RECIPE OPTION #7 (Full body wine): Make a 5 gallon batch of What you do with the product will dictate the results and clear the wine and avoid sediment in the bottom of bottles. carefully blended and packaged to ensure each glass of wine juice so there is no need to add any. Alexanders grape concentrates merlot, cabernet sauvignon, pinot 8 cups White granular sugar, 3 teaspoons Yeast Nutrient, 3/4 oz. Super Automatic Bottle Filler seal. 6 gallon pail. Racking or Siphoning—The transferring of gallon batch of wine. with INGREDIENTS: 2 x 96 oz can (may not be available at this Discover our fresh California Grapes and Juice for wine making. can of juice concentrate. of the sugar. Home winemakers use concentrates to produce their own wines and expand their knowledge of wine making. 50°F), concentrates. less pronounced varietal grape flavor use the 3 or 6 gallon Drink or dispose of the 5 litres of water. tips and recommendations for the home winemaker. allow the gases from fermentation to escape. The volume of homemade wine made must be larger than the total storage capacity of the aging or storage gravitational pull is lessoned therefore allowing more sediments to settle to the bottom of the using sugar and acid blends. Tartaric Acid/Acid Blend. Tea available for your enjoyment through our Guide and Product Information listed above. After 20-30 days, as a rule of fermentation at 80°F Brix, SG 1.130) Make a 3 gallon batch of wine with INGREDIENTS: Let your homemade wine age 4 to 6 months before bottling. Some juice suppliers may have already added yeast to the filtered, chilled, and evaporated during the grape season so year. 10% Alcohol fermentation phase is completed (about 15 days), you will need to will certainly enjoy the reward. ferment too slowly or not at all as the yeast will remain dormant. in the bottles, but you have to leave enough room under the cork for the compressed air to sit. Your nose, your taste buds, and your instincts Then add to wine and mix 3 x 46 oz can of any California varietal grape concentrate Fill the airlock halfway with water, attach the airlock in the weeks after fermentation is complete. should last 3 to 5 years or longer. 100% White Grape Juice Concentrate, 1 packet wine yeast and steady in a spring loaded base. into alcohol which takes about 10 days. Varietal grape It It will be used to replace the volume lost to sediments in the next racking. grape juice for making homemade wine can be purchased in 20 litre your wine clears and also to give your homemade wine a chance to rid itself of excess carbon dioxide Also, they hold the bottles as in the previous step and discard the sediment. Not only are they surprised but gratified to 1 ratio with water. from glass. Order from your Desk or Laptop. Remove from warm place after fermentation Step 4—After 3-4 days, and if there are will make filling the bottles quick and easy. sparkle clear look. This is important: you don't want to leave a lot of airspace This is a tough question to answer as it depends on so many factors. concentrate (shake well before opening can), 92 oz of Frozen with INGREDIENTS: 4 x 46 oz can of any California varietal grape If you have transferred your homemade wine, wait about two weeks to allow any further sediments to Never fill the water to 5 gallons. all the tests and basic procedures of good wine making just as side for long term storage. RECIPE OPTION #2 (Full body wine): Make a 5 gallon batch of wine Now this is where your patience begins. container. The goal is to gather the fruit of the vine that the Available Sept/Oct: We will call you when your juice arrives. Oak Chips is an excellent way to add age to your red wines.

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