[2] It is the easternmost tributary of the Indus River.The bhakra dam is built around the river Sutlej to provide irrigation and other facilities to the nearby areas. The dwellings in the lap of the Himalayas. Last edited on 12 November 2020, at 22:15, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Page 290, The Ravi- Beas Water Tribunal Report (1987)", "Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Power Project, India", "Page 60, The Ravi- Beas Water Tribunal Report (1987)", "Evolution of the Delta, the LBOD outfall system and the Badin dhands - chapters 3 & 4", http://india.gov.in/sectors/water_resources/sutlej_link.php, "Harnessing gigantic hydro power potential of Indus, Jhelum and Chenab rivers by diverting water to Ravi and Sutlej rivers in India", https://www.britannica.com/place/Sutlej-River. India Video launched in 2007 in association with UNESCO, New Delhi, has in store thousands of text and videos on Indian subjects like Indian culture, history, travel, art, heritage, yoga, beauty, cuisine, food, health, major Government of India websites, government institutions and events.. This river is the main source of the Sutlej, a tributary of Indus River. Flowing towards the west through Himachal Pradesh and turns south-west to receive the Beas in Punjab, thus forming the border between India and Pakistan. In approx. Times Internet Limited. Himachal Pradesh with Punjab and meets the river Sutlej at Nangal downward Bhakra in Punjab. Eventually, the Zhangzhung were conquered by the Tibetan Empire. The Sutlej is one of the rivers flowing down from the Himalayas, rises from Tibet. Satluj Valley Himachal Pradesh. *Clift et al. The Himachal Pradesh government is committed to promote religious tourism in Tattapani village on the Sutlej river bank in Mandi district and restore the natural hot springs 2. [citation needed] Few centuries ago, Sutlej river was merging with the Ghaggar river to discharge in to the Arabian sea. 1797 BC, the course of the Sutlej river moved towards north to join the Beas river. During floods, Indus river water flows in to Indian part of Great Rann of Kutch. The area to the southeast on the Pakistani side of the Indian border is called the Cholistan Desert and, on the Indian side, the Thar Desert. [20], Using inflated animal skins to cross the Sutlej River, c. 1905, Sutlej River in Kinnaur Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India, Cattle grazing on the banks of the river in Rupnagar, Punjab, India, Sutlej entering India from Tibet near Shipki La, c. 1856, The Langqên Tsangpo (Sutlej River) seen from Tsaparang, Ngari, Tibet, Mughal, M. R. Ancient Cholistan. The Sutlej is one of only three Trans Himalayan rivers originating in the high Tibetan Plateau that cuts across the mighty Himalayan ranges. [18] The project is intended to connect the Ganges, which flows to the east coast of the subcontinent, with points west, via Pakistan. Ungti Chu and Pare Chu rivers which drain southeastern part of Jammu and Kashmir state are tributaries of Sutlej river. The Upper Sutlej Valley, called Langqên Zangbo in Tibet, was once known as the Garuda Valley by the Zhangzhung, the ancient civilization of western Tibet. [3] The mean annual flow is 14 million acre feet (MAF) upstream of Ropar barrage, downstream of the Bhakra dam. Chitkul is one of the unexplored hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Current Science 104 (01). No part of this website may be reproduced commercially without written permission. All rights reserved © Invis Multimedia Pvt. The river drains an area of 22,760 km2, and covers a length of 309 km. [citation needed], The Indus then flows through a gorge near Sukkur and the fertile plains region of Sindh, forming a large delta region between the border of Gujarat, India and Pakistan, finally terminating in the Arabian Sea near the port city of Karachi, Pakistan. THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO DESTINATIONS, ITINERARIES, THINGS TO DO, RESTAURANTS, NIGHTLIFE and LOTS MORE! The river rises in the Himalayas in central Himachal Pradesh, India, and flows for some 470 kilometres (290 mi) to the Sutlej River in the Indian state of Punjab. Evidence suggests Indus Valley Civilisation also flourished here. [citation needed], The Sutlej was the main medium of transportation for the kings of that time. However, the Sutlej may have already been captured by the Indus thousands of years earlier. 2013. [8][7], Continuing west-southwest, the Sutlej enters Pakistan about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) east of Bhedian Kalan, Kasur District, Punjab province, continuing southwest to water the ancient and historical former Bahawalpur princely state. Valdiya, K. S., in Dynamic Geology, Educational monographs published by J. N. Centre for Advanced Studies, Bangalore, University Press (Hyderabad), 1998. Thus Gujarat state of India is also a riparian state of Indus river as Rann of Kutch area lying west of Kori Creek in the state is part of the Indus River Delta.[10]. The Beas River (Sanskrit: विपाशा or Vipasha) is a river in north India. [16] This would be similar to, but on a much smaller scale than, the exhumation of rocks by the Indus River in Nanga Parbat, Pakistan. Thank You for sharing!Your friend will receive the point of interest link on email mentioned. [6][7], The source of the Sutlej is west of the catchment area of Lake Rakshastal in Tibet, as springs in an ephemeral stream. In the early 18th century, it was used to transport devdar woods for Bilaspur district, Hamirpur district, and other places along the Sutlej's banks. Satluj enters India near Shipki La Pass from where it traverses thr... Satluj is an ancient river, one of the tributaries of Indus River and one of the five rivers that give the state of, (For more than one recipient, type addresses separated by commas), Maharashtra issues guidelines for those travelling from Delhi, Goa, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Terms of Use and Grievance Redressal Policy. "U-Pb zircon dating evidence for a Pleistocene Sarasvati River and capture of the Yamuna River." K.S. It then has its main knee heading west-southwest for about 360 kilometres (220 mi) to meet the Beas River near Makhu, Firozpur district, Punjab state. Rivers of Himachal Pradesh is an important topic of HP GK in HPPSC exams or any exam under Govt Jobs in Himachal Pradesh.You can read the information about Rivers in Himachal Pradesh, Place of origin, Tributaries, etc. Langqên Zangbo (Tibetan: .mw-parser-output .uchen{font-family:"BabelStone Tibetan Slim",Jomolhari,"Noto Sans Tibetan","Microsoft Himalaya",Kailash,"DDC Uchen","TCRC Youtso Unicode","Tibetan Machine Uni","Qomolangma-Uchen Sarchen","Qomolangma-Uchen Sarchung","Qomolangma-Uchen Suring","Qomolangma-Uchen Sutung","Qomolangma-Title","Qomolangma-Subtitle","DDC Rinzin","Qomolangma-Woodblock","Qomolangma-Dunhuang"}.mw-parser-output .ume{font-family:"Qomolangma-Betsu","Qomolangma-Chuyig","Qomolangma-Drutsa","Qomolangma-Edict","Qomolangma-Tsumachu","Qomolangma-Tsuring","Qomolangma-Tsutong","TibetanSambhotaYigchung","TibetanTsugRing","TibetanYigchung"}གླང་ཆེན་གཙང་པོ, Wylie: glang chen gtsang po; Chinese: 朗钦藏布; pinyin: Lăngqīn Zàngbù) is a river in Ngari, Tibet, China.

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