Rating: 7, Waterloo has a real lemon flavor, but then there is a slight hint of vanilla. Water is delightful, but sometimes you want some flavor, but you don’t want the calories, carbs or sugar as found in other beverages such as soda, sports drinks or juice. Pros: Excellent taste; really embraces its roots as a true New York seltzer brandCons: Maybe you hate New York. But it has a little more tact and a little less of a "grandpa's log cabin" vibe. Drink this if you're craving a diluted version of a Creamsicle. It is fine, but nothing exceptional. Too weird to love, too interesting to hate. Despite being an unflavored club soda, it has a weird fruit-like undertone. Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email, and get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. Rating: 9, LaCroix Coconut is a very loose interpretation of what coconut tastes like. Vanilla might come in handy when you’re attempting to mask the flavor of booze, but you might as well commit to something more potent like Coke or ginger ale. This is the Imagine Dragons of flavored seltzers: it’s regrettable as it is, and if tried any harder to be more like the thing it’s imitating it would be absolutely terrible. Unless you live under a rock in a particularly drought-plagued area, you’ve probably noticed that canned sparkling water is everywhere. We work hard to keep things uncomplicated, refreshing and endlessly creative. This one tastes like memories of rooting through my mom's purse for candy and only finding an old Luden’s Throat Drop. Rating: 3, Waterloo’s mango seltzer tastes like real mangoes without having to cut around an annoying pit. We're not entirely offended. It’s a disaster in some cases, but the mouthfeel and residual taste of this classic soda flavor work wonders in a category many other bands have swung at and missed entirely. It’s not overwhelming, but just enough to remind you that this is a real grapefruit flavor. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Rating: 7, Polar Strawberry Watermelon Seltzer is just off the mark somewhat and doesn’t nail either flavor. ← Man Fathers 18 Babies All Over The Country After Putting Up A 2014 Craigslist Ad About His Abnormally Strong Sperm, The Internet Reacts To The NY Giants Trading Odell Beckham Jr. To Cleveland In Blockbuster Deal →, Simply Balanced’s Cucumber Mint Sparkling Water, LaCroix offers a passionfruit-flavored seltzer water, Simply Balanced has a cranberry citrus flavor. It's very Ron Swanson, which is very 2013. Did my mom even carry a purse? It’s not the bright, sweet flavor that apricots have. Pros: Rugged, outdoorsy vibe; long-standing pedigree in the New York area; white chocolate flavorCons: Kind of boring; limited to the New York area. Rating: 7, Polar Lime has a fine flavor, not overpowering, but nothing to write home about either. It’d be hard to pick this one out of a lineup, and that’s a real bummer considering how good lime LaCroix and Topo Chico are. Rating: 7, Waterloo knocks it out of the park with their coconut-flavored seltzer. Right now, IZZE is staking its claim in an obviously saturated market by scaling things back. But it’s the beverage with the most aggressive hold on LaCroix’s coattails. This seltzer is begging to be paired with a quality rum. Rating: 6, Polar offers a cranberry lime seltzer, again Polar goes the safe route with a mildly flavored seltzer that is not overpowering or tastes like a Yankee Candle. Like a more successful and less eccentric cousin of Pomegranate, Raspberry Lime is a no-nonsense harbinger of tingly, fruity vibes with minimal undertones and off notes. Here are the best and worst seltzer water brands and flavors. Pros: Very fresh-tasting; comes in a thick glass bottleCons: That thick glass bottle can be kind of cumbersome. Relative to the rest of the Polar lineup, this is obviously a failure reserved for Todd, the soft-spoken loner in your office who’s too boring to be mysterious. Ubiquity is a strange paradox with many upsides. The point is, Q Club may be tasty enough, may be bougie enough, may be different enough to make a dent in LaCroix's stranglehold on the sparkling market. Another popular brand of flavored sparkling water is La Croix. Rating: 7, Oddly, the flavor that nearly every brand offered was grapefruit. We demand more blueberry; Polar, you can do much better. But which of LaCroix's closest competitor's flavors is best? The pomegranate cuts the cough-drop undertones quite nicely, resulting in a mellow cherry flavor that’s much more drinkable than actual cherry sodas like Fanta or Crush, which always have a chemical aftertaste that’s more like a lab-produced idea of cherries than their actual flavor. The sparkling mineral water only comes in two additional flavors (lime and black pomegranate) but they are really, really fresh-tasting. This seltzer comes in sweetened and unsweetened varieties, and heavily plays up its all-natural branch-to-can/bottle ethos. It's super-refreshing and not at all subtle. In the end, with intriguing flavors like blackberry, cucumber, and the outstanding watermelon, Spindrift presents a worthy opponent to LaCroix. It was the summer of 2007. Adirondack has some serious cred among seltzer fans as a more basic alternative to the flash and all-of-a-sudden glamour of LaCroix. There are 19 different flavors of Polar seltzer water. These bottles have 10 calories and just a splash of organic sugar in lightly carbonated water. The cult of Polar Seltzer: Why one brand of carbonated water has New Englanders obsessed These devotees aren’t addicted to seltzer. It’s a happy balance of flavor, mouthfeel, and finish that almost anyone can enjoy regardless of background and persuasion, and that right there is a beautiful thing. Without further ado, here’s our definitive ranking of the current lineup of Polar Sparkling Seltzer: The only “toasted” flavor I’m getting here is akin to the burning plastic smell that comes out of a freshly unboxed toaster with a few stray pieces of plastic left in it. Vintage has all the basic flavors -- lime, wild cherry, coconut -- and it's a model of consistency for sparkling waters. Of course, we’d love to judge all the flavors, but we’ll just start with the basics. It's certainly not flashy, though, which is exactly the kind of no-bullshit crap hipsters love to latch onto and cover with bullshit. People voted and we’re going to make it happen. The lemonade flavor is nice, like taking that last swoosh of water used to rinse out the frozen lemonade concentrate to the face.

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