Below is an infographics showing the 7 essential pillars of democracy and a brief explanation of all of them. Learn. One of the fundamental obligations under the oversight function is, for example election monitoring to ensure the fair, in fundamental rules of democracy. STUDY. Like any other form of government democracy has also a few deficiencies and drawbacks. Created by. Democracy is widely, although not universally, believed to be A Good Thing. Some philosophers propose greater democ­racy to correct the ills of the democracy. All of these have a common basis in the fundamental ethical principle of mutual respect for diversity. As Winston Churchill once said, "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." Gravity. A democratic government is of the people and by the people, ensuring that all voices contribute to the laws of the land. Match. The five foundations, or basic principles, of democracy are social equality, majority rule, minority rights, freedom and integrity. The fourth function of the government is to provide for the common defense, making sure that all life in the country is defended from warring nations or domestic threats. They include A nation’s self-government as a source of state power and presence of organizational links between democracy players: government bodies, state organizations, public associations, trade unions; • Regulatory-compromise function . 5 Foundations of Democracy. PLAY. Spell. 8 most essential conditions necessary for the success of democracy. Just the first 3. Democracy tries to carry everybody along and that is why the system is loved by many. Flashcards. But many of both its advocates and detractors insist that examples of real democracy are hard to find. Even when there is majority and minority in political decision making processes, democracy still provides and makes space for the minority. Key Concepts: Terms in this set (18) Worth of the individual, equality of all persons, majority rule-minority rights, individual freedom and necessity of compromise. Functions of democracy • Organizational and political functions. Write. kaylaevans. For this reason, it is occasionally important to review the components of democratic governance which serve to protect the people from each other, from a predatory state, and serve as the guarantors of basic rights acquired in a free society. 4- The function of relief In several areas, civil society contributes to ease in the narrow sense, the state, the government and politics. This function is meant to task the government with ensuring that its citizens can enjoy a calm, happy life "in a godlike and dignified manner." Test. What are the five foundations of democracy?

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