Weird)Edit: I DO recognize Every Breath You Take. The tape media is ferric-oxide. Thick, dense music that successfully colors the lyrics. Amazing refrain and dreamy guitar line. When you think of The Police, you think of "Roxanne. 1, February 13, 1982", "Top Singles - Volume 38, No. I just love the synth line, the tom-tom, guitar all sound fantastic. Subliminal.Only the Police could do that. Click through to see the results. It is the band's second compilation album following Every Breath You Take: The Singles and the first release after the official split up in 1986. I'd be fine with this at number one. Literally perfect drumming. Most of all every one is perfect here. What awesome pop classics. 7, October 15, 1983", "Top Singles - Volume 39, No. And for those who don't now Sting wrote it in just 5 minutes! Ahh! While Stjng s pompous a la Jamaica West Indies accent does give a pompous impression of an educated White Man trying to sound cool, this is a very good attempt at experimenting with reggae and we essentially have an excellent piece with sparse instrumentation, exotic groove, timed and precise syncopation and a super sexy feel. See a definitive list of must-listen songs and most undeniable hits from one of the most influential bands. Stellar piece of Reggae pop combining a simple but clever bass line with delicious wails, a catchy chorus, top notch multi dimensional drumming, wonderful guitar textures, and a subliminal imagery of lightness. The lyrics are so accurate, you can tell that it's a great song, probably one of the greatest one ever written at least on "that" topic. The lyrics are a little creepy but not near as bad as some other songs today. This is the one. So quiet. I don't get what they were trying to do with the weird sci-fi bass, spooky guitar, and a bit meaningless lyrics. 18, July 02 1983", "Top Singles - Volume 39, No. 17, January 19, 1980", "Top Singles - Volume 33, No. As an epitaph for The Police, this simple statement of fact could hardly be bettered. Lyrics are quite intellectual as well so all this makes it a very worthwhile piece to listen to. This is such a classic Police song. Great stuff. 2:48 PREVIEW So Lonely. Best drum beat and bass line The Police have invented. This isn't my favorite but it's definitely up there. 16 tracks (67:56). Especially the drums. As powerful personalities and assertive musicians in their own right, they gingered up Sting's basic ideas while putting the brakes on his tendency to earnest excess. Still. Reply Notify me Helpful [r368229] Release. It's got a really dark riff, and it's great all the way through. Subtle, supple and soothing mutant reggae that grooves on a killer Sting bass riff. Why is this at 15? It's great stuff! [2] The album came out shortly after Sting's solo album The Soul Cages, prompting David Sinclair to point out in his review in Q Magazine that "Copeland and Summers were far more than a passive vehicle for Sting's songs. Listen free to The Police – Greatest Hits (Roxanne, Can't Stand Losing You and more). 1. A pretty but somewhat inoffensive song that kind of borders on Muzak for me, but luckily it is redeemed redeemed by one of the most terrific song endings. A masterpiece in guitar. Absolutely flawless song on all aspects. Fantastic song from one of the greatest B-side albums ever. I've been obsessed … 6, December 20, 1980", "Top Singles - Volume 34, No. Definitely think this one should be higher. It's music. With an instant synth hook, the catchiest song of Ghost remains the most brilliant song Police has ever made. This is a great spiteful song that has just the amount of turn-the-tables to be a great song. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. I think that "Every Breath You Take" is number one, but I am voting for "Roxanne" because it has to be higher than this! Greatest Hits is a compilation album of songs by The Police, released in 1992. The Police sold over 100 million records worldwide. It's got a good hook, but the meaning is a little shady, since Roxanne is a prostitute. And all it was was actually just the middle section of a song rendered live. Personal favourite. 