Harvest would occur during the period between late April and June. The main technical culture was sesame (sesame), which was used to make oil for rubbing and cult rituals. Prosperity . The seed plow featured a similar design to the beam-ard but included a funnel that dropped a seed into the furrow. This is an interesting topic and you can probably find several good articles on the history of farming and the development of different tools and methods. Even though these tools seem simple, they were still important technology. Ancient Mesopotamian farmers used basic farming tools, such as a plow and sickle. In the 3rd millennium B.C. – grapes. The first Mesopotamian farmers began cultivating crops around 6,000 B.C. At that time Assyrian merchants established their trading quarters in Mari, Ugari, Єгипті The development of trade was in need of reliable ways. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! A small part of impoverished community members left it and arranged for service rationing. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? There was no private land ownership in its purest form, it preserved elements of communal property. Around 2700 BC, Babylon already had surgeons, doctors who treated eye and other organ diseases. Prior to the Sumerians, the people who lived in Mesopotamia were the Ubaids. Your email address will not be published. It was forbidden to take away the entire crop and property from the debtor – he had to work off his debt. ), who established the wage rate and material responsibility for the work not performed. The king, with the help of officials, controlled all spheres of social life. The development of trade and usury undermined the Babylonian community from within. Banks gave a loan at 20-30% per annum. In Mesopotamia, around 2000 BC, a detergent and disinfectant was invented – soap, which was made from vegetable oil and meadow. A large army of fiscals made sure that the population paid taxes properly. Technology is It has caused intensive development of usury. ala trade, which is no longer a state monopoly. This enabled urban communities to build their main canals and thus gain economic and political independence. It allowed renting a field for 1-2 years, a virgin land – for 3 years, a kindergarten – for 5 years, regulated the rent for use: a field – 1/3 of the harvest, a kindergarten – 2/3. On the basis of joint economic interests, construction and operation of local irrigation systems, cities were united under stronger leadership. Instead of protecting ordinary community members from the arbitrariness of the officials, the community leaders hurt them themselves. The measure of length was . What Farming Tools Were Used in Ancient Mesopotamia. Those who did not have their own land could live quite comfortably from rent or lease. The high priest received 36 hectares of land, the priest – 18, the official – 15, the small landowner – up to 2 hectares. Ancient Mesopotamian farmers used basic farming tools, such as a plow and sickle. In Babylonia, a system of autonomy and city self-governance was formed in the form of social and temple communities – an organic union of the free population of a city or region with a local temple. The public sector was the most developed. the majestic massive temple towers (zikurati) were built. The unit of weight was sheum (46.75 mg – the weight of the barley head), 180 sheumis were shekel (8.4 g), 60 shekels – mine (= 500 g), 60 minutes – talent (30.3 kg). The stone plow was typically attached to a shaft made of wood. Debt bondage was limited to three years. using a simple stone plow that was pulled by oxen. Land from the state fund was given out for official use for performance of certain duties in favor of the state (soldiers, officials, staff of the tsarist temple economy, etc.).

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