The Model 2 was surprisingly efficient, especially when compared to an AAC Ti-RANT 9S. The barrel is threaded to accept a silencer… HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? However, we ran 20 rounds through one set of wipes before the sound signature became unacceptable in an urban setting. At this time, Lipsey’s exclusively sells the Hush Puppy pistols and suppressors. Given the popularity of the G19 with special forces across the globe, this was a very logical choice, and the company has also developed SLDs for the G26, G43 and G48. This allows the user to keep the third module, and its 12 wipes, in reserve. connector. The first loads were developed with the assistance of Remington and used 158-grain FMJs. is a modular silencer utilizing wipes. The SEALs instilled fear into the Viet Cong, who began calling them “the men with green faces.”, Riton X7 Tactix 1-8×28: Developed With SEAL Team Sniper Charlie Melton. Spec Ops History: SEAL Team Six’s Attempted Capture of Abdikadar. Hush Puppy® Project silencers reduce the sound of a gunshot through a marriage of technology from both monocore-style and wipe-style silencer designs. The modified Model 39 was type classified as the Mk 22 Mod 0 and nicknamed the “Hush Puppy.”. The SLD modification is only one part of the Hush Puppy equation. Without the SLD engaged, the pistols were 100-percent reliable with both the 147- and 158-grain Hush Puppy ammunition. Unsurprisingly, the first host for the SLD was the Smith & Wesson M&P9 M 2.0. The post Hush Puppy: The Vietnam-Era Navy SEAL Silencer System Is Back appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. The requirement was for a velocity of 965 fps at 15 feet with a maximum deviation of 25 fps. But Hopkins has changed this with the development of the SLD-equipped pistols, hybrid and modular suppressors, and mission-specific ammunition. Hush Puppy: The Vietnam-Era Navy SEAL Silencer System Is Back, Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. There is a misconception that the SLD must contain the recoil of the slide and withstand the chamber pressure. After significant research, the Navy settled on the Smith & Wesson Model 39 as a base weapon. For civilians, the rechargeable wipe module solves the need to send the entire suppressor back for reconditioning. The SLD-equipped Hush Puppy pistols also offer improved performance for customers who already own suppressors. According to Dockery, “In the German design, flexible plastic wipes were held in a small aluminum canister. The M&P9 M2.0 features upgraded sights and a threaded barrel. In the early days, the only suppressed submachine gun available to the teams was the WWII-era M3A1 Grease Gun in .45 ACP, which was cumbersome and weighed in at 11 pounds. For digital editions, visit Amazon. – Everyone needs Moore ammo! Hard Charger or Why Even Bother. It’s very unobtrusive, robust and easy to use. Bullet Expansion: Velocity Is The Deciding Factor, SB Tactical TF1913 Side Folding Triangle AK Brace Now Shipping, Springfield Armory Ronin 1911 Pistol in 10mm, Reviewing Silencer Shop’s Custom Brethren Armament BAP9 MP5, Silencer Shop Authority: Spike’s Tactical Brown Recluse Review, RECALL ALERT: Smith & Wesson Issues M&P Shield Pistol Recall, Lancer Announces Laugo Export Approved, Alien Pistols Inbound. The main module is a stand-alone silencer with six wipes; the auxiliary module can be added to increase sound reduction but at the expense of greater size. The first module, which mounts to the pistol, consists of a monocore baffle with three expansion chambers. It uses six replaceable wipes that are mounted in a machined core. It’s important to note that the BATFE has classified wipes as suppressor parts, so they are therefore controlled items.

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