While it’s important that you share your faith and personal beliefs with your little one, it’s also vital that you understand he has to make his own decisions about coming to know Christ. Hopefully, it will inspire both you and your child to seek answers through your own personal studies and also using some other sources of good theology. Sit with your children in your home and open your Bibles together. This may be the most difficult, but it is absolutely the most important. Use both of those situations to create theological conversations. Absolutely. . Live out your faith in front of your kids, even when they no longer think you are the greatest thing ever. Younger children will understand simple truths. Instead of shutting down or becoming nervous if your child asks you a question about your religion, accept it as a fantastic opportunity to share your beliefs about God with your little one. Her excitement was contagious when she saw what I brought. Sometimes, especially in one-on-one moments, your son or daughter will be open to sharing their hearts with you while in the car or on a walk. Some times those entertainment choices may line up fairly close with your values. Have the humility to acknowledge your own shortcomings, ask them for forgiveness and help them see they can always turn to God for forgiveness. If he doesn’t already ask questions about God, religion or faith, you may find that simply reading a few passages together brings up some new and interesting discussion points. If you don’t already have a regular reading time, consider reading a chapter or two from the Bible each night before bed. But, even if you're part of a church that teaches your children the word, it is essential for you, as a parent, to double up the effort. Use it before anything else. You don’t need to get into facts, theology arguments, or theories on religion. Though different work schedules and seasons of life (i.e. Teaching your kids can feel daunting. Have you ever wondered how to teach your kids to love God with all of their heart? Some of the memories I cherish the most have been times of reading to my children before they go to sleep. Beginning each day in the word and prayer is important. Another way you can help your child learn about God is to read the Bible together on a regular basis. Show them the commandments of your Lord. What do you do then? //--> Sitting on their bed or in their room, talking with them, and listening to them has been an important way for us to connect with them, and connect them to the Scripture. Instead, here are five simple ways to teach your kids theology virtually every day. Travel is a solid-gold opportunity to talk, listen, pray, and teach. Some feel overwhelmed with time issues. Pop the popcorn. Deuteronomy 6:5-9  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. They need to see that the God who brings them the Good News really can (and longs to) “change their sadness into happiness” ( Jeremiah 31 .13″> Jeremiah 31:13 , NCV ). Some feel overwhelmed with time issues. The Holdridge Family Minivan is one of my favorite places on earth. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. When raising godly kids, use the Word of God and don’t try to teach children without it, which will only lead them to rebelliousness. Check out these great resources for teaching children about God. And it was to be a constant and ever-present message. Sometimes, time to teach. As we turn to Genesis chapter 38, we're looking now at the life of Joseph. God knows children and He knows what you need to do to bring them up right. Teaching your kids can feel daunting. var attribs = ''; Without the warmth of God’s love they haven’t burst to life. When God’s love warms our hearts we burst with happiness and praises to Jesus burst out of us. Eventually, Samuel interrupted Saul’s quest. Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. I don’t have to start a discussion time with them, they naturally asked questions. Even when they know you make mistakes. Published February 6, 2012. (2 Minutes/500 Words), As everyone is aware, we are in a divisive presidential election season. Both of those are actually beneficial to your children and your own Christian walk. As they grow, especially in the teen years, they are busy. And how often will you get alone time with them? Show your kids some un-popped popcorn and tell them that the kernels are like children who haven’t found Jesus. Be specific and intentional about what you are talking to God about with your children. But this year, I thought it could be helpful to offer some pastoral counsel for this election. In praying with them at night, I would try to always pray with the Gospel in mind, with the ideas of creation, fall, redemption and restoration at the forefront of how I talked to God. It is good for a family to have moments they get into the Bible together. Talk about God and His word. document.write( 'span>' ); Talk about God and His word. They’ll know it’s okay to ask questions and wrestle with some of the hard things in their faith. document.write( '
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