Download the DIY Outdoor Dining Table PDF ». Sign up to get FREE decor resources, DIY tutorials and life hacks! (Step 1). Make sure this account has posts available on So I did what any good DIY-er would do and made my own. I love your blog, keep it up please! Do you mind sharing an approximate cost savings when you DIY vs the one you originally wanted? The table looks beautiful! Use hole saw to drill hole. There are so many awesome tutorials out there. We applied the wood filler and waited overnight for it to dry. I must have stained 12 boards before I came up with a concoction I loved. *For your online shopping convenience, I have included affiliate links in this post. This is amazing! Also, if you don’t already have a Kreg Jig pocket-hole kit, I highly recommend getting one. Thank you Crystal! This step is completely optional, but we think it adds a sweet little touch. Just in time for the first summer holiday, today I am going to share how to build a DIY Modern Farmhouse patio table on the cheap. It get done faster, and we have fun working together! While I had briefly considered painting the table black, I was concerned that the paint would chip easily and require way too much maintenance. Reason being? While this summer will probably feel a bit different for most of us, I believe spending plenty of time outdoors in the sunshine should give us all a taste of some much-needed normalcy. That is after we build the benches to go with it, of course! Once everything was plenty dry, we sanded the whole table smooth. Here is what I used. Once the whitewash was dry, I finished the whole table off with 3 coats of Minwax Helmsman Spar Urathane. The better the wood, the higher the cost, and we were definitely trying to keep the price low. Remember to consider the spacing between top slats when considering width. Width should not require ripping boards. Locate center of table to drill hole for umbrella. Make sense?! The husband wanted gloss, so semi was our compromise. We went with a semi-gloss, but I think matte would have been better. So you want to build your own outdoor dining table? (Step 3). Required fields are marked *. There herringbone so much more interesting than a typical plank table. Only time will tell, but I hope the wood will age gracefully. Drill pocket holes using jig at the ends of top slats. (Step 5). I have no patience whatsoever lol even though I save all these DIY pinterests! Yeah, me too. HomeMade Modern is an online design source that publishes easy-to-follow, DIY recipes for creating modern home furnishings. We started with a coarse grit to level out any unevenness and worked our way up to fine to smooth it all out. We found industrial steel brackets, spray painted them matte black, and attached them to all 4 corners. Most of the tables I was looking at were over $1000. (Step 4). They’re important. I recommend doing the same with your own tabletop so you can get the fit just right with each board. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What kind of wood did you use? After each piece was glued, we went back with our Hitachi finish nailer and secured each board with 4 finishing nails. We popped each piece out of place, applied Gorilla wood glue to both support boards, and put the wood back in it’s spot. It’s frustrating. Measure all the way around and take your time until it’s centered. We didn’t notice it until we stained, but you can totally tell which boards came from the same piece of wood. Do you think your husband would come over and make one for me? (Step 7). Make sure not to eyeball the placement of the top when building your own. Thanks so much Elizabeth! We don’t get much rain in Arizona, but the spar urethane has been a great protectant against the elements! How to Frame a Refrigerator that is too Wide for Opening, Pocket hole screws (jig instructions give proper length and type). We loved the look of Minwax Weathered Oak on the little sample they have in the store, but when I tried it on a piece of scrap 1×4, I hated it. For smooth finish, sand table with orbital sander. STEP 9: Touch Up … […]. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*. We cut the majority of our 1x4s to 18.5″ with both ends cut parallel at 45 degrees off square. For any of you curious about the decor featured in this post, I have listed the sources directly below.. Time. This table is gorge! (Step 11). Happy building! I also hope the modern rustic finish of the stain will work well with the elements of nature. I can’t wait until our yard is complete and we’re able to enjoy meals and drinks (Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, anyone?) I seriously stop and admire it every time I walk outside. The couches, bench, and privacy walls will come a little later. Totally worth the investment! Using a foam brush and a rag to wipe  quickly, I  applied one coat of this stain, followed by a second coat of this stain. Cut top slats to desired length. Download the DIY Outdoor Dining Table PDF » STEP 2: Sand and Paint the 2x4s I used an orbital sander to sand the cut pieces of 2x4. Stain table to your liking. DIY Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Dining Table. We started with the first board cut at a 45, fit it in the space, lined it up on the other side, and drew a line with the speed square. This method made the process go pretty smoothly. I am so glad he has discovered his love for woodworking through out this whole home renovation process. My husband and I chose to start with a DIY outdoor dining table since it would be the easiest thing to store until the yard is finished. We’re very happy with the money saved and the time we spent working together. It's like having your own interior designer , life coach (and drinking buddy) for FREE. *facepalm*  To make up the difference, we put our width pieces on the ends of our length pieces, instead of inside them. Attach frame lumber using 3” deck screws. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below! I’m going to show this to my husband because he builds everything , self-taught. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. While I had initially contemplated several different possibilities for this outdoor dining table, I ultimately settled on a super simple design. And apparently like to challenge ourselves. This took our tabletop length measurement to 8’3″. It’s important to make sure your frame is square, so take your time on this step. Yes, I say go for it! Now that our backyard reno is finally happening, I started searching all over the web for good deals on patio furniture. Our outdoor furniture and patio furniture is all proudly made in America with eco friendly poly lumber and solid wood. Love this table and thanks for the directions… I have to talk my hubby into getting busy on it . I’m glad you like it! I don’t know about you guys, but I am looking forward to al fresco dining, campfire s’mores and frozen cocktails (not that I need anymore sugar or booze after this whole sh*tstorm of a spring, but you only live once I suppose). Your email address will not be published. Luckily the husband is a very go-with-the-flow type of guy, so he was on board without needing much convincing. These will be the supports for the herringbone inlay, so they will be hidden. In other words, my goal was to seat as many people possible without having to expand the length of the table beyond the rug I was working with. The simple configuration of the legs allowed for the most possible seating while also maintaining dimensions compatible with an existing rug I wanted to keep. These woods worked just fine for us and were very cost effective. It was way lighter than I had anticipated. We followed everything in her plan except the table top, so we skipped purchasing the 4- 8′ 2x10s. We wanted the dimensions to be as close to Ana White’s original tabletop as possible. Remember to subtract 3” from desired length because the boarder adds 3”. We knew we wanted our top to be 8′ long, but to our surprise, 8′ long 2x4s aren’t actually 8′ long.

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