3, April 12, 1980", "Top Singles - Volume 34, No. The Police performing live on 1 August 2007 at, Video albums, music video compilaions, and documentaries, "The Police > Chart hHistory > Billboard 200", Recording Industry Association of America, Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld- en geluidsdragers, "Sisältää hitin: Levyt ja esittäjät Suomen musiikkilistoilla vuodesta 1961", "The Police - Every Breath You Take: The Singles", "The Police - The Very Best of Sting & The Police", "The Police - Every Breath You Take: The Singles/The Classics", "ARIA Charts - Accreditations - 2016 Albums", "ARIA Charts – Accreditations – 1997 Albums", Australian Recording Industry Association, "Austrian album certifications – Police – Best of", "Top Singles - Volume 31, No. (Missing entry from the table below): Roxanne was reissued in the UK in 1986 but failed to chart. 25, February 25, 1984", "Top Singles - Volume 45, No. "I guess this is our last goodbye,You don't care, so I won't cry.You'll be sorry when I'm deadAnd all this guilt will be on your head. Why this is at 24 beats me though. 3:12 PREVIEW Can't Stand Losing You. Surely the best. Dates refer to month of UK issue, except "Bring on the Night" and "Secret Journey", which were not released in the U.K. but were issued in America. One of the first bands I fell in love with. For sure should be in the top 10! Author: TheScientist. The cover photograph was by Duane Michals and it was taken at the time of the Synchronicity album. Wow... this doesn’t really sound like their other songs. In fact anyone should listen to this at least once in a lifetime. 14, December 27, 1986", Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings, When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around, Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting 1984–1994, The Living Sea: Soundtrack from the IMAX Film,, Pages using citations with format and no URL, Wikipedia pages semi-protected from banned users, Wikipedia introduction cleanup from January 2015, Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from January 2015, All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. It's your standard greatest hits CD type of thing. Really invokes lots of emotion with this one. Again, definitely should be higher. "—" denotes items that did not chart or were not released in that territory. Monotony is not Police's forte. I heard this song in the "Guitar Hero", a game on PSP. The first and the best song I've heard of this group.They are amazing! One of the best. Roxanne is a great song and has a lot of meaning to it. A good song, lacking perhaps some structure but still manages to do a good job because of its melody and the highly talented Andy and Stuart on guitar and drums who can make the song engaging. From the haunting bass chords at the beginning to the lyrics about jailbait, this song is the best from the Police (and rightfully so)! Too poppy. Damn! Complete your The Police collection. Readers’ Poll: The 10 Best Police Songs Your picks include ‘King of Pain,’ ‘Message in a Bottle’ and ‘So Lonely’ (Why do I like two songs about prostitution? Perhaps not the best song from Synchronicity, but very good nonetheless. Stewart Copeland is just incredible! Bloody hell. Underrated! Great lyrics, good song, definitely better than Roxanne and Every little thing, This song is literally the Police entering the era of the 80s with style. "That's my soul up there" love! Powerful. It's got everything the Police are good at improvisation, experimentation, jamming. The inner sleeve featured a collage of pictures of the band shot by different photographers during their career, including Miles Copeland, Adrian Boot, Akihiro Takayama, Anton Corbijn, Danny Quatrochi, Gabor Scott, Janette Beckman, Kim Turner, Michael Ross, Watal Asanuma and Andy Summers. That just doesn't make sense. One of my favorites, this is such a fun and driving song from The Police with a surprisingly dark message about the monotony of everyday life. A good 80s nostalgia classic. In my opinion, this is the best song by the Police. Best Songs Of The Police - The Police Greatest Hits Full Album Best Songs Of The Police - The Police Greatest Hits Full Album The second centerpiece of Synchronicity after EBYT. The end part of the song is just awesome but come to think about it the whole song is fantastic, This is one of these songs that perfectly explains your situation and the music is so awesome. This deserves to be at least at rank 5! The song, that when you hear the first note or two, or in this case Copeland's symbol rhythm, you are going' back to a time that was truly "Magic. I think that is the reason Roxanne is 3rd below Message in a bottle is the fact is is less recognisable than the two above.

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