Torta. Last August, fresh from Boracay, I went looking for this and couldn’t find any both online and in the groceries. The Philippines is located in what they call the "Coffee Belt" and are one of the few countries which can and does grow all four varieties of coffee beans.Â, However, in Bohol, coffee beans aren't the only beans that are ground up and made into coffee. Good thing I was with the Running Pinoy, Dennis, and he advised me that I go to the supermarket of Bohol Quality Mall or BQ Mall as the locals call it. There they will find almost all the packaged delicacies the province of Bohol … Carcar’s Delight Lechon, Chicharon and More Pasalubong! By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. 6. Osang's broas It’s size XL but a little tight around the belly. They have nothing to do with Hershey's but are equally, if not more lovable. Pasalubong from Bohol Last week, my brother and my SIL went to Bohol for the first time. Alburquerque is a fifth class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. Nadagdagan na naman ang mga abubot ko sa bag. What's nice about flying to Bohol to see the Chocolate Hills is that you can bring home an edible miniature of the marvelous natural wonder called Peanut Kisses. Watch Queue Queue It’s concentrated, unlike other bland powdered chocolate out in the market today, and not overly sweet. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. These are the pasalubong that I bought in Bohol to bring with me back to Manila. I had little time to buy my pasalubongs when I was in Tagbilaran, Bohol. Undeniably one of Cebu's best pasalubong ideas, the lechon from both CnT and Rico's are so singularly flavorful that you won't need to put any type of sauce on the meat to start enjoying the roasted goodness. All Rights Reserved. As you visit Bohol, never forget to taste some of the mouth delectation. I have just googled them now and was surprised to find out they already have a website. Take a brave bite and you'll discover that these little insects are actually hollow, the tiny little legs are negligible when you're munching, and these taste little more than teeny shrimps without any of the meat. Find out more here. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Even a few tourist sites such as the Baclayon Church which houses some amazing and historical religious artifacts and the eerie Hinagdanan Cave are just a few minutes drive away.Â, Take the time to admire the tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills, too, but we say, take some of Bohol back home with you by giving these unique pasalubong items a try.Â. It is so popular that it has become synonymous with Bohol. So next time you visit Cebu and its neighboring islands (Bohol, Boracay, Iloilo, etc. Shaped like the Chocolate Hills, these miniature cookies are excellent dessert, snack, or pasalubong. Not included in the picture are the calamay of which I only bought two because they were really heavy and these didn’t even make it to Manila. Not included in the picture are the calamay of which I only bought two because they were really heavy and these didn’t even make it to Manila.. Peanut Kisses is a popular pasalubong from Bohol made from egg whites and peanuts. Bohol Shopping is made possible by the four biggest malls in the City of Tagbilaran namely: the Island City Mall, the Bohol Quality Mall, the Alturas Mall and the Plaza Marcela Discount Store. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on They fell in love with the beauty of the province. Actually, I didn’t know what delicacy this province can offer has to offer until I checked the pasalubong map and a little research. Pasalubong, something to bring home as gifts after a trip is a well-known Filipino tradition.Always good are local varieties of snacks. It contained 10 packets of 220 grammes for a total of 2.2 kilogrammes. . Foreigners and even locals buy this food as their “pasalubong”. Bohol Department Stores . With our love for food, ... Cebu is popular for its dried mangoes aside from the lechon while Bohol is known for its peanut kisses. 1. Every Filipino loves mangoes. I first had a taste of this while I was in Boracay Regency since these were offered in the bar in addition to instant coffee. We are an Aklanon food processing company. Watch Queue Queue Article by Gina "Bong" Duran. Peanut Kisses is probably the most popular pasalubong item from Bohol. This popular mid-afternoon snack is made of glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar, and peanuts. You might find some of the Cebu foods here listed to be surprising. Roasted corn coffee is a unique hot beverage you should try. Corn is roasted until almost blackened, ground up, and treated just like coffee grounds. Ondoy Sano Bohol. This Starbucks and Kate Spade collab is gorgeous! These are superworms and when made into these pulutan-worthy snacks, chichaworms. These are flavored with sugar, salt, and a little chili powder. Before you dive into Cebu’s food scene, it is important to acknowledge that Cebu (and the Philippines as a whole) has had several foreign influences which go way WAY back. ( Log Out /  Tagbilaran Central Public Market, Bohol. But to the certified foodies, they know that within this odd-looking wooden ball is a taste of sweet, sweet, sweet heaven. He bought 5 boxes for me at PhP 105.00 each. - Sugbo Otap was about the cheapest at P37.5 for 200 gramme and P74 for 400 gramme or a pasalubong box of 10 packets of 200 gramme (2 kilogrammes) for P350 - Conching had a fancy Pasalubong box with rope handle for P507.50. No Pinoy goes home from out ... Daing na Pusit is one of the most bought pasalubong anywhere you go in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Delicacies. When you see blog posts or ask relatives and friends who visited Bohol, they would say that the cheapest place to buy pasalubong is the grocery. Peanut Kisses. These are crunchy snacks! They fell in love with the beauty of the province. i am working overseas and am planning to have my vacation back home. Foodamn is a Philippine-based food-related blogs. 8:47. © 2018 Summit Digital . We opened in 2009 and we supply stores and supermarkets in Aklan and other provinces. These items include necklaces, earring and décor items, among others. As you would always know, food complements every get-together. Peanut kisses is one of the best delicacies in Bohol but it is also available now in Cebu. Peanut kisses are made from peanuts, egg white, cane sugar and vanilla. This video is unavailable. Btw, if you know where I could get this in Makati (or anywhere in NCR), thanks in advance for letting me know! Peanut kisses from Bohol. List of bee balm ingredients: She also bought a bottle of coconut oil. I didn’t buy that one though because it’s more expensive. Bohol Bee Farm, Dauis Picture: great pasalubong - Check out Tripadvisor members' 5,325 candid photos and videos of Bohol Bee Farm This Unique Cookie Flavor Caught Us By Surprise! This video is unavailable. Just put your order here. And bring some as “pasalubong” for your loved ones who are not as lucky as you are. Yup! Peanut Kisses. Foodamn is a Philippine-based food-related blogs.

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