Identifying the sources and underlying causes of IT security incidents and unauthorized disclosures to aid in reducing their future likelihood of occurrence. Example of Information security incident management policy and procedures 1 Policy Statement. Some information security incidents may also be criminal in nature (e.g., threats to personal safety or physical property) and should immediately be reported to the U-M Division of Public Safety and Security concurrent with the incident notification described in section VII of this policy. Convene, when appropriate, a multi-department Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). The University HIPAA Privacy Officer, UMOR, and the Treasurer’s Office will inform IIA of serious incidents reported to them. Subsystems typically fall under the same management authority as the parent Information System. ISO: The University's Information Security Office, responsible for coordinating the development and dissemination of information security policies, standards, and guidelines for the University. An effective approach to managing such incidents also limits the negative consequences to both the university and individuals, and improves the university’s ability to promptly restore operations affected by such incidents. Information Security Incident Management Procedures which set out how to report and manage an actual or suspected breach of information security. Information Security Incident reporting and its timeliness must be determined by risk and regulatory requirements and in accordance with the procedures defined in the Information Security Incident Response Plan. All University-Related Persons with access to University Information or computers and systems operated or maintained on behalf of the University are responsible for adhering to this policy. * Please note that sections titled Frequently Asked Questions, Related Information, and Revision History are provided solely for the convenience of users and are not part of the official University policy. A serious incident is an incident that may pose a substantial threat to university resources, stakeholders, and/or services. Information Resources: University Information and related resources, such as personnel, equipment, funds, and information technology. Any event that appears to satisfy the definition of a serious information security incident must be reported to IIA. Information System: A major application or general support system for storing, processing, or transmitting University Information. Information related to campus security information security incidents is classified as sensitive under. It is expected that incident reporting, from identification to reporting to IIA (if necessary), will occur within 24 hours. Accordingly, all staff are expected to reporthazards, near misses and incidents and managers are expected to address these inconsultation with staff. Interference with the intended use or inappropriate or improper usage of information technology resources. Nonsubstantive revisions January 24, 2020. The CISO must review information security policies and procedures annually, at minimum. The purpose of this policy is to define the requirements and responsibilities in reporting and responding to Information Security Incidents or events in a manner that minimizes negative impacts to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of University Information Resources and University Information. Incident Management policy shall enable response to a major incident or disaster by implementing a... 2 Purpose. Requests for exceptions to any information security policies may be granted for Information Systems with compensating controls in place to mitigate risk.

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