Your hunt will begin by riding horses into certain areas here in Alberta which usually takes a day or two of your hunt and once you have arrived at your base camp you will relax and get settled in for the day, for the next 14 days you will ride horses to strategic glassing areas where usually many  hours are spent in one spot locating mature rams. Eskimo communities and elders are issued a certain amount of tags and are responsible to running these hunts. .999 Pure Silver North American Hunting Club Super Slam, 1 Oz Round .999 Fine Silver American Hunting Big Club Super Slam, Big Game Super Slam Sterling Silver Round: Black Bear, Big Game Super Slam Sterling Silver: American Elk, Big Game Super Slam Sterling Silver: Bighorn Sheep, 2-NAHC Hunting Super Slam Rounds--2 Oz .999 Silver, Big Game Super Slam Sterling Silver: Alaska-Yukon Moose, Big Game Super Slam Sterling Round: Mountain Lion, Big Game Super Slam Sterling Silver Round: Grizzly Bear, Big Game Super Slam Sterling Silver Round: Mule Deer, $2.00 U.S. 90% Silver - Mercury Dimes - 1919-1940s, Lot Of Mics. The use of 4x4 vehicles with high racks is a great method to use in Mexico as you can get high enough above the bush to see the deer. A hunter must harvest each species or subspecies of wild turkey listed under one of the six recognized slams in turkey hunting to complete a slam. We have installed many watering systems and have a great hunt able population of elk, so everyone gets an opportunity on this hunt. First, we will get to base camp by vehicle and usually access the areas by cut roads through the cactus then the final stalk will be by foot. So, it’s a perfect way to escape the winter and head to Mexico in search of the elusive Coues deer. The completion of a slam does not require the kills to take place in a single calendar year. EARN YOUR WHITETAIL SLAM. NORTH AMERICAN BIG GAME SUPER SLAMPROOF SET27 BEAUTIFUL WILDLIFE COINS27 OUNCES OF 142495082185 You will get a close and personal hunt when you book your Alberta whitetail deer hunting trip with us. North American Hunting Super Slam. If you want to test your turkey hunting skills and abilities, aim to complete one or all six slams. Why settle for the same 100-acre deer lease year after year? North Big Game Hunting and consulting for the North American Super Slam (North American 29). We hold some of the most sought after whitetail deer hunting tags in all of the province, 1/2 hour south of the famous bow zone in Edmonton. To begin your moose hunting trip, we will take you to the most pristine wilderness 6 hours north of Edmonton to Fort McMurray. The North American elk is the most popular animal and get the most attention of the specie for sure, they are in a ton of states, British Columbia and Alberta, these are guarantee tags no drawing is necessary. Our mountain caribou hunts are in British Columbia NWT and Yukon, on these 10-day hunts Usually the mountain caribou is combo up with a sheep, mountain goat, elk, or moose hunt on trophy fee but can be hunted as a single animal also. The coins in the pictures is the coins you will receive, Guaranteed! The Dall sheep are an easy animal to spot as they are pure white but being in good physical shape for stalking and hiking is a must also on these sheep hunt, you also will be able to combo up your sheep hunts with mountain caribou tags wolf and moose if wanted. **Shipping will be within 24 hours of the auction by USPS Priority Mail/INSURED** Thank you for taking a look, If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant Educating, honoring, and recognizing North American whitetail hunters who join the quest for a Whitetail SLAM. The Tule elk is considered by Boone and Crocket as  the smallest scoring specie of elk so a minimum of 270 points is book, we try to maintain this level and well above it for the past 5 years. This listing is updated monthly. Hunting for these bulls will be in November and will be on private leases and in huge cut blocks where the herds of elk will be feeding. It’s for sustenance of both the body and mind. Sometimes we move camp numerous times on these hunts to find the biggest oldest rams we can find, in 14 days your will see a lot of country and have a hunt of a lifetime for what I consider the most gorgeous ram of all 4. A Whitetail Slam is the harvesting, registering & certifying of four whitetail bucks... one from each of four different recognized Slam Territories. Payment through PayPal, within **48** hours of the close of the auction. ***Listings may not be current due to ongoing upgrades to our turkey record databases.***. Lot of 4 North American Hunting Club Super Slam One Troy Ounce .999 FS Coins. No additional registration forms or fees are due beyond registering individual birds. The elk are always in the backcountry, so the use of horses and outfitting tents are necessary on this hunt. Being in great physical shape is a must if you’re in search of these rams as practically every day you will be hiking also, these are typically back pack hunts once the rams are spotted, A good old heavy ram can be considered the pinnacle of sheep hunting by many. North Big Game Hunting and consulting for the North American Super Slam (North American 29). Our team is looking forward to helping you find your next adventure! The massive moose is always a hunt that every one talks about as you can easily call these bulls into archery range and ranked as one of the most exciting close up hunts, Make no mistake like everyone says the work starts once the animal is down and that is never so true as with the Alaskan/Yukon moose, be prepared to drink a lot of coffee and allow 2 days for your guide to properly cape and quarter and haul your moose back to camp to be flown out, definitely a must hunt in my books as you will never regret booking a hunt for the monsters. Click DOWNLOAD SLAM MAP to see the Whitetail Slam … So many of our members have begun to aspire to this milestone. NORTH AMERICAN BIG Game Super Slam Silver Proof Collection Complete 27 Coin Set - $765.23. Super Slam of North American Big Game. 1887-P BINION NGC GRADED MS63 PROOF LIKE -scarce PL. Outfitter Web Design by 3plains.

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