(Review from Allrecipes AU | NZ). But as mentioned above, this is also a take on the Aussie Honey Joys – so it is made with Honey! Please try again. Place in the fridge to set for about 1 hour, or until the Chocolate is fully set and hard. Melt the butter, sugar and honey together in a large saucepan. Keep in the fridge until ready to eat. Great recipe, so quick and easy to make. They are a super fun easy baking project to make with kids – but adults will love them just as much. Let cool before enjoying. I used pkts of "noodle snacks" (without their flavouring) instead of cornflakes and golden syrup instead of honey. There are only a few steps to follow to make this recipe. Add cornflakes and gently stir to coat. 1/2 cup of prepared Banana Jello Pudding (or any flavor) 1 cup Corn Flakes. 2 cups Corn Flakes OR Frosted Flakes. Once they have set, you can either keep them in the muffin pan covered with wrap, or transfer them in an air-tight container. Mar 22, 2015 - Honey Cornflakes Cakes - also known as Honey Joys. 2 cups Corn Flakes OR Frosted Flakes. The recipe will take only 20 mins to make and serves between 6-8 people, so it’s perfect if you just want an after-school treat. Privacy Policy. Once the cakes have set, you can transfer them in an air-tight container in the fridge. Take a photo and Tag us on Instagram! Cornflakes are baked with butter, sugar and honey. Spoon the cornflake mixture into the brownie tin and press down with the back of your spoon until even. Then, stir the cornflakes into the mixture, and spoon into the cupcake cases. Before you comment please read our community guidelines. The email addresses you've entered will not be stored and will only be used to send this email. 1/2 cup of prepared Banana Jello Pudding (or any flavor) 1 cup Corn Flakes. Place the Chocolate (*), Butter and Honey in a heat-proof bowl and melt in the microwave or over a double boiler until fully melted and smooth. How easy and yummy...I love making these and the kids love them. Add the cereal, and stir well until it's completely coated. Place the Chocolate covered Cornflakes inside each Muffin Liner and gently press to compact them (*). Simple and delicious! You will only need to use four ingredients to make this crunchy variation on the chocolate Cornflake cake. The Topping: The rest of the prepared Banana flavored Jello Pudding..approx. Join me on my Baking Journey! Although they will be safe to eat for longer than this, the cornflakes will start to become a bit soggy after 2 to 3 days so they are best eaten fresh!Because they will keep fresh for a few days, they are great make-ahead treats that can be made in advance for parties or for your kids after-school snack for example! Depending on the size of your muffin pan and how much you pack them, this recipe will make 12 to 15 cakes. This recipe is also a fun twist on the classic Australia Honey Joys: a Chocolate Honey Joy! And you will only need 4: Cornflakes, Honey, Butter and Cooking Chocolate. I live for coffee & love to watch snow falling and anything that sparkles... « Sausage, Pepper and Gnocchi Casserole (One-Pot), ½ cup (130g) smooth cashew butter (or almond, or a combination), ½ cup (70g) dark (70% + cocoa solids) chocolate, 4 cups (160g) Special K cereal (or your favourite). lemon juice, dijon, honey, olive oil, corn flakes, lemon slices and 1 more. Tried this Recipe? If using a Cooking Chocolate Bar, make sure to thinly chop the chocolate before melting it so that it will melt more quickly and smoothly. You want to make sure all the cornflakes are touching each other or the cakes might break apart when set and cool. I am a passionate Baker who loves to share her favourite recipes and baking tips. butter, milk chocolate, golden syrup, cornflakes. Ingredient Substitution. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Protein 1.1g Carbohydrate 14.1g  (Review from Allrecipes AU | NZ), How easy and yummy...I love making these and the kids love them. Love baking? Read More…, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.All Content and Photographs are Copyright Protected. You can absolutely go for a less intense dark chocolate or a milk chocolate if preferred. Save money on clothes, holidays, days out, pregnancy and baby gear, homeware, garden furniture and more with exclusive deals! These cornflake cakes are made with Honey instead of Golden Syrup – the ingredient usually used in the British Recipe. ... Chocolate Cornflake Cakes BBC Good Food Middle East. Though as opposed to the traditional recipe, this one does not require any actual cooking or baking. When is the best time to do Christmas food shopping. 23 Apr 2011 I’m a fan of simple, no-fuss recipes that still taste delicious. 1-1/2 cups. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Put in the fridge to set for about an hour, or until the Chocolate has hardened.

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