One temporary on-site sign may be located on a property that is actively marketed for sale or lease. Freestanding signs shall be erected in on-site landscaped planter areas and maintained in a neat and healthy manner in perpetuity with vegetation that is appropriate to the site. New Public Works Permits/Applications NOT related to a Planning Entitlement (incl. If not, please submit via mail to the PE. Minimum review time is 3 weeks, depending on complexity of project and. Public Works : David Boyd SITE ADDRESS: 135 East Main Ave, Morgan Hill, CA CROSS STREET: Butterfield Blvd INSPECTION ZONE: 3 PARCEL NO. Misplaced signs are picked by police or public works staff when complaints are received, and occasionally staff will make a sweep of the area and pick up signs when the rules are ignored. County residents may subscribe to receive notices when special events such as bike races or walking events are scheduled on County-operated roads. County Standard Details, Specifications and Documents. 3. Applicant applies for a Roads & Airports Department encroachment permit to perform the installation work and enters into a License Agreement with the County. These procedures are in effect through May 31, 2020 or until further notice. Phone – 408-445-8500 All rights reserved. PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT 1500 WARBURTON AVE., SANTA CLARA, CA 95050 TEL. Phone: (408) 535-3555 The application can be submitted to the Roads and Airports Plans Counter between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday at 101 Skyport Drive, San Jose. County Standard Details, Specifications and Documents, Apply on-line for Encroach​m​ent Permit ​​, Encroachment Permit Applicatio​n Checklist ​, Best Management Practices (BMP) Sign-Off Sheet, County Ordinance on Encroachment Permits (Div. <>>> encroachment permit to PG&E for the removal of trees and vegetation from the County right-oÊ. Public Works Development Services Organization Chart, See Minimum review time is 3 weeks, depending on complexity of project and. The only permissible forms of lighting are neon tube lighting, if fully, Public property: Only permitted by obtaining an encroachment permit. The PE or staff member will initiate the SJePlans project for you to begin the plan and/or document uploads. Please see a 2015 letter from the Santa Clara County Roads and Airport Department. Complete the process of a pply ing for the issuance of encroachment permits by Caltrans and the installation of Caltrans Tourist-Oriented Directional signs (TODs) within Caltrans right-of-way on Big Basin Way and Skyline Boulevard located within the unincorporated areas of the County. For any given property currently open for inspection, a maximum of one open house sign may be placed on public property at an intersection and placed so as to minimize interference with pedestrian traffic. on-site directional information signs permitted, no more than three real estate signs off-site, One per premises or subdivision;  location, no closer than five feet from property line; nonilluminated; shall be submitted by sign applicant at time of permit issuance for subdivision real estate sign only, No more than one (1) on-site, temporary subdivision sign declaring a group of parcels, dwellings or occupancies within a subdivision for sale, rent or lease shall be permitted for each preexisting street frontage of the subdivision site, Signs. The Permit Center is located in City Hall, 1500 Warburton Avenue in Santa Clara. B17, Ch. One (1) on-site real estate sign pertaining to the sale, lease, rental or display of a structure or of land. In response to the Board's direction, the Department is notifuing the Board whenever encroachment permits are issued to PG&E relating to tree removal. We are pleased to offer our citizens, businesses, and visitors access to government services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit for additional ePlan resources, applicable permit applications and requirements. On Tuesday, July 11 , 2017, the Roads & Airports Department issued a traffic control. An open house directional sign may be placed on private property or the public right of way without a permit provided that sign is not placed on a traffic median, sidewalk, bicycle lane or other travel way or path. CONSEQUENCES OF NEGATIVE ACTION The County will not execute the license agreement with Verizon Wireless and will not be able to collect a fee for Verizon’s use of County infrastructure.

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