The first factor to consider when deciding how you’ll build your garage workshop is organization. You should consider your tools for completing the job before you begin in order to save time and money. At the ends, be sure to cut the 2x4's so that the topmost top plate will overlap the lower plate and connect the two walls together. Hammering the roofing nails by hand is not too bad since the nails have a big head, are shorter, and not that many nails are used. Alternatively you can get a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the tape so it seals to the wall. All complaining aside, once you get the hang of it and take care in maintaining a straight line of shingles it is not all that bad. This plan is a PDF file from Today's Plans that shows diagrams and measurements for constructing a two-car garage called the Berrywood Pole-Frame garage. The purpose of the H-clips is to provide flexural strength by tying the panels together where they are not supported by the trusses underneath.Work your way up the roof towards the peak. Many of these plans can also be used for a workshop, a barn, or even a greenhouse. The heart and soul of your garage workshop is your workbench. First, you need to have a vision for what you want your workshop to look like and what you will do inside of that space. The first thing is to rack the trusses at one end of the garage upside down resting on the top plates. There are several methods for shingling. So take care with the first few sheets and stay on the top plate until you get some nails into the sheathing.Once all the trusses are tied to the top plate and spaced properly you can start work on closing up the roof. A little space (1/16-1/8") will also prevent buckling when the shingles expand in hot weather. You should also toe nail the header to the jack studs for security while you finish the wall. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. For us in MN, the best time to build is in September since it is still warm, one of the driest months, and less bugs. You can use this web site to help you understand the process for building: A garage. If you read and understand the rules, bring in a good site plan and drawings, they will happily inform you of any problems, give you time to correct them, and then take your money with a smile. Regardless, you should have fans and proper ventilation for the summer months to keep your garage workshop cool and comfortable. With another free garage plan from Today's Plans, you can tweak the plan to build more than dozen different garage and workshop areas, four of which are described in detail as part of the free materials. Great to hear. 7. We've built over 100,000 garages in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Be safe. See the corner framing sketch to get a better idea of how this occurs. See the sketch below, where there is a 2x4 nailed across the two wall top plates and another 2x4 nailed to an upright stud to brace the wall against the slab. Next get the rolls of 15# black roofing felt (AKA tar paper) and start rolling it out parallel to the ice and water barrier. The last thing you should have to worry about when completing any project is wasting time looking for a certain tool. Design your ideal workshop with our Build & Price Tool! This method can result in fewer measured cuts since if you keep everything square you can cut a bunch of shingles in half in advance and only have to measure the far side. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. In the case of 2x4 framing where the wall is about 3.5" thick the pair of headers will be around 3-3.25" thick and a spacer can be omitted if you are lazy. You also need to locate the metal stakes that mark the corners of your lot. Since you took so much care in making the studs regularly spaced the sheathing should fly by. My only change to your instructions, will be to use PBR, rather then Miller lite. It cost in the neighborhood of $6k. These are often buried a few inches underground and are set 1 foot in from the actual lines. Typically, the ridge vent comes in 4' sections that you nail to the roof using extra long roofing nails (>2") that are nailed in at regular intervals marked on the ridge vent. We’ve been building garages in the Chicagoland area since 1959 and can build you a custom garage to match your specific needs. When nailing a new truss to the 2x4 used to tie them together, make sure and measure so that you maintain the 24" spacing at the bottom as well as the top of the truss. The sketch is a cross section of the framing at the corners of the walls. Cut from the backside and use a scrap shingle as a cutting pad. This is no big deal if you are going to insulate and close up the wall cavities, but if you plan on leaving the interior walls open you will want to pound those nails back out so you don't cut yourself later down the road. How big do you want the garage to be?2. Chances are however that you will hire out some of the work, so-called subcontracting.

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