I got pregnant at 17 and continued to have sex with my child’s father, even though he never did ANYTHING for our child. Its a mild type of bipolar depression. My friend has a deviant art and on there she Talks like “Nuu, it’s okei. Long ago when my daughter was young, we noticed moments when her personality seemed to shift on a dime. So, i suggest you to do like this when u face some trouble. what an awesome message, I googled self hate tonight as it’s something I am struggling with, and I love what you have written. For me, it helps to take my mind off things, to forget all the bad things. Shock to the system is an understatement so I startrd drinking to try switch off in 2004 I got dun for drink driving so went home took every kind of pills I coulf find more drink n slit my wrists. When we listen to our inner critic, we give it power over our lives. I never got to tell him how much I really loved him and now I will regret it till I die I guess I took him for granted.

Everything seemed fine. I immediately hated him. I’m scared of my parents and I made some mistakes the year before. For some horrible weird unknown reason I can’0t find the strenght to change myself. Im 36 now and I cant trust or really like anyone I guess ill feel this way forever a complete waste of life. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. now i here and i despise myself so much, and guess what? I’m just a loser. My bf is the only person who thinks Im hot and beautiful and pretty all at the same time I took a intro to psych,g ot my GED, I’ve was married 15 years. Currently, I’m in college seeking counseling alongside working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, but the internal scars I carry from abusing myself so harshly are still fresh in my mind. It’s like a small-scale marathon where you have to run all around the school field once a year. “TL/DR but your assessment on which 1D member will launch a solo career first is all wrong.”, Ex. I was the victim of bullying in high school for being autistic and generally quiet and my friends abandoned me because I had an aid and thought I couldn’t take care of myself. Ultimately your opinion is the one that matters. Mhm. I want my boyfriend to have a good wive, i have a thought about breakup with him, he deserve better. I’ve had people take me for granted.

So I know what it’s like to feel alone, depressed, and hopeless. i feel so old inside.

In a realization way. And though I am way older I really feal supported by your last sentence. I hope you are getting better my friend. The worst part about doing that is that I then feel super guilty and mad at myself for not being normal enough to just go out and have fun. But i hate myself. this is to inspired people Almost a week ago i rejected a guy and partly it was because i was comparing my self to his ex’s and they are so pretty and i thought people will make fun of me and call me ugly if i were to date him because he has a lot of friends and is very popular in school (I also don’t like being the center of attention). After years of therapy I thought it would get better and it has when it comes to depression but anger and self hate has become my handicap and I really find it hard to move on from it. I’m sure my clothes gave away my lie but my mum didn’t press me on it. Redefine your inbox with Dictionary.com updates. And this would bum me out because I know I wouldn’t measure up. We can judge ourselves for the tiniest things that no one else even notices or cares about. I’m always the one who ends up alone. Most people question, at one point or another, am I in a healthy relationship? And then i got gf . This artical is very well written and I’m sure sheds some light on a lot of people.

This summer while I was back home with my parents, I was sitting outside the house, while they were sleeping. Plus my dad not only still emotionally abuses me and my mom, but he used to beat me when I was younger, and so I have six scars on my back from that bast*rd. I am dependent on my family for support. More than that, I wish she would just say she was sorry.

Beaten, yanked and hated like you cannot believe; she got everyone to think I was a bad person. That’s why i hate my mother and i hate myslef more. I think that humans are a disgusting species. The past is gone.

My parents were and remain very supportive and have never been critical. Spend time with people who make you happy. I’m definitely the apologetic one as an adult. Your post made me feel better though because you remind me of someone important to me. How do you want to live your life? Well, don’t know if this will help anyone, but I’ll give some specifics as to why I hate myself. Like you said, from a logical standpoint there is no reason to let things that happened 30+ years ago impact my life now, but those negative experiences are deeply ingrained. I hope today is better for you? I think I am very well on my way to depression but I can’t be sure. I often get tired of this work. I can’t do any of this because my ‘inner critic’ isnt a subconscious thing, it IS me, I know. It can’t hurt you anymore — at least, not if you don’t let it. I’m being transfered at work since I don’t fit in (because I work hard, and people are throwing me under the bus) I worked really hard for 5 years to get out of this mind frame to be there again. You’re not stupid! However, I can tell you this: you can be beautiful, smart, quick-witted and popular and still feel like you are nothing more than trash. And if you ever want someone to talk to, feel free to send me an email. It really will. I hate myself because for one I’m such a loseer I have never done any good in my life except for my children I have 8 how I still don’t know why I was blessed with them I have always been over wieght in that has always bothered me I have lost and gained my whole life but never lost enough to feel happy plus I feel depressed all the time why I don’t really know I just feel like yelling inside sometimes I have always had trouble keeping a job mostly for most of my life I been an acholic but I haven’t drank in over 2 years I thought my life would change but nothing really has I’m married I have 3 of my kids that live with me the others are are older but I still don’t know what’s wrong with me I hate myself I wish I could feel better my wife is upset with me because I never want to go or do anything because when we do I don’t enjoy anything no matter what it is I’m just so tired of this feeling, Hello, my name is Payton, I just recently looked up why do I hate myself and saw this wonderful and helping website.

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