Super creamy with just a hint of banana puree in the batter as well as the crust for a subtle banana taste and to cut down on the sugar needed, since extremely ripe bananas are so sweet! Yes I am obsessed with my vegan cheesecake recipe! It's the perfect plant-based dessert that can be prepared in under 15 minutes with only 2 easy steps! Well, I no longer own a real bakery since I sold mine in late 2014, and since mid 2016 I make nothing but the best vegan recipes! I'd love to hear about it! Thanks for the question and I hope you enjoy the recipe . Oh I haven’t tried a cashew cheesecake either! Raw Vegan Chocolate Banana No-Bake Cheesecake, { Plant-Based | Raw | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Soy-Free | Egg-Free | No Refined Sugar | No-Bake | Paleo-Friendly }. I was able to get back to work on the cashew cheesecake a little bit later on. 3/4 cup almonds, hazelnuts, or cashews (or combo), 1 1/2 cups mashed banana (yellow, NOT spotted), 1 can full fat coconut milk, chilled for 8-12 hours. So I am delighted that you shared this easy to follow recipe! Simply blissful. Do you do a baked cashew cheese cake? Turn the oven off but leave the cheesecake inside to cool then refrigerate for at least 5 hours or overnight before unmolding. Hey! Thank you . Now it’s time to test your patience. After blending all the filling I tasted it and it was the bomb in flavor but after freezing it the flavor changed. (Except, maybe, banana and peanut butter). Read More…, Copyright © 2020 Gretchen's Vegan Bakery on the Foodie Pro Theme. soaked overnight in the fridge, or in hot water for 2 hours, soaked overnight or in hot water for 2 hours, Spring Vegetable Barley Salad with Mango-Red Pepper Relish ». These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. April 12, 2014 By Shannon @ Yup, it's Vegan 24 Comments. And above all, it's super tasty. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Pour the filling into the pie crust, cover with aluminium foil. Anyway, vegan cheesecake is crazy-good (the cashew version anyway; I still haven’t tried one that’s done with tofu). I don’t think anyone is complaining about your lack of dessert recipes when you have a crunch wrap supreme and mac & cheese on there!! Can’t wait to try this!! I made this without oil or refined sugar, which I’m happy about. If I use ripe bananas, it should be sweet enough, right? Hi there Michelle! Can Be Prepared In Under 15 Minutes 3. I'm the published cookbook author of CLEAN DESSERTS and content creator of The Healthy Family and Home website. Since 2012, I've been sharing my easy and healthy plant-based vegan + gluten-free recipes made with real food ingredients that help you feel good about what you eat! Remove the cheesecake pan from the freezer and let it sit on the countertop for about 5-10 minutes, or until it's just soft enough to cut. The entire recipe is actually oil-free (unless you garnish the cheesecake with a few banana chips, as they usually contain oil). It’s true what the studies say…. Hi, I'm Karielyn! Spread the filling into the prepared tart crust(s), and return to the freezer. You could also use another type of non-dairy yogurt. I can officially say that I understand what all of the hype is about. On the one hand, it was my first try making a baked vegan cheesecake. Pour the mixture into the cheesecake pan on top of the crust and gently tap it on the countertop so it settles to the bottom evenly. Measure the hazelnuts out before toasting. You can feel good about making my healthy, plant-based recipe because it's raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, no-bake, has no refined sugar, and paleo-friendly. I guess you could also go for a thick coconut milk, but I prefer the tangy taste of the yogurt. Thanks, Kate! When I made the recipe I split it into two smaller cheesecakes, so that direction was telling you to put the halves of the crust into two pans. Cheesecake filling 1 recipe vegan cream cheese* ( (without salt, chives & onion)) 14 oz silken tofu ( ( 400 g )) 1/2 cup coconut yogurt, unsweetened ( ( 125 g )) 1/2 cup + 1/3 cup coconut sugar ( ( 130 g )) 3 medium bananas 2 1/2 tbsp corn starch 1 pinch of salt 1/2 tbsp lemon juice Time to go bananas! Hi there Janna! This looks delicious! Can I use other non dairy yogurt besides coconut? Press it into the bottom of a greased and parchment lined 7" cake pan and then freeze while you prepare the cheesecake batter, For the cheesecake combine all the ingredients together in a food processor or blender and process smooth, Pour the cheesecake batter into the prepared crust and bake in a water bath in a preheated 350°F oven for 1 hour. Hi...I'm Karielyn and welcome to my website! Once the cake is done, take it out of the oven to cool down completely before slicing. most vegans, like me, think it tastes just like dairy cheesecake. Grind the nuts and coconut to fine crumbs in a food processor. Yum. I specialize in creating easy, healthy plant-based recipes that are gluten-free + vegan and made with clean, real food ingredients that you can feel good about eating. Store leftovers in the freezer. While cake is setting, add all of the ingredients for the coconut cream into a large mixing bowl and whisk using an electric hand mixer until it reaches stiff peaks. Just divide the crust mixture and cheesecake mixture evenly between the muffin cups. Thanks, Richa . Transfer the mixture to a 6-inch springform cheesecake pan, press it down firmly in the bottom of the pan, then set aside. I actually think this works better texture-wise, because you want a few oat-y pieces in there.

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