Wet disperse dye disperse black blue spandex Prior art date 2014-05-22 Application number KR1020140061829A Other languages Korean (ko) Other versions KR101582042B1 (en Inventor 정지헌 이규환 이기승 Original Assignee 대영산업 주식회사 Priority date (The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Disperse dyes are dyes intended for polyester, acetate, and related hydrophobic fibers. Home T:086-571-82270817 info@epsilonpigments.com. About us; Products Inorganic Pigment Iron Oxide Carbon Black Titanium … Molecular Weight 300.36 . In the black disperse dye composition of the present invention, the blue disperse dye component comprises a mixture of the blue disperse dye of Formula 3 and the blue disperse dye of Formula 4 or the blue disperse dye of Formula 3 and the blue disperse dye of Formula 5 . However, most of the dispersing dyes presently available on polyester / spandex mixed fibers Yellowing. FIG. | 8, the Example 1 the dye composition of the (improved product 1) showed the result of 112% compared to KIWALON BLACK PUT-NRS TM (Standard) for vaporizing Chemical Industry (Japan), shown in Figure 9 As described above, Example 2 (Improvement 2) showed good results at 102% compared to KIWALON BLACK PUT-NRS TM . As shown in FIGS. In the black disperse dye composition of Example 1, 25 g of a blue disperse dye represented by the following formula (5) was put into a mixing apparatus instead of the blue disperse dye of the formula (4) and mixed to prepare a black disperse dye composition. 7 (a) is a graph showing the polyester / spandex fiber dyeing curve of the black disperse dye composition according to Example 1 and Example 2 of the present invention, and FIG. la protection de la propriété intellectuelle Because of the high color yield and good build-up properties on polyester microfiber and polyester blends it is very cost-effective. ℃, and it was found that there was a difference in the bath waste when compared with the bathing of the polyester fiber. Therefore, in the case of dyeing mixed fibers of polyester / spandex, the focus is on the dyeing of a polyester having a relatively high mixing ratio. More important for COO: enter a "0" if only two numbers are If so click here. Reproduction of any materials from the site is strictly forbidden without permission. All rights reserved. 7A is a graph showing a dyeing curve of the black disperse dye composition according to Example 2 of the present invention, and FIG. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. All Payment including shipping documents procedure and strict quality management to be done by Biddle Sawyer New York in cooperation with very well-trained ( including TBM : Time Based Management ) Biddle Sawyer’s overseas offices and affiliations Custom Manufacturing and Development Capabilities R&D at 6 labs (affiliate or contract) ~350 Chemists at 6 facilities in USA, China, Korea, Taiwan, India and Finland ~40 PhD's, ~120 M.S. The strong sulfuric acid is palm in light yellow, diluted for orange red; In the light of nitric acid for palm red solution; In strong hydrochloric acid solution for red; In the thick of sodium hydroxide solution don’t change color. Apart from this dyes we also manufacture press cake, reactive blue 19 and MF dispersing agent. We are manufacturing and exporting direct dyes,acid dyes,basic dyes,sulphur dyes,disperse dyes,etc in best prices and best quality. The black disperse dye composition of the present invention may comprise 20 to 30 parts by weight of the yellow disperse dye, 20 to 30 parts by weight of the red disperse dye, and 40 to 60 parts by weight of the blue disperse dye. Obtenez divers devis dans les 24 heures ! Customer Service, Synonym: [ 13 is a test report of the FITI test researcher for yellowing of polyester / spandex fibers dyed with the black disperse dye compositions of Examples 1 and 2. Taobao Global Un rapport d'évaluation est disponible pour téléchargement. | Suppliers key As shown in FIGS. 4-5 Nylon In a preferred embodiment, the black disperse dye colorant (total disperse dye content) is present in the black ink in an amount of from about 0.15 wt % and about 12.0 wt %, based on the total weight of the black ink. As a result, spandex and polyester exhibited very different dyeing curves. | 4-5 Privacy Policy Alipay friction Fastness | The present inventors analyzed the yellowing phenomenon of a black disperse dye (ARTRON BLACK ECL ( TM ), Daeyoung Industrial Co., Ltd.) currently marketed for spandex. Spandex was the brand name of polyurethane elastic fibers developed by DuPont in 1958, but it is now commonly used as a general name for polyurethane elastic fibers in accordance with the Textile Product Quality Labeling Act of the US Federal Trade Commission. 4-5 166 disperse dye black products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which dyestuffs accounts for 3%, textile auxiliary agents accounts for 3%, and transfer paper accounts for 2%. About 20% of these are Dyestuffs, 1% are Pigment. Q5: How do you check all the goods such as sovlent red 24 in the production line9 A5: We have spot inspection and finished product inspection. FIG. K9. 1 shows an enlarged photograph of a polyester / spandex mixed fiber dyed with a black disperse dye ARTRON BLACK ECL ( TM ) [(a), (b)] showing that yellowing occurred in the spandex fiber. All Rights Reserved. Onetouch Also we have some parterners in north of China. The present invention relates to a black dye composition for dyeing fibers or fabrics mixed with polyester and spandex, and more particularly to a black dye composition for dyeing fibers or fabrics mixed with polyester and spandex, and more particularly to a black dye composition for dyeing polyester or spandex blended fibers or fabrics, To an improved black disperse dye composition. If your 1688.com 浙B2-20120091. As shown in FIG. following the words 'Lot' or 'Batch'. En savoir Plus. Disperse dye have low solubility in water, typically less than 1 mg/L. 1688.com Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: Did you use this product in your Paper? The molecular structure of spandex is composed of a soft segment with a high flexural strength and a hard segment having a crystalline structure by strong molecular force. Rechercher des fabricants et fournisseurs des Colorant Dispersé Noir produits de Colorant Dispersé Noir qualité supérieure Colorant Dispersé Noir et à bon prix sur Alibaba.com The black dye composition (refinement 1) prepared according to Example 1 and the black dye composition (refinement 2) prepared according to Example 2 were subjected to the washing fastness, friction fastness, sublimation fastness and yellowing test The results are shown in Fig. PET Sublimation Fastness Technical Supports Disperse Dye Black S-2BL Brilliant Light Yellow Shade Description . 7B is a photograph showing the dyeing stepwise. The perchlorethylene test is a measurement method of spandex contamination proposed by HUNTSMAN. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 | Country Search 4-5 Color: Black: PH: 4-9: Light … The KIWALON BLACK PUT-NRS TM (St of the comparative sphere vaporized Chemical Industry (Japan) shown in FIG. The object of the present invention is to provide a black disperse dye composition which suppresses or improves the yellowing phenomenon occurring when dyeing polyester / spandex mixed fibers and improves dyeing properties such as fastness. disperse black eco 300%, disperse dyes with low price, US $ 5 - 7.5 / Kilogram, 164578-37-4, disperse black eco friendly, disperse black eco.Source from Hebei Caiyi Import & … It means that when the perchlorethylene solution is dipped in the perchlorethylene solution, the spandex is contaminated with the disperse dye. A wide variety of disperse dye black options are available to you, such as textile dyestuffs, ink dyestuffs, and leather dyestuffs. 4 is a graph showing changes in salt loading on polyester and spandex according to the disperse dyes of formulas (1) to (5) according to the present invention. 4-5 Korean Patent Laid-Open Publication No. In relation to polyester / spandex composites, many documents mention the importance of dyeing method, selection of preparation, dyeing temperature and post-treatment for improvement of washing fastness, and there is almost no related technique which suggests a clear solution I can not.

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