Powered by a built-in Li-ion battery OR 2 x AA batteries. All you can see without structural devastation is a pair of lodges for AA. both of them were emty after test. Lopen Business Park Incredibly lightweight, the LR30 weighs under 3 ounces after battery installation. LA30 has some CONs, but is good model overall and has more PROs, PROs In my case ,it has the same colors, but a total different design to the LR10. The construction of both is very good, no “cracking” anywhere, no seams between the parts. First location, and instead of the indoor beamshots, is near to a camper. But, you know – I seriously don’t want to wait for stepdown and waste battery to get to stabilized level which could be set as separate one. I’d like to see a low-voltage warning to these two. South Petherton The double power-option on the LA30 is a nice find: It’s good to know that you can feed this light also by readily available AA-batteries. Have a look at the three placed on a table near to a white camper. Why not 1A? 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful: Uses 8 high CRI (CRI≥90) LEDs and 3 red LEDs, Powered by the built-in 1800mAh high capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery or two AA batteries, Single switch controls 3 brightness levels, 2 light sources and 2 special modes, Highly translucent dome style diffuser provides 360 degress of well distributed lighting, Red SOS and location beacon modes for emergencies and signaling, Magnetic base and built-in metal hook for hands free use. Next step is red beacon and the latest step is red-SOS. In mid mode you may have eternal power supply (figurally eternal if you have solar charger). Thanks to Nitecore for providing me both lanterns for testing! Simple and convenient. We are the authorized NITECORE US distributor, and your source for direct purchase & wholesale service of NITECORE products. BTW, here you also can see that charge process has it`s own red-green indication. To me, the most powerful lantern with this output I’ve had my hands on until now. I agree with other reviewers about some anti-skid inserts on the bottom, that would be good. The LR10 has three special / blinking modes: CAUTION > SOS > BEACON. Charge port cover is quite thick. But the LR10 is thanks to its format the best option to carry in your pocket. Conclusion: The Nitecore LA30 and LR10 are good additions to the lantern-world. Ok, see difference. no switch. Beware, that if the lights will not enter high-mode again, the battery needs to be recharged as soon as possible. We provide both expert advice and warranty service. We provide both expert advice and warranty service. A quick double press brings you into the special modes. Also the LR30 is some brighter than the LA30; see also the cooler tint here. Both lights are IP66-rated, so protected against water and dust. I’m a fan of these flashing modes, it will bring you safety and you can use the light as a mark. … This is also good for working at laptop, such dim light eliminates contrast between display and overall light in room, eye get tired less. Different in size and options, but close to each other about output. the Nitecore LR10 on highest mode Also the LR30 is some brighter than the LA30; see also the cooler tint here. Nitecore Australia was estalbished in 2017, to take over from HiTech Illumination for the distribution of Nitecore products in Australia. At this time, the family has grown up; the LA30 and the compact LR10 are some new additions. As screw, mentioned above, adding spare rubber plug would be a great addition, as there may be situation when it is lost. Mostly, before I get a light, I’ve had a look several times before on the official page. LOW is a dim light, that I normally use for midnight rest with tea and e-book. Both lights are equipped with A(dvanced)T(emperature)R(egulation), which controls the output when the light gets to hot. Both lights have a strong magnetic base, which is a good option: if needed, you can “paste” the lights even on a moving vehicle! This is shape of LA30. So, compare LA30 with LR30 and Nichia 29B and regular XM-L2 6500k. When you keep the button pressed while turning off, the light will go into “positioning-mode”: A short flash in red will tell you where the light is. the Nitecore LR30 on highest mode The two red modes of the LA30 shown now at the same location. I own LR30, so I have a chance to compare them. About Nitecore Australia Nitecore Australia was estalbished in 2017, to take over from HiTech Illumination for the distribution of Nitecore products in Australia. So I run test on High mode from 10000mah Xiaomi PB, and this test lasted a while. Flashlight Electronics - Batteries Included, Smoke and Fire, Hot Cells and Close Calls - The dangerous side of batteries, Flashlights & Parts, Accessories & Electronics, WTS: Flashlight Electronics - Batteries/Chargers Included, WTS: Headlamps, Spotlights & HID Flashlights, Other Personal Type Lights/Beyond Flashlights, WTS: Lasers, Night Vision, Electroluminescent, GID, Fixed, WTS: Transportation Lighting - Automotive, Motorcycles, Bicycles, WTS: Cameras, Accessories, Video Equipment, WTS: Custom Titanium & Exotic Metals Flashlights, Homemade and Modified Flashlights Discussion, CPF Custom Flashlight Builders and Modders, Personal Gadgetry & Non-flashlight Electronics, If this is your first visit, be sure to We are the authorized NITECORE US distributor, and your source for direct purchase & wholesale service of NITECORE products. The port on the LA30 is better positioned, it’s easier to use the light during the charging when the port is a the side. Compact, bright, rechargeable, easy to use and magnetic. - high is really turbo, as it has stepdown. The LA30 does not have white-blinking, but only in red: RED SOS > RED BEACON. But lack of is no a problem anyway. Both lights are almost fully made of polycarbonate and available in several colors: the LA30 in yellow or blue, the LR10 in yellow or black; there’s a special “panda-version” or the LR10 too.. Maximum output 250 lumens. Book is placed 140cm under lanterns. Maximum output 250 lumens. ZL201220057767.4), Built-in power indicator doubles as positioning medium. “I`m here!” indication is also good, it would be easy to find LA30 when this feature is turned on. Both lights should just as bright according to the specs, but the LR10 is clearly the brighter one. is an innovative manufacturer of LED flashlights, headlamps, batteries, chargers, and other accessories. LA10 and LR30 available now. Most Nitecore have a 1-lumen mode, and it would be a good thing if the lanterns have these ultralow-mode too. An alert for low-voltage would also be a good addition. So, Nitecore comes well known way and they dind invented some crazy form “like rabbit ears” \ “chupacabra smile” or whatever. The NITECORE LA30 rechargeable lantern is the ultimate mini lantern featuring a 250 lumen high CRI & 40 lumen red output. What is this, some type of post-apocalypse austerity? Both lanterns are easy to handle with, carrying the lights won’t give any problem in most cases. Nitecore L Series Lanterns. in the AA High runtime test above, the internal battery was fully charged. I used the LA30 with the built-in battery for the beamshots, didn’t test it with AA-cells. You can put it on table, you can magnet it to any metal surface, you can hang it (light distribution will be best this way). Better to take this in a backpack or something like that. The only metal part on the LR10 is the hanging-loop, the LA30 has besides a metal-loop also a screw for secure closing the AA-battery compartment. + anti-skid inserts on the bottom. Maximum output 250 lumens. and as LA30 always work from AA (when they are inserted), you can still have light while device is being charged. That is 100% normal for any brand camping light. Starting again by showing you the three white output-modes of the LA30.

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