If you suspect things still aren’t right, ask for a water hardness test so you can see for yourself if the softener is indeed softening the water or not. One type has a clock, so you can set it for a specific time period — say, weekly. And keep in mind that tanks eventually wear out, too, so in the end you might find it’s more cost effective to start over rather than replacing part by part. If the water softener actually seems to "run" or to be "stuck" in regeneration mode, running continuously, then its operating control needs to be repaired or replaced. i went through the settings but doesn’t give me an option for “days” just a time. A good standard is that an efficient water softner should use no more than 5 gallons of regeneration cycle water per 1000 grains of hardness removed from the water supply. I turned it off after bout 15 minutes. I’m sorry I can’t be much help. If your water is very hard — something that’s common for us here in Minnesota — your water softener may have to regenerate two or three times a week. When I lined softener up I noticed that water was running out of my backwash line this continued for 15-20 min. But if the float in the brine tank prevented sufficient water from entering the tank at the start of the regen cycle, then the softener control could find itself blithely pumping along, having exhausted the undersized salt dose but having no way to know that (the brine float is a mechanical device that has most often no direct communication with the actual electrically powered softener control).So I'd make a double check that the un-stuck float in the brine tank is properly set in its height and free in its movement. Hi Luis: Sorry to say, but you’ll need to contact Whirlpool directly for that question. They should be able to provide you with a pdf copy of your WHSE30 Owner’s Manual –which will walk you through the steps (and the various options available) for setting up the regeneration schedule. Accessories, 1.4 lph Glass and steel construction without storage container. cans of Acid. Hi Teresa: We’d suggest having your water tested. This is the portion of the tank that works to keep your water soft and it needs the salt to keep it clean. The water softener itself does not deliver water to your home. The next step is the actual regeneration, when the softener draws salt brine from a tank and pumps it backward through the treatment medium to chemically clean out the unwanted minerals and send them down a drain. also, if it is regenerating every night, two things can happen. What determines the length of the softener regen cycle? You thoughts? Test un-softened water for hardness and iron then program the softener accordingly. The 8706 27k Morton water softener is sized for smaller homes, delivering a flow rate of 6.5GPM which is enough to serve a bathroom but insufficient to provide satisfactory flow for multiple outlets running together. Q. It is NSF certified to remove over 97% of chlorine from the water supply and was awarded a Gold Standard of water filtration. The softening resin in the water softener is now clean and ready to soften water again. Water is flowing out of the top of my water softener salt tank. The final step is refilling the salt tank with water to make more brine for the next regeneration cycle. Morton water softeners are an example of the way they use their existing expertise to spread into new product categories. "@context": "http://schema.org", This means that regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that your softener stays working effectively which can be onerous, especially for busy homeowners who are looking for a “fit and forget” water softener. If it seems like nothing has changed, call your system manufacturer and they can talk you through your control valve settings to ensure they’re set correctly for your household. In that case, turn off the water softener or put it in bypass and call for repair. }, 11 (1986): 1072-1080. 8 (2010): 2419-2430. Some water softeners do not pump water into the brine tank until the start of a regen cycle. }, When the pre-set threshold is reached, that triggers the regeneration process. Tel: 1 800-228-9326 (USA Only) This software intelligently learns the patterns of water usage within the home to reduce salt usage and waste water, reducing the softener’s running costs.

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