Here's your guide to all the Star Trek tie-ins that should really be considered canon. Can the President of the United States pardon proactively? Pocket Books is a publishing imprint, a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster. de Graff presented his idea to several publishers before Simon & Schuster decided it was worth a look. We've also got a question about it. The Star Trek: Picard Countdown miniseries marks a milestone in the franchise's history; this tie-in comic reveals important backstory for the TV series, and even retrospectively confirms that some of the 2009 comics are considered canon as well. Is Section 31 unofficially sanctioned to any extent? Determining CRS from given point coordinate set. Incidentally, as if to reflect the popularity Star Trek enjoyed in these markets, Germany, Japan and, at some distance, Italy were the countries which saw the most translated reference book titles by far, starting with those published by Pocket Books. And the situation seemed to change in 2009, when IDW published comic book tie-ins for JJ Abrams' Star Trek reboot. One of these, the December 1979 novelization of that movie, was the company's first Star Trek novel, and marked the start of a long-running role for the company as the sole officially-licensed publisher for Star Trek novels in all formats. episodes and movies are canon, or official Star Trek facts. Before I read it, I want to know whether it is canon. TBD what the new Picard show will entail. Star Trek has always had a loose relationship with the idea of canonicity, with Gene Roddenberry not particularly concerned about whether or not episodes contradicted one another. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Abrams Books and 47North have since also been contracted to release licensed Star Trek reference books. Generally speaking none of the Star Trek books are considered to officially be canon. The success of paperback publishing in Germany and the UK led to de Graff's efforts, which, being sold at 25 cents each, were much more affordable. Pocket Books is a publishing imprint, a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster.It is the imprint under which all current Star Trek mass-market paperback novels are published. The Pocket Star Books line is a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster that specializes in media tie-in eBooks. A further tie-in novel, Una McCormack's The Last Best Hope, will be published in 2020. Here's your guide to all the Star Trek tie-ins that should really be considered canon. Not just 'generally speaking'. That is around 40% of all Star Trek fiction ever published. Publication outside the US was sub-licensed to (amongst others) Titan Books for the UK market, Heyne Verlag, VGS Verlag and Heel Verlag for the German market, Fanucci Editore for the Italian market, and Dai-X and Bunkasha for Japan, in translation where applicable. What is the release date order for all of Star Trek? site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Their first title was the 1979 Star Trek Speaks, published under the imprint "Wallaby Books" in reference to the publisher's logo – as a wallaby is a smaller species of kangaroo – , and a brand which, like the "Wanderer Books" imprint for juvenile readers, was used for Star Trek titles on occasion in that period. In 1996, Pocket Books - who had long published a popular range of Star Trek novels - approach Star Trek: Voyager co-creator Jeri Taylor with an offer she couldn't refuse. The only material considered 100% canon to Star Trek are the television series (except the Animated Series) and the feature films, though there have been many statements acknowledging that it is fluid and no one has a definitive answer to what is truly Star Trek. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. The complete Lit-verse consists of a continuity web of almost 1000 stories. That film reset the timeline, meaning Paramount had no qualms about considering tie-ins set in the Prime Timeline to be canon any more; they never expected to return to the Prime Timeline again, after all. A frequently-used concept in the Pocket Books novels of the 1980s was the existence of a second five-year voyage of the USS Enterprise under Captain Kirk (taking place either before or after The Motion Picture), something which was not stated in canon, but did not contradict the chronology known at the time. The recently released S02E03 of Star Trek: Discovery showed operations of Section 31, a secret defence organization of Starfleet. A total of sixteen titles, both novels and reference books, were intended to coincide with the premiere of the film, including one flippantly titled U.S.S. With the ending of the various television series, a greater degree of creative freedom saw the restriction on character change relaxed somewhat. However, novels were free to provide explanation for character changes and events that took place in canon, such as the Star Trek: The Lost Years miniseries which followed James T. Kirk's role as Chief of Starfleet Operations, as well as explaining other promotions such as Pavel Chekov's role as security chief. As already indicated, Pocket Books also retained the license to release Star Trek reference books in the US. The 2005 novel Ex Machina and its follow-ups returned to this idea. How can I make the story less predictable? The Pocket Books logo is a kangaroo named "Gertrude". As such, Star Trek has traditionally considered all the comics and novels to be non-canon, however good they may be. Its just as much canon as the George Lucas Star Wars movie novel.The reason why Treks canon is a mess is because there have been different people in charge,GR,Harve Bennet,Berman.If only GR had brought the rights to Star Trek,in the early 70s,the excellent background work wrote into TMP novel eg new Klingon cruisers,new humans,Star FLeet comand policy could have been expanded in the … How to golf evaluation of math expression in MySQL? Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Generally speaking none of the Star Trek books are considered to officially be canon. Due to perceived diminishing interest in these kind of works, the number of new reference publications dropped sharply after 2002. While some contradictions inevitably developed as the show went on, many elements made their way into their series, with a little gentle help from Taylor herself.

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