Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm Love it or hate it, to be perceived as wealthy is to be seen as desirable, prosperous and powerful in culture today.

Blue cabinets. Share with your friends | Stay tuned for more blog posts, 474 45th St. S Durable And High Efficient MaterialsRegardless of what area of your exterior you want to update in … Our metal roofing is wind-rated up to 125 mph, so you know it’s tough. Typical design dictates that when functionality and durability increase, aesthetic style decreases. Metal Roof. Storm is a powerful blue with green and grey undertones, calling to mind the unstoppable power of an unleashed maelstrom. Shake Siding Accents. That’s why Western Products might be the most qualified company to let you in on what home exterior trends will be big in 2020, and which trends have the potential to become iconic. This is reflected in Pantone’s color of the year for 2020: Classic Blue. Metal roof materials, aluminum and steel, contain high percentages of recycled content. Homecrest’s artisan-style fire tables, for example, bring classy warmth to any space while also extending your outdoor season by months. Poorly performing windows can lose up to 40% of heating energy in the winter and 50% of a home’s cooling energy in the summer. Western Products offers color options evocative of Classic Blue’s aesthetic with our stylish blue hue, Storm. These aesthetic and practical benefits make shake siding a top contender for becoming big in 2020 and beyond. We offer metal roofing in a wide selection of styles that vary from seamless steel to traditional shingles. We understand which new home exterior trends have the spark that makes them enduring designs and which ones are simply passing fads. No siding type exemplifies this balance better than our CertainTeed Vinyl Shake Accents. It’s true! And, since Western Products offers so many different visual styles, we fully believe that metal roofing has the potential to take off in 2020 in a big way. 701-667-2055 Sometimes it’s hard to admit, but deep down, most homeowners want to feel affluent. Hours: by Appointment Only, 801 12th Ave. Storm is the perfect mix of darkness, sophistication and energy. The soft hue looks almost surreal.… In order to stay vital for so long when it comes to giving Upper-Midwestern homeowners the high quality service they deserve, we’ve developed a strong sense of home exterior style. 701-252-9276 When you work with Western Products, you can cut out this waste and start living a more climate-conscious life. Western Products takes pride in having been a relevant voice in the home improvement industry since 1948. Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning in where they spend their money, and home exterior remodeling is no exception. Here are our top five renovations for the new year that will increase curb appeal in the short term, and keep your home stylish and sturdy for years to come: Having a home that is both beautiful to you and the envy of your neighbors is all about knowing the right ways to stand out. Customer-Focused Engineering & Innovation. Back to Nature – Behr.

Right now, one of the biggest exterior trends for showcasing the wealth of homeowners with expendable incomes is enhancing outdoor spaces by making them feel just as luxurious and lived-in as indoor spaces. SE Let Homecrest be your definition of luxury. We hope you’ll be able to find useful inspiration here for your own home remodels in the new year. Our home improvement experts are committed to helping turn your home renovation dreams into realities! … All this energy is captured in one shade, and harnessed to give your home exterior a sense of refined authority. But, Western Products is anything but typical. This is especially true when it’s utilized in accent sections on homes that already have modern siding, like seamless siding.

Speaking of blue cabinets, interior designer and color expert Jennifer Ott predicts that …

CertainTeed Vinyl Shake Accents are known for their superior performance and durability, and are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. Another benefit of shake siding is that, when you purchase yours through Western Products, you’re getting America’s #1 brand of vinyl siding. Image by XMCWX from Pixabay CC0.

Paired with our other dark siding shades, Storm is the ideal choice for representing 2020’s love of all things mysterious. Western Products offers energy-efficient Renewal by Andersen replacement windows that will help reduce your energy footprint. or by Appointment, 2385 Vermont Ave. For this reason, we’re seeing a lot more home exteriors that are featuring ornate detailing, and particularly arts-and… Homecrest Outdoor Living provides durable outdoor furniture with an emphasis on modern design sensibilities.

Did you know that Western Products offers our seamless steel siding in over 15 different colors? Fargo, ND 58103 701-293-5310
Windows from Renewal by Andersen meet or exceed the energy efficiency requirements set by NFRC and ENERGY STAR. Going into 2020, the current trend for home exterior color is turning away from pastels and light washes. It’s important that we as a society work to make the earth a better place to live in. Homeowners are instead favoring darker, more urbane shades in deep blues and shadowy greens. While homeowners value visual beauty, they also want to ensure that what they buy is built to last. Classic Blue is all about sophistication and mystery. A color that will be huge this year will be lilac. Bismarck, ND 58504

It can give your home an extra pop to increase your curb appeal. Those are Western Products’ top five home exterior trends of 2020! The typical service life for a properly maintained metal roof is 50 years or more. Check out our top five home exterior trends for the new year that will increase curb appeal in the short term, and keep your home stylish and sturdy for years to come! Their collections expand and develop each year, and they even make auxiliary products for enhancing your outdoor experience. If … Not all home exterior trends have to be purely aesthetic. This hue is rich and dark, redolent of the evening sky or vast oceans. Give us a call at (800) 743-3632 to set up a private tour of one of our showrooms, a free in-home consultation or a virtual consultation. One of the most important trends we see moving into the new year is a steadfast emphasis on environmental and energy consciousness. Hours: by Appointment Only. This means you can enjoy lower heating and cooling bills all year. We also offer soffit, fascia and more in the same or similar color varieties to match. The key is striking a balance between being bold and staying sophisticated.

Thankfully, Western Products provides convenient, but effective ways to work towards this goal with one simple remodel. Western Products can help turn this indulgent dream into reality for homeowners across the Upper Midwest with our offering of Homecrest Outdoor Living products. We have showroom locations in Fargo, Bismarck and Jamestown, and can talk to you no matter where you are through our virtual consultation service. Shake siding is seeing a revival in home exterior use because its rustic flair imbues homes with an old-school warmth that modern architectural movements are shying away from. Barren Plain by Benjamin Moore.

Behr announced Back to Nature as their 2020 color of the year and this color …

At the same time, shake siding has a subtle texture that doesn’t overwhelm the contemporary sensibilities of typical suburban homes. Your home is a reflection of you, and one of the most fun ways to express your personality and design preferences is through the colors you choose for the exterior of your house. Jamestown, ND 58401

Having a home that is both beautiful to you and the envy of your neighbors is …
Are you looking for the perfect color to blend with muted stone?

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