To me, the biggest problem with Etsy is the slow shipping. You may also flag an entire shop using the Report this shop to Etsy … Fortunately when I left Ebay I started my own site at the same time which is doing very well and of course being my own site--no competition from cheap or fraudulent sellers.Etsy is now secondary but still important to me. It must be incredibly frustrating knowing consumers are being burnt by these sellers. Holly Johnson is a financial expert and award-winning writer who has traveled to over 40 countries and counting. Check the reviews, and Google the seller. All I have done is bring this to Etsys attention and let them do what they will--probably nothing. But there’s a way to tell if an Etsy seller is legit, and it’s by using and reading Etsy’s 5-star review system… Etsy Customer Reviews About fake orgonite pyramids. As a seller on Etsy, etsy has a business model based on practices the mob built protection rackets on. Etsy provides a variety of tools to help you verify that a seller is reputable. You can report but you need to include information how you know the jewelry is mass produced. Of course, reviews can be padded so you may not have a way to tell. It shouldn't take a buyer being burnt before any action is taken. Read what other buyers have to say about them. Learn more. Thank you. But it's not, it's an excuse to overlook it. Read More. Buyers figured out quickly how to abuse the feedback system by using it to get items at a discount, or sometimes free. I have confronted the seller and he admits they are fakes and discloses that in the body of his ads but not in the headline. This article’s primary purpose is to inform you about and tell you whether this website is Legit or not! To report an item: On the listing page for an item, click Report this item to Etsy. If the item too cheap to be true, they are not handmade or they bought it somewhere and sell it on Etsy. ! Etsy makes it fairly clear that a review is an opinion and that Etsy sellers should not expect to have to ability to just report and have legitimate Etsy product reviews removed. I read the other day that Amazon is adding a new marketplace, similar to Etsy. I know a lot do the asian drop ship thing and scam many people into buying what they didn't say for. Recommendations I have 21,300 followers Sellers who are scammers and resellers tend to leave these bits blank or with just a few bland comments. Tell shoppers your items are back in stock. Read the feedback and the rating on previous sales. Use PayPal Pay After Delivery or AMEX so if there is a problem, your payment card will file a dispute. With all of the options and competition out there today, I wanted to learn what a new Etsy seller can do to improve her odds of success. Cases require the participation of both the buyer and the seller. I don't beleive in coindences. One way you can see how legitimate a seller is is by looking at their feedback. How do I do that? Etsy is a great search engine… Within the platform of Etsy itself. And don’t share your digits or other personal deets, such as where you live or work, on Etsy’s forums or other public spaces. If they treat the seller like $#*!, they won't be nuch better for a buyer who has a problem. They never write with passion and enthusiasm because they do not make the objects they well or buy them from wholesalers. Some sellers don't know they have fakes or they don't know they have a crystal that is different from the one they labelled. If the seller designed the item and had it mass produced, etsy calls this seller designed and allows it. You’re Limited to Etsy Clients. Contact the seller by using Etsy conversations (“convos”) to clarify any points of confusion. You may be able to report them to the FTC - or- include this information in your report if possible (not sure if it allows one to enter details). Amazon and Ebay used to do test buys if they suspected a gold/diamond scam and ask for authentification certificates and invoices from merchants. On its own, a negative review does not warrant removal. The one thing that you can do is read about the seller. I've heard this point before- and sounds reasonable, huh? Check pictures from the buyers. I am talking about fraudulently representing an item--ammolite in my case as the genuine thing. Learn more about how to open a Case on Etsy here. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. But it is crucial to find if selling on Etsy still is the best match for you. As a seller on Etsy I would say that the majority of sellers on Etsy are good sellers. I've bought stuff from wonderful sellers on Etsy. In your Search, limit the location to the US. Etsy will not shut the shop down because one person complained. Check out their profile and read about their shop. Etsy provides a marketplace for crafters, artists and collectors to sell their handmade creations, vintage goods (at least 20 years old), and both handmade and non-handmade crafting supplies. Informative content, where the stones are found, how they are mined, rarity of colours for example, could drive a lot of traffic to your shop too. We’re in this together! I want to continue to sell compeltely legit goods on Etsy, but they close down any account related with the suspended one, so I cant start a new sellers account. How about just a little policing on the part of Etsy? ; Select a reason from the dropdown and add a note. I didn't really have a legal leg to stand on as she didn't complete invoicing with me. Yep. It is a legal entity with some loyal buyers, sellers, and many employees. I guess you really don't. Alas, you'll get fraudulent sellers on every online selling platform... That's the way this works. What Our Members Have To Say WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO AVERAGE $300-$500 4-5 DAYS OUT OF THE WEEK. Respond to Etsy’s requests for information. The reviews they get will tell all eventually, if it is cheap crap, the really upset customers will always write a poor review for them.

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