Feminists identify numerous examples of policies that help to maintain the conventional patriarchal nuclear family and reinforce women's economic independence. Tax laws discriminate against conventional families with a sole breadwinner. As functionalists examine social institutions on the basis of the function/contribution they play in social stability, functionalists like Fletcher see social policy as an outcome of the march of progress towards a society where the family is assisted by the state rather than social policies being a form of state social control. 806 8067 22 Registered Office: International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE, Taking a break or withdrawing from your course. Therefore we might expect it to have had a strong influence on the conservative party's polices towards the family. Providing council housing for unmarried couples teenage mothers encourages young girls to become pregnant. Drew argues that most European Union countries are now moving towards more Individualistic gender regimes. Instead he sees social policy as a form of state control of the family. The New Labour emphasised the need for parents to take responsibility for their children for example by introducing Parenting orders for parents. growth of lone parent families as state provides benefits to lone mothers, the father will abandon their family. AQA A Level Sociology - Families and Households Topic: Social policy and the family PPT for the lesson is attached An essay plan is attached An evaluation activity is attached Read more £5.00 Created: Dec 24, 2018| Updated: Jan 13, 2020. This can make it impossible for wives to claim social security benefits since it is expected that their husbands will provide. In turn, the effects of the policies is often to reinforce that particular type of family at the expense of other types. Whereas functionalists take the view that state welfare polices can benefit the family and make it better able to meet its members' needs the New Right disagree. See all Families and households resources ». policies on other social or economic issues also effect the family. They see the state as acting in the interests of society as a whole and its social policies as being good for all of them. the new right perspective on social policy. 2 types of gender regimes; familistic gender regimes and individualistic gender regimes. Wives are not assumed to be financially dependent on their husbands. Policies governing school holidays make it hard for parents to work full-time. Foucault sees power not just as something held by the government or state, but as diffused throughout society and found within all relationships. Square These policies included: longer maternity leave, working families tax credit and the new deal. policies help the family perform its functions. London WC1R 4HQ. policies are based on the belief that husbands and wives should be treated the same. banned promotion of homosexuality. Lone parents, welfare policy and the dependency culture (3). favour cutting welfare spending, especially universal benefits. a conflict perspective - society based on a conflict of interests between men and women. He is interested in how professionals carry out surveillance of the families. This division means that the Conservative party has found it difficult to maintain a consistent policy line on the family. Greater self-reliance and not reliance on the state is what will enable the family to meet its members' needs most effectively. In their view the changes that have led to greater family diversity. International examples with huge impact include China’s one child policy and Nazi Germany’s policies. Eileen Drew (1995) uses the concept of gender regimes to describe how social policies in different countries can either encourage or discourage gender equality in the family and at work. increase rights for unmarried cohabiting couples. Marxists argue that social polices generally operate in the interests of the capitalist class. These include the 3 following. policies can improve family life. 2 It assumes that there is a march of progress. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and ... AQA A Level Sociology - Introduction to the Family *UPDATED 2020* Instead he sees social policy as a form of state control of the family. the less families depend on the state the better. this would reduce taxes and give incentive for fathers to provide for their family. Tutor Time Reflection and Wellbeing Journal (2020), AQA A Level Sociology - Crime and Deviance - Completed Knowledge organisers, Education - AQA A-level Sociology - Entire Unit, Research Methods - AQA A-level Sociology - Entire Unit, The Scramble and Partition of Africa, Colonianialism and Imperialism, GCSE sociology [WJEC/Eduqas]- The rise in singlehood and marriage patterns, WJEC Level 3 Criminology Certificate: Unit 1 Complete Bundle. wives not assumed financially dependant on husband, so each partner has seperate entitlement to state benefits. sees welfare benefits as perverse incentives - rewarding irresponsible behaviour. © Copyright The Student Room 2017 all rights reserved. Offers a very different perspective on the relationship between the family and state the polices from that of the functionalists. Marxists and feminists criticise Donzelot for failing to identify clearly who benefits from such polices of surveillance. Donzelot uses Michel Foucault's (1976) concept of surveillance. He argues that social workers, health visitors and doctors use their knowledge to control and change families. tax and benefits policies / childcare Similarly, denying council housing to unmarried teenage mothers would remove a major incentive to become pregnant when they are young. Critics argue that the coalition government's financial austerity policies reflected New Right's desire to cut public spending. emphasised parents to take responsibility for children (introducing Parenting Orders for parents of young offenders). adoption rights, pension rights when partner dies and succession to council house tenancies.

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