To avoid a mismatched corner, hold up a second sheet, find where the pattern aligns and cut a strip lengthwise. Don’t try to cut an opening for a window or door with the wallpaper on your worktable. Your goals are to have the patterns match at corners where they’re most noticeable and avoid hanging strips less than a few inches wide. 2. Repair any dings or cracks in the walls with joint compound and drywall tape. Wipe off any paste from the surface with a clean, damp sponge. Step 1Mark a plumb line on wall to be covered using a spirit level. *PLEASE NOTE: For Fine Décor prepasted wallpaper, refer to packaging for exact soak times (usually between 5-10 seconds). The staff can advise you on the best primers, paste and tools for the particular paper you select. Add a bold feature wall to your home with this simple guide - by Better Homes and Gardens 18 May 2016 Better Homes and Gardens . For heavily textured or damaged walls, install a heavy duty wallpaper liner. Regular paste won’t hold. A professional paperhanger demonstrates every technique you'll need, start to finish, and shows you how to save time and avoid a heap of frustration. Applying wall sealer, also known as wall size, seals the porous surface of the wall and improves the adhesion of the wallpaper paste. Check our list to ensure your walls are fully ready for wallpaper. Roll it perpendicular to the long edge to move paste to the edges, then back and forth the long way again till the paste is evenly spread. Use this adhesive any time you’re putting a paper over a vinyl-coated or vinyl paper—on borders, for instance. When you measure the height and length of the walls you want to wallpaper, also measure the windows and doors - the calculator will do the calculations for you. That’s not going to happen. We recommend you master the basics of how to hang wallpaper before taking on these papers. (Cut through the top piece only.). Cut in the edges and corners with a brush. Fill a water tray 2/3 full with water at room temperature. There are some tasks that you may need to do before hanging your wallpaper. If a paper isn’t washable, use it only in areas that aren’t subject to a lot of abuse. Use a roll of paper to roughly space how the sheets will align on the wall (Photo 2). 2. With drop matches, plan the dominant elements so you don’t slice them off at the ceiling. If you want to change the entire character of a room fast, see how to hang wallpaper. “Paste the wall” wallpaper is easy to reposition: If the strip is not positioned as you want it, slowly take it off and reposition it. nap roller, dipping it in a 5-gallon bucket with paste in it. If you want to create a feature wall and choose to wallpaper only one wall or corner, align the last strip you will hang next to the one already on the wall, smooth it out and gently follow the corner line to cut the excess paper. Narrow strips can be tricky (and frustrating) to hang. Small prints and light colors make a room feel larger. Pros use a special table made of basswood because it’s a good surface to cut on and easy on razor blades. If you have a wrinkle that’s not smoothing out, pull one edge of the paper away from the wall, keeping the plumbed edge in place, and reset. Instead, align the seam and smooth out as much of the sheet as possible up to the molding. Measure from the corner of the wall the width of the paper minus 1/2 inch and mark with a pencil. How to Hang New Wallpaper Over Old Wallpaper. Repair any imperfections or indentations in the wall with nail hole filler, applying the material with a putty knife. Purchase a vinyl smoother (Photo 8), a snap-off razor with an extra pack of blades (Photo 9), a seam roller (Photo 11) and two 6-in. 10 Home Design Trends That Will Take Over in 2020, How to Clean Wallpaper With Simple Ingredients, 5 Things to Consider Before Painting a Chalkboard Wall, 10 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Contact Paper, 10 Unique Ideas for Decorating Tall Walls, Wall and Ceiling Repair Simplified: 11 Clever Tricks, Don’t Hang Anything on Your Walls Until You Read These 9 Tips, Wall Stencils Are Back In Style! Prime walls, waiting 30 to 60 days before hanging your wallpaper or mural. Book the cut-off piece for later use. Step 3. hollow-core door or a 3 x 6-ft. piece of 3/4-in. Start with a simple bedroom or dining room, a space that doesn’t require a lot of fitting and trimming to begin to see how to hang wallpaper. With 81% of us agreeing that our interiors affect our moods, now is the perfect time to get stuck into those decorating projects. Leave it slightly proud so you can find the hole and reuse it later. Step 3. Work from the top down and from the center out. With experience, you can tackle tougher rooms like kitchens and baths. Using the razor, trim off the excess paper following the contour of the moldings. Add up the area of the walls (minus doors and windows) and divide by the number of square feet listed on the roll. If a wall is in really rough shape, ask the salesperson about “liner paper.” Hang it like wallpaper over the wall to smooth it out. Measure the height of your wall and add 4 inches for overhang. 3. It’s far easier to paper a room if it’s empty. Start your first sheet in the most visible corner and work around the room in both directions to the least noticeable corner.

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