Don’t worry though,  all the important issues and legendary writer runs are still there. The Punchline comic is a new story set after Joker War so it is best off reader afterwards. Pages may include affilate links for eCommerce sites. Justice League: Year of the Villain. Luckily, the Batman: Joker War Reading Order Checklist is here to save the day. Note: The Punchline one-shot will follow up on what happens to the character after Joker War. DC’s being cagey about specific details regarding Death Metal other than the fact that the creative team behind it wanted the story to “make fans lose their minds,” which is a rather tall order. Future event reading orders will be added once the event is over. Hi Sam, this would be a good arc to jump on with. How to Love Comics may recieve a small commission on purchases you make. Your email address will not be published. With Superman trapped within the heart of the sun and Batman busy trying to lead a human resistance to fight back the laughing Batman’s forces, it initially seems as if Diana’s Amazonian strength alone won’t be enough to turn the tides in the Earth’s favor and slay Perpetua, the mother of the Anti-Monitor. Batgirl #49 (Tie-in)Written by Cecil Castellucci. Dark Nights: Death Metal’s six-issue monthly run begins in May. The Heroes in Crisis event takes place and the march towards Doomsday Clock continues. These comics focus on what’s going on with other characters, such as Nightwing and Batgirl, in the background. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on our email newsletter full of comics recommendations, lists, reading orders, tips and more. Especially for older events,  if you haven’t been reading the tie-in series going into the event I suggest just reading the main series and skipping the tie-ins. The plot was written by Scott Snyder, with art by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia. Art by Guillem March, David Lafuente, James Stokoe, and Others.Available September 29th. Detective Comics #1026 (Tie-in)Written by Peter J. Tomasi. Is this still part of Joker War? Batgirl #47 (Tie-in)Written by Cecil Castellucci. Note: To read the trade in the order of the issue by issue then purchase all 4 trades and read them all at the same time. It also includes early appearances of the Joker’s new sidekick, Punchline. The DC and Marvel Master orders both contain thousands of issues. If you want to know what’s going on then check them out. The second group is everyone who has sent in thanks and said that the website has helped them read and enjoy comics. The two collaborators are back with a new ambitious story about the mysterious Nth metal and the dark multiverse. Looking at the enormous number of comics that have come out in the last 70+ years and not knowing where to start can be daunting. The Joker is one of Batman’s greatest enemies, featuring in numerous stories. If you want to know what happens after The Joker War, check out out the following issues: Batman #101Written by James Tynion IV. Some of the tie-ins such as Nightwing play on longer-term stories that have been happening in those comics but you’ll get a complete story if you stick to the Batman issues. The legendary team behind Dark Nights: Metal and Batman: Last Knight on Earth take center stage and reunite for one last tour.When the Earth is enveloped by the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League is at the mercy of the Batman Who Laughs. So thank you to these two groups and everyone else who has used and enjoyed the website. For more, make sure you’re following us on our Instagram @io9dotcom. Yes these orders start all the way at the beginning. Building on the stories of Rebirth, Dark Nights: Metal promises to take the DC universe in bold new directions, including the introduction of the "Dark Multiverse." Note: This aftermath issues hints that we see a conclusion to the ongoing memory loss plot. For the full guide, check out Comic Book Herald’s Metal reading order. We would like to hear from you so we can continue to improve the experience with the site. Collects: Dark Days: The Forge #1, Dark Days: The Casting #1, Nightwing #17, Detective Comics #950 Art by Kenneth Rocafort.Available August 25th/26th. Art by Kenneth Rocafort.Available August 11th/12th. So the Character Reading Orders only contain issues that are important for that characters development and issues that are recommended reading. On this site there are some very large reading orders. Art by Jorge Jimenez.Available August 4th/5th. The Character Reading Orders on this site are slightly different than usual. Event Leviathan Reading Order Ever since writer Brian Michael Bendis made the jump from Marvel Comics (his exclusive home from 2000 to 2018) to DC Comics, his work across DC’s Superman line of comics has been steadily building to the summer 2019 event, Event Leviathan .

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