These also look good. Thanks Gina for coming up with good recipes. It has a similar consistency to mashed bananas…. Maybe that? I'm interested to try some of the other add ins next time, but I enjoyed them a lot! I have a question…I added these to my WW recipe builder and my points+ total came back as 3 pts. I don't like walnuts…what would almonds do to the nutritional values? Has any one else had this problem? Keep up the great work! I make a "baby friendly" version of this for my daughter (10 months old) without the nuts! The amount of baking time you need will vary depending upon the moisture content of the banana. Now I'm looking at my green bananas over on the counter and wishing them to be ripe. I have several family members that are gluten free. Has anyone tried baking these in an 8 x 8 baking pan? Tasty! I recommend cutting back on the baking powder. Baking these right now. We will have some later that way. Get creative guys and share your changes. Torture! Yep, I am also not getting 16, but I think I need to make them smaller! I tried to be strategic with the packing order. I made these last night and substituted the nuts for white chocolate chips and craisins! He brought in fresh blueberries and I went to town with baking! I really love chocolate but a) you can't taste the bananas so much anymore and b) it turns the "healthy" cookies into some kind of chocolate treat. Great nutritional stats (25 calories w/ no PB, 36 calories w/ PB). Brilliant recipe..So easy and quick..can't wait to try these tonight..Love your website!! You might try subbing unsweetened applesauce for the banana if you are not a huge banana lover (like I am not). Thank you for a delicious, simple AND healthy recipe! I have made these with rolled oats and the oats soften up just fine. When it is used in a recipe like this it remains at 0 points. I found your post via Google, and we had yummy cookies within 20 minutes! Love to make double batches, freeze some and have another few as a healthy snack every now and then!!!!! I absolutely LOVED these and am going to share with with my readers tomorrow. I wanted to like them more than I did. Hi, if I add slivered almonds instead of walnuts, can I or do I need to add a little almond extract? Pumpkin puree has less sugar, and lots of fibre! I may throw a few dark chocolate chips in next time!!!! . Easy, healthy Banana Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips, you are what I need today. And I used pecans instead of walnuts. I need to substitute pumpkin or applesauce for the bananas, but I don't know how much. Or, would raisins be better? The others are fabulous, more like a dessert. GREAT recipe. The best part about this recipe is that I have finally found a healthy way to add oatmeal to my diet. Super yummy, thanks! There is something quite exciting that happens everytime I read the word "Healthy Cookies". I didn't have enough walnuts, so I added a few carob chips. Best kept in the I fridge from my experience. This will be an amazing breakfast food for my early bird kids. for 2 cookies (used mini choc. Thank you for sharing this kind review! Thanks! Just made them! They are delicious and my family loves them! Loaded with protein so they fit hunger for several hours. Next time I'll do half a batch for her, and an even yummier batch for us. Super easy and tasty. Always read the label. I've been dieting since having my first child, and these are perfect to get me through those times when I want a cookie! Required fields are marked *. Mix in the chocolate chips. Thanks I did not know you can freeze bananas. YUMMY! chips like you suggested). maybe when you sub in apple sauce maybe try some small chopped apple chunks too and a dash of cinnamoni will be trying this when i get home from holidays dont have any way of baking here otherwise i would be making them today hehe, OMG I totally see some pumpkin or roasted butternut squash, cinnamon and vanilla! cookie . These cookies needed to happen immediately. I added 4oz of chocolate chips per my daughter’s begging lol. I don't see how a banana magically grows points if it is in a recipe – if I make a smoothie and use rb (I know it doesn't make sense but to illustrate the point) it adds points for the banana. I made these a couple weeks ago, adding an egg, two scoops of protein powder, and some pb2 they make an awesome pre-workout snack (with protein!). They sound wonderful! I am game for trying it again. Ground? I put inside some mini chocolat Chip, some dry prunes that i cut very