The birds were bought 2 years ago and were 18 months old at that time. ... Scotland. I have a lot of parakeets available. Older spellings still sometimes encountered are paroquet or paraquet. I hand feed them from approximately two weeks old and have a lot of help from my 6 year old son Jase. Sweet little bird. Caution: This bird requires advanced knowledge of bird handling and can be difficult to tame. Or they can be paired up as unrela... 16 budgies for sale some really nice colours males and females would like the lot to go together we located in Cannock9. MUST HAVE DNA CERTIFICATE. The birds listed on this page are not tame. Description: Bourke’s parakeets (Neopsephotus bourkii) are part of a family of Australian grass parakeets, the Neophemas. 2 cocks and 1 hen crimson Rosella parakeets for sale. ABOUT 2017 OR 2018 BIRD. One pair are breeding. We Ship Safely Nationwide! Parakeets make great beginner pets, one because of the price but also because of the size. Handling ur Bird. Accepting reservation on these two beautiful Violet Indian Ringneck babies. I have babies for sale. Caution: This bird requires advanced knowledge of bird handling and can be difficult to tame. Create a account to save favorites, leave a review for your breeder or list your aviary.Try it now! 2 cocks and 1 hen crimson Rosella parakeets for sale. Browse through available parakeets for sale and adoption in texas by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. 2 normal elegants £30 ea sold  Description: Canary-winged parakeets (Brotogeris versicoluris), members of the genus Brotogeris, are small, South American parakeets often referred to as White-Winged Parakeets. A list of Parakeets for sale including Amboina King Parakeet, Australian King Parakeet, Baraband Parakeet, Bourke Parakeet, Budgerigar, Crimson Wing Parakeet, Grass Elegant Parakeet, Grass Scarlet Chested (Splendid) Parakeet, Grass Turquoisine Parakeet, Grey Cheek Parakeet, Lineolated Parakeet, Moustached Parakeet, Pennants Parakeet, Plum Head Parakeet, Princess of Wales Parakeet, Red … Description: The scarlet-chested parrot (Neophema splendida), known alternately as scarlet-breasted parrot, orange-throated parrot or splendid parrot, is a parrot endemic to central South Australia and inland... * Note : Indian Ringnecks are illegal in the state of New Jersey and Colorado. Being flock birds, parakeets are very social with each other and people. Bourke’s parakeets are attractive and unique, with a natural pinkish coloring. I purchased this bird from Atlanta Georgia. Every hand fed baby Parakeets for Sale is weaned on to a high variety diet. The feathers are coming in nicely and I can see some bright blues. After 4 months, the cere will change into a white cere with different levels of blue dependign on the parakeet. My two Indian Ringnecks need to be homed together, the yellow one (echo) is about 4 years and the green one (kiwi) is about 2. Unique colors, sub-species parakeets have sold for as much as $650 so the price range can be drastic. Affordable Cage. GMR BREEDING OPALINE BLUE COCK   £150 Parakeets for sale * For Sale * Parakeets. Copyright © 2005-2020, LLC. Jedburgh, Scottish Borders . Parakeets are colorful birds that are full of energy, and can make graceful. See details. The chicks will leave the nest at about 4 weeks old and the parents will still care for them for another week. Rosy Bourke’s Parakeets are attractive and unique birds for sale, with a natural pinkish coloring. Somerset £250, Wanted  2020 unrelated pair. They can be found in large flocks of 100 or more birds, sometimes in the thousands, which will be noisy when leaving or returning to their night roost. They are around 5 6 months old young. Older spellings still sometimes encountered are paroquet or paraquet. They are extremely inquisitive and constantly on the move. Note: African Ringneck Parakeets are illegal in the state of New Jersey and Colorado. 5305 NE 121st Ave 1 Lutino hen £30 so, 2x 2020 unrelated, closed rung, dna pairs of Red capped parakeets (Purpureicephalus spurious) early 20 birds still in young colouration but adults colours beginning to show will begin to fully colour, Wanted yellow rosella hen also hen Adelaide please 07970405809, Blue male proven 2013 and a possible split hen 2016 also a misty split blue male 2018.i will sell males separately but not hen. The natural diet consist of seeds, grains, fruits, berries, vegetation and insects.

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