How to fix sagging couch cushions that are attached. No more dimples in the fabric, and a nice rounded seat cushion, with a ton of support for our tired bodies at the end of the day. This means, should you end up making a purchase, advertisers give me a small percentage of that sale, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. :), you can find a place along the seam where no can see it. I believe there are a lot of “sad sofas” out there. We’ve had absolutely no problems with ours since we fluffed it up a little, and I feel like we’ve got a lot more years with it! They have 2″ and 3″ foam. It’s probably my least favorite sofa I’ve ever purchased ? I think the best thing is to figure out how it was put together to start with. I have one side of the leather sofa where the back cushion is saggy...but that is because it is where our big lab runs and crashes into it as we play our chase game with her! Good luck! I cannot THANK YOU enough for your post! (am I sitting in the new foam or is it below the old foam as support?). How to order kitchen appliques to transfer to wood,? And here it is stuffed and in place. If I could draw a picture of what I am thinking, it would help. //
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