The last official census in the United States was carried out in 2010 and at the time, it was confirmed that 6,547,629 people were living in the state, which represented a rise of 3.1% over a ten-year period. The state has been slowly transforming from a manufacturing-based economy into one based on technology, which leaves fewer job options for lower-skilled workers, and many residents have left the state citing high housing and living costs. When evaluating data from the 2010 Census and 2015 estimates taken by the Census Bureau, the state of Massachusetts saw overall growth in population by county with the exception of three counties. Labor and workforce data arranged by WDA. Clear 1 Table. Springfield's property crime levels tend to be much higher than Those figures make Massachusetts the third most densely populated state in the entire country, and the 14th most populated state in the US, despite its small size. The race most likely to be in poverty in Massachusetts is Other, with 26.84% below the poverty level. /* CD-top 468x60 */ Founded in 1636, Springfield is the third largest city in Massachusetts with a population of slightly more than 150,000 people. There are many additional borrowing options available. Later in the century, there was a great deal of immigration to the area from East Asia, Africa and Latin America. Many families live in Springfield and residents tend to be liberal. With a surface area of just 10,555 square miles or 27,336 square kilometers, Massachusetts is the seventh smallest state in the USA. //-->,