Biotechnology is technology that utilizes biological systems, living organisms or parts of this to develop or create different products that can help improve our lives and the health of our planet. They argue that for centuries the society has safely used the products and processes of biotechnology. Anything beyond that is unnatural and highly disastrous to us. This technique has more numerous benefits and applications in animal breeding. It can also result in cancer, often malignant as well. This affects what biotechnologies are developed or accessible in those countries. In many cases, bioagents are used as vectors to transmit the cure for the disease and the production of antibodies. These enzymes play a major role in food processing as well as prevention. Biotechnology in the health care system is providing some mega benefits for maintaining a good health care system. However, while the intention behind new biotechnologies is to benefit society, determining what impact a particular biotechnology may have is complex. It is a blog owned by a Baji who is motivated to spread her technology related, groundbreaking knowledge with tech-savvy people. Keep reading and learning with Tech Baji. Plant breeding generally required a very long time to improve the quality of a crop regarding yield and other agronomic traits. Biotechnology has modified plants to have their very own pest- resistant traits, which makes the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides less common on the farms. The cost of producing genetically- modified plants and animals are sky- rocketing and the duration of return is also not predictable. Biotechnology is a vast field of biology that exploits natural biological processes in an organism to utilize the full potential of an organism. Biotechnology has also given us several diagnostic kits which make it easier for human beings to detect pest infestation in plants and animals. Ancient biotechnologies mainly aimed to provide a more reliable food source by growing plants and domesticating animals rather than depending on hunting and gathering. Timely diagnosis can reduce the fatality rate of disease. Biotech plants are genetically modified that have unique characters. It is a technique that is used to introduce the sperms from a male superior breed with known genetic potential into the female without mating. So it is obvious that with an increase in population their demand is going to rise more. It is another incredible technology that is used when animal breeding encounter complexities. Over the last decade, scientists have been able to modify plants, organisms, human beings as well as animals using various techniques and tools of biotechnology. Environmental biotechnology is having solutions for these troubles and can be dealt with effectively using this knowledge. This technique is highly used in farming to increase organic compounds in soil. Biotechnology has made it possible for the cheap and plentiful output of such disease-fighting agencies as insulin and interferon; numerous people have … Biotechnological processes are mainly carried out on micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi, plants, and domestic animals that we use for different purposes. TechBaji is a technology blog that provides leading information about technology. Biotechnology is incorporated in livestock improvement such as chicken, goat, buffalo, etc breeding to full fill the demand for meat globally. The bioethics of human cloning - downloadable resources for teaching the bioethics of human cloning. Your email address will not be published. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. However, while the intention behind new biotechnologies is to benefit society, determining what impact a particular biotechnology may have is complex. Why mobile phones shouldn’t be allowed in schools? If you want to gain more knowledge about the impacts of the latest technology in various fields, click here. Highly reliable, consistent and rapid enzymes have been created with the help of biotechnology. Through bioremediation, the bacteria can degrade those toxic chemicals that humans transmitted to the environment.

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