When you enter more details like location or date, you find suggestions. The first places to start is by knowing how to add Google Calendars to your iPhone. But when creating a new calendar, give it a unique name. For the configuration of the color label used on your calendar, simply hover your mouse over its name in the “My Calendars” list on the Google Calendars home page, then tap the 3 horizontal dots that is visible. It became available in beta release April 13, 2006, and in general release in July 2009, on the web and as mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms. 1. The best sites for watching movies online. Events have a set start time and stop time, with an option for an “All-day event”. To configure the color label used on your calendar, hover your mouse over its name in the "My Calendars" list on the Google Calendars home page, then click the three horizontal dots that appear. Finally, don’t forget to share your calendars with other people. If you want to invite someone to an event, just attach their email address to your calendar. But it’s not a complex process. © 2020 - TecHLecToR Limited (RC 1492745). Top 5 lite Android Browsers that Saves Battery While Surfing the... Make sure you sign in to your Google Account before you head to the Google Calendars page. Click on "Create new calendar" from the menu. Click Create calendar. A newer feature within Google Calendar is the ability to set specific working hours and an out of office entry. How To Fix My Samsung Galaxy S10 That Won’t Update? To change the color of your calendar, tap the three dots next to the calendar you want to change. Although the calendar defaults to showing users event times in their local time, users can specify a different time zone for an event. You have entered an incorrect email address! However, this can only be accessed if you have G Suite. Users can enable a “Recurring” functionality with optional parameters for frequency. Over time, Google has added functionality that makes use of machine learning, including “Events from Gmail”, where event information from a user’s Gmail messages are automatically added to Google Calendar; “Reminders”, where users add to-do activities that can be automatically updated with new information; “Smart Suggestions”, where the app recommends titles, contacts, and locations when creating events; and “Goals”, where users enter information on a specified personal goal, and the app automatically schedules the activity at optimal times. Just remember to share the right calendar with the right people. 2. Jennifer Still/Business Insider. When you set this up, it will send out an automatic decline if someone invites you to an event during these off-hours. At work, you could share your work schedule with co-workers so that they know when you are and aren’t available. Subscriber Users can enable or disable the visibility of special calendars, including a Birthdays calendar, that automatically retrieves dates of births from a user’s Google contacts and displays the dates on a yearly basis, and a Holidays calendar, a country-specific calendar featuring dates of special occasions. My name is Albert Costill and I'm a content marketer at Calendar. From there, you can assign a different color to differentiate your calendar's events from others. Google Calendar allows users to create and edit events. I'm a Calendar Pro. It is one of the best services provided by Google and it makes managing our busy lives less complicated, more effective and collaborative. Account active As you know, calendar apps are essential for staying organized, managing your time, and helping you be as productive as possible. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. It’s also more customizable, flexible, and integrates with apps like Gmail and Hangouts. On your computer, open Google Calendar. Optional: If you want to change which calendar you add an event to, go to the top and tap the calendar name. On the menu on the left-hand side of your screen, scroll down to "Other calendars" and click the + button. Tap Google and enter your Google account information. Tap the three dots and select Settings and sharing. Create an event. Below is all you should know about that: You Might Also Want To Read: How to make the most of new Google Calendar features, You Might Also Want To Read: How to synchronize your Google calendar with your Apple calendar. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. After you’ve opened-up your Calendar, you can add a new Calendar by clicking Add other calendars > New calendar. So how can you add a new Google Calendar? They can then view the invite — even if they don’t have a G Suite account. Calendar harnesses the power of machine learning to give smart suggestions for when, where and how your meetings can take place. Users can optionally set notifications, with options for type (email, mobile push notification) and time. Click on "Create new calendar" from the menu. The integration between Google Calendar and Gmail was praised, however, with critics writing that “all of the relevant details are there”. More Information About Your Google Calendar, How to make the most of new Google Calendar features, How to synchronize your Google calendar with your Apple calendar. At the left, next to "Other calendars," click Add other calendars Create new calendar. On the menu on the left-hand side of your display, swipe down to “Other calendars” and tap “+”. Your work calendar could be blue, while social engagements are red. 2. You can only create a new Google Calendar from a browser. It’s a little bit of an inconvenience. Do you like TechLector? Even though you have multiple Google Calendars, you can now access them right from your iPhone. Insider Inc. receives a commission when you buy through our links. So how do you add a new Google Calendar? Ensure you're signed into your Google Account before navigating to the Google Calendars page. This way you don’t have to constantly check to see your availability — or constantly respond to messages when you’re home. However, once it’s been created it can be accessed on your mobile device. Your morning cheat sheet to get you caught up on what you need to know in tech. Google Calendar lets you schedule meetings and set reminders for upcoming events