For that reason, if you wish to use the elevator, please make sure to contact the Acropolis in advance for additional information (+30 210 3214172, +30 210 9238470), keeping in mind the service is not available during extreme weather conditions and strong winds. Keep in mind that the elevator is only reserved to people with mobility issues and it’s not a short cut! Mnesicles, the architect of the building, achieved in embedding the already built temple of Athena Nike as a construction that adjusts to the abnormal terrain of the craggy hill and reflects the fused architectural order of the Parthenon. Here’s a list of some essential points for you to remember: A visit lasts for about 2 hours, especially if you want to experience this exceptional historic site fully! Elgin took various sculptures from the Acropolis. 8 Tips to Visit the Acropolis & Parthenon: 1. The Parthenon is the iconic temple of the Acropolis of Athens, proudly overlooking the modern Greek capital. If you have to begin in the middle of the day, it’s advisable to begin your visit with the Acropolis Museum, which has air conditioning. It’s visible from many other neighborhoods of the city, especially when it is lit up at night. Please note that if one from your company is entitled to a free entry you need to visit a ticket office once you arrive in the Acropolis. What is also interesting, is that Parthenon's structure lines are barely vertical, as its designers took into consideration optical illusions and used curved lines to present a sight perfect to the human eye. Please note that the entrance fees 30 euros (combo ticket) are not included in the price. It went through serious damages during the 17th century A.D., while in the early 19th century, many sculptural artifacts were removed by Lord Elgin. Dedicated to Athena Parthenos, it was erected under Perikles replacing two earlier temples dedicated to the same goddess. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. There are various discounts available, depending on age and nationality, which can be found on the Acropolis Museum’s website. Once you are up here, there is nowhere to take cover from lightning, should it occur. On the south-eastern slope of the Acropolis, discover the theater of Dionysus, the cradle of Greek tragedy, a must-see site. You can easily access the archaeological site of Acropolis, as it is located in the city center. A small group guided tour of the Acropolis with skip the line tickets, Another great option is the Athens Mythology Highlights tour, The 300 of Leonidas and the Battle of Thermopylae, Best Loukoumades in Athens + Loukoumades Recipe, Good Friday (Orthodox) – closed until noon, The last weekend of September (European Heritage Days). It is easily the most popular monument in Athens. So pumped to connect with you! Numerous opulent votive offerings, such as marble korai and horsemen, bronze and terracotta statuettes, were dedicated to the sanctuary. If, however, you are not a minor and don’t travel with one either, having a ticket in hand is a godsend and you should -without a doubt- take full advantage of it. A guided tour with an English guide is possible: English-speaking archaeologists work on the site permanently, and are keen to inform tourists. Pay attention: the Acropolis museum is not included and you will have to buy a separate ticket costing 10 euros in summer and 5 euros in winter. A visit to the Acropolis offers a unique “time-travel” experience to all visitors, especially history lovers. What is also interesting, is that Parthenon's structure lines are barely vertical, as its designers took into consideration optical illusions and used curved lines to present a sight perfect to the human eye. At the time, Athens dominated ancient Greece in the fields of art, architecture, culture, and philosophy. We know it sounds odd, but excitement and speed can make the whole visit seem like a blur afterward. Carry with you as little as possible; everything feels like it weighs a hundred pounds when you carry it up a lofty hill under direct sunlight. All Rights Reserved. So interesting! If you already have your ticket at hand, head to the side entrance and start your visit from the Theater of Dionysus before climbing up to the Parthenon. This means pack your sunglasses, hat, I recommend an umbrella even, and sunscreen. Get ready to be amazed by a Doric-order fronted structure with internal Ionic-order columns. 31 reviews. Walk your way up through Plaka neighborhood. Children up to 5 years old from countries both within or outside the European Union. The Propylaea had several different functions throughout the centuries, from the headquarter of the byzantine bishops to a gunpowder deposit, which caused the heavy damages occurred during the XVII century siege. On the narrow sides, there was a second row of 6 columns that created the illusion of a double temple. Full price combined ticket (tickets for the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, Keiramikos, Hadrian’s Library, the Roman Agora, the Olympieion, and Aristotle’s Library): $33. It is closed indefinitely. It was built around 432 B.C. Another peculiarity was the existence of a frieze that surrounded the nave along its entire length and is, perhaps, the most obvious of the Ionic influences. Explore the sacred rock through fascinating Acropolis tours. In 1815, the British Museum bought the sculptures of the Parthenon from Elgin, where they remain to this day. Northwest of the Erechtheion, along the north wall of the Acropolis, is the Arrhephorion, a small square building where the Arrhephoroi lived. privacy policy. Additionally, make sure that your shoes are not only comfortable but also slip-resistant, as there are parts of the site that are very slippery due to the thousand-years old rocks and marble that decorate its ground.

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