We include planting instructions along with a care tag to ensure planting your Arborvitae Green Giant is … The green would need to be a grayer green (aka sage)...and I wouldn't do uppers and lowers the same color. Most Thuja tree species look similar during their early stages of development. If you want an attractive conifer that can withstand the harsh weather conditions and deer nipping, the giant green is your friend. My friend was happy to get them. My preference here is the orchid, perhaps not in exactly that shade, but it has more possibilities in MY eye. I will use the SW purple in my new bedroom, it is exactly the color I have been looking for. Wildlife. While container-grown evergreens like the Emerald Green arborvitae can be planted any time of year the soil isn't frozen, early spring is best in USDA hardiness zones 3, 4 and 5. I always read the comments with glee----there are always those who relegate colors they don't like to either being "Teen age" or "Grandma"----are those the most awful comparisons that they can visualize? To maintain a beautiful landscape together with your lawn, these two tree species are a perfect choice. This tree is a selection of eastern arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis), native to eastern North America. The Emerald green arborvitae does not require continuous shaping because it is pyramid in shape. I love your new flooring, and your room in general looks very warm and inviting! My life is filled with color and it has been for 84 years so I have experienced the ages of teen and grandma and if I could choose a time, I would definitely choose the grandma age, being a teen is much too hard these days. I got a mixed info between the internet and my local nursery. Most Green giants can withstand a heavy snowfall without getting damaged. We have a privacy row of Emerald Green Arborvitae that suffered severe winter burn, most are half to 2/3 dead and need replacing. Make sure they a single leader specimens. The mice, voles, and deer like to eat different varieties of branches and tree roots. Wildlife is a common problem that affects most tree species, including the arborvitae. More of a Christmas tree shape and less narrowly columnar than Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' (Emerald Green). Different types of arborvitae varieties are prized for different reasons, but the main thing persists: you can’t beat the dense growth and beautiful, dark green foliage. Thuja 'Green Giant' is a hybrid of T. standishii (Japanese thuja) and T. plicata (western red cedar). Been in the house for a year now, just, just starting to feel that it is ours with new decor. Green giant arborvitae make excellent privacy screens. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting gallery. The Arborvitae Green Giant is a large, vigorous, fast growing evergreen. Typical rate of growth in most areas is up to 5 feet (1.6 m) per year, resulting in a large tree 50 feet (15 m) tall by 5 feet (2 m) wide after 10 years in the landscape. Note: Mice and voles also pose a challenge to green giant arborvitae trees. It grows to 10 feet in width and 30 feet in height. Thujas: Green Giants vs. Emeralds. But, these two tree species will tolerate the cold weather and continue to grow well. These pests are similar to those that affect the green giant arborvitae. It can perform well in zones 2-7, where the temperatures can reach up to -40°. I pondered the same question a while back, after buying a house with a landscape plan that called for Emerald Greens and learning that the previous owner planted Green Giants instead. Also, you need to know the recommended space needed for effective growth.

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