WFPB friendly, gluten-free and oil-free. The food processor instead of blender is fine, not the issue, also how runny/thick was your batter? Secondly, I added rest of wet ingredients to it and beat it again with the hand electric hand mixer for about 2-3 minutes. Keep them in a sealed Ziploc or air-tight container to keep them moist. The majority of store-bought muffins that you’d find at your local store or bakery are filled with refined flour, sugar, all kinds of toxic oils and chemical additives and artificial sweeteners. Garnish with oats if you'd like. Blend the banana, non-dairy milk, vanilla, and coconut sugar in a blender on high. I’m revisiting this recipe bc it’s one of my all time favorites. The prices are very high on amazon except for a few which got terrible reviews. These are moist, delicious vegan blueberry muffins, made with simple pantry ingredients and refreshing blueberries. In a mixing bowl combine the dry ingredient sand keep it aside. Here you can decide as you please. I haven’t tested it, but yes it should work here! Maybe I’m weird haha! Thank you Sarah! Thanks. or the China study. Just be sure not to over mix the berries into the batter or you may end up with purple muffins Enjoy and happy travels! It should feel firm when they are done and bounce back. I added more blueberries and also baked them a little longer. The pictures and the recipe are very tempting. I’m sharing the recipe with everyone!!! If you plan to try with gluten free oat flour the baking time would vary between 25-30 minutes. Just beautiful! YAY!! Just add a little more flour if the batter looks too thin or liquidy. When you bake the muffins, it may take a little longer because the dough is cooler. They are high carb low fat, but you can’t tell by tasting. Filed Under: Dairy Free, Dessert, Recipes, Special Diet, Vegan Tagged With: blueberries, flax, oat milk, oatmeal, All rights reserved by | Copyright © 2020. In a small bowl combine the soy milk (or other non-dairy milk) with the apple cider vinegar and set aside. Top each with a few blueberries. I love jumbo muffins. Yep, oat flour and no eggs does tend to make things more dense. *. I checked the expiration date on my baking powder and it is still good. I thought about doing an all out streusel, but this was easier and still gave it that extra little embellishment You can prepare the muffin batter in advance. LOVE THESE! When I took them out they were caved. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can also use about 1/4 cup coconut oil if you don’t have either of those ingredients. And these are totally downsize-able to minis , I’d keep that muffin-making train in motion, too!! So funny, I have some jumbo Vanilla Blueberry gluten-free oil-free muffins on my blog too! I could have used avocado, but I used applesauce to add a little extra natural sweetness. We are generally fond of blueberry muffins. Love the oats on top! Or try this blueberry muffin recipe that has a date-sweetened option: And thank you so so much for taking the time to reply my comments! I wanted to make muffins I could eat but that also tasted yummy enough that my family wouldn't know they were healthy. You can make these into raspberry muffins, blackberry muffins or even make them into blueberry chocolate chip…the world is your muffin oyster (lol)! Hopefully they are super juicy and sweet next time around . Omg that is the most adorable baking mental image ever! If you don't have cashews on hand or don't like cashews, you can of course also use almond butter, cashew butter, or sunflower seed butter. Secondly, I added rest of wet ingredients to it and beat it again with the hand electric hand mixer for about 2-3 minutes. I have to say I'm happy like a snow king every time a recipe turns out that well. I make these on the weekend and bring them to work as a healthy snack! This is how you get delicate muffins. You could have two of these stevia-sweetened muffins for slightly more calories, and it'd still be only 6.2 grams of sugar! Aaahh, the days of gluten and sugar! In a blender, blend banana, milk, vanilla and sugar on high until completely smooth. Or fill half way so the muffins can rise?? But at the same time I keep buying more blueberries to keep the muffin-making train in motion. haha Even I’m a lazy baker Let me know if you try them! Can I make oat flour from my oats? Come and join me as I invent new recipes in my kitchen zen place. However, they have to be soaked longer and mixed longer in the high speed blender. Preheat oven at 350-degree Fahrenheit and prepare the muffin tray with muffin liners. Hope that helps! Allow the muffins to warm to room temperature before serving. I make a similar muffin that is sweetened with maple syrup all the time. Thanks Ana! If you make this recipe and love it, please rate and comment down below at the bottom of your page with your honest thoughts. Just made these. Updated March 2016: I decided that this post deserved to be revitalized with some new pictures and new love! For freshness, you can microwave them for about 10 seconds before eating them. These muffins can also be made with whole wheat flour. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Lightly spray a muffin tin or line with 12 baking cups. Sorry to bother you again! “A muffin taste tester!” haha Yes these have totally been my breakfast many days lately, especially when traveling…although I think I need to make a double batch because I usually end up eating two a day Thanks Julie! I will definitely make them again. Got out all my Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s recipes and I am shocked at how much oil and sugar I used to bake with even though they were vegan. Also did you fill all the way to the top in the muffin tray? I’ve tried it twice now and the result was deflated muffins that were flat as a pancake. Mini banana muffins are going to happen soon…and I’m going to eat many, many more than 1 , These are super cute Natalie! Now bake the muffins in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes. This recipe is so easy and simple, especially for how good they taste! Start soaking the cashews in hot water and preheating the oven to 350°F (180°C). You can also warm them up briefly in the oven. No worries I think they will work just fine with spelt. So you have mini muffin nostalgia too! Add the applesauce and vanilla to the milk mixture, and stir well. I should have just mentioned it without using her name. In another bowl combine the streusel ingredients with your fingers (except for the lemon juice.). Yayyyy!! If there's one meal of the day I enjoy most it would be breakfast. except for weekly waffles. I did make some adjustments to the muffins by adding some cardamon, a little ginger, and cinnamon and used brown sugar and calorie free sweetener mixed because I did not have coconut sugar. Oil is off-limits for the nutritarian lifestyle because it's a refined food, and the plan recommends obtaining your healthy fats from whole food sources. It tastes ah-mazing, Aww it makes me so happy to read your comment! This recipe uses powdered stevia in place of sugar, and if you've never baked with it, you'll be floored by the flavor. Prepare a muffin pan and pour the muffins into the pan with a spoon. Where is the updated recipe? Afterwards, I folded in blueberries to the batter. This batter was quite tasty, I hope you give it a try! I’ve bought it before, but didn’t really like it because it was sweetened and WAY too sweet. When using frozen berries, do the following: Let the berries thaw before adding them to the batter. Ha! You would never know these Vegan Blueberry Muffins were made without eggs due to their light texture and incredible flavor! To do this, freeze them in portions in freezable containers. Can I use applesauce instead of banana in this recipe? My hands down favorite brand is Sunfood vanilla bean powder, but it’s pricey. Original time was 23 minutes when they looked thoroughly cooked–brown and pulled away from the sides of each muffin hole.

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