small ( so people think that it is raisin lol) and some ground flax seed. What is the best way to store these cookies ? I'm thinking toasted coconut would be good…. We are having a playdate with my daughter's friends tomorrow. This recipe has been handed down in my family for generations. I can't wait to make these! It's very sweet and caramelized. I thought they were a great alternative to sugary, fat-laden cookies. It's a good way to use overripe bananas. I have some no-sugar added homemade apple butter that i think may be a really tasty variation. Just made these , but with almonds , one word Yummy !!! Like the add-ons. I think that this sounds like an awesome idea! Not only are they moist and chewy for days, they are unmistakably banana-y! Been tryung to eat healthy and needed something to satisfy my sweet tooth. I subbed rolled oats for quick oats and added chocolate chips instead of walnuts. Can't wait to try this recipe! Mine did not get that color. I substituted dextrose for sugar, because dextrose is healthier. Had 2 last night and just had 2 for breakfast. Your email address will not be published. Next time, maybe raisins? Keep in the fridge! I just made these with Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats (rolled oats, not quick cooking) and they turned out just fine. They were amazing! I make them at least 2 times per week. you can microwave semi ripe bananas for a minute and they become sweet and mushy instantly, you can ripen bananas by microwaving them for 1 minute, YUM! hi! Plus, if I baked Banana Oatmeal Cookies, that also meant that I would use up the last of our bag of oatmeal. I didn't like the texture at all – too gummy/pasty tasting and I realize after reading more comments this was to be expected. that is a total of 14. Love having a healthy and QUICK snack. So yummy and a great replacement for milk or chocolate milk! I'd throw a few chocolate chips in there too!~ I can't wait to try these this weekend! Enjoy the natural sweetness from the dates, the crunch from the pecans, the moisture from the banana, and the satisfaction that you're serving your family a healthier cookie. Wasn't a big fan of these. I am allergic to bananas. Its so perfect when you need a quick snack, as a breakfast or even as a protein “bar”. Family loves them. (2nd try 10 minutes later)….OKAY, so I let them cool and they taste a tiny bit better. I didn't have walnuts but I added some shredded coconut and cacao nibs instead…yum! Moist and Chewy Banana Oatmeal Cookies Banana … I plan to make these weekly for a healthy, guilt free treat!!! I made them with 1 c rolled oats, and I didn't pre-process them or anything. I never have time to eat breakfast and usually resort to buying grocery store bars of some type that have more fat and sugar than is really necessary for an on-the-go breakfast. On one occasion I did add an additional 2 Tbsp of Splenda with the cocoa, but it wasn't really necessary. I don't count fruit I put on my cereal. Walmart can't carry enough bananas to feed my craving! Maybe they need to be refrigerated. I think they would be kinda like bars or something. I am going to try these with toasted pecans! So- I had 2 ripe bananas no quick oats but had 4 packets of instant oatmeal no sugar apple cinnamon flavor. these remind me of a cookie version of the oatmeal cupcakes that chocolate covered katie has on her blog, have you checked those out Gina? delicious and some times I add apple sauce and cinnamon and walnuts that’s also delicious thank you for this yummy recipe. I’d rather just eat a banana and some nuts. Thanks for posting! Yum. I'm not a baker because of the whole measuring thing, lol, but I think I can actually do these. These are indeed 1 pt per cookie. I love the simplicity of them. This is why some people have different WW point totals for recipes. I’m on weight watchers and these are my go to sweet made the mini chocolate chips. I added chocolate chips, a dash of cinnamon and a tablespoon of splenda sugar blend. These are in the oven now… I love the few ingredients! O EM GEE!! I wish people would realize this. I personally liked my second try the best. The 2 points is because the serving size is 2 cookies. What else could you use? But I'm sure you may have to add a bit more of the quick oats because the applesauce would probably be runnier than mashed banana. These rich, soft fudge cookies are easy and quick to make. I won a local "banana" recipe contest with this cookie.

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