, has changed without your participation, first of all try restarting the device and logging into the game again. Buy before the start of the level or during the game at the level; Receive a reward for collecting a complete family of animals in the aviary; Get by opening the chests - Starry and Ranger’s Chest; With chocolate icing. A piggy bank is a promotion that periodically takes place in the game and allows you to buy additional diamonds for real money at a better price. To change these settings, go to device settings -> App Store, iTunes Store -> Password Settings. At water levels, the target will always be a turtle. A package of chips . If you hit the chip or obstacle with the Superhammer, you will get a cruciform explosion resembling the explosion of the Soda + Soda combination . If your current game is connected to Facebook, it is important not to connect the game to the same account in order to avoid synchronizing game progress between the two devices. Reboot the device. To start the game again, you must delete all your data: In addition, you can install the game on another device and start a new game on it. Just look: Star tournament. What can I do for him? At some levels you will meet animal helpers. Life is the maximum number of attempts to pass one level. Your task is to complete as many levels as possible before the end of the competition period. The riddle! Pinata. To activate a frog, collect 3 combinations in the adjacent cells or work on it with bonuses. You can always find them in the bank, and with them get more benefits: boosters and endless lives. Combine bonuses to get more powerful effects and quickly clear the field of chips and obstacles. For each level you pass, you get a cup, and their total number can be found in the standings.The more cups you have, the higher your position and the chance to get the best rewards. Tickets or trains are often hidden under them. My game progress is gone. Bamboo is another obstacle to victory. Ice-covered chips are not available for movement. Create and remember a password for the Restrictions function, and then confirm it. If you download another game to the device, the original game progress may be completely lost without the possibility of recovery. New expansion areas may open. The rope can also block other elements of the game (bonuses, obstacles). Line up combinations of three or more tiles of the same color. Foliage may hide other elements, including bonuses.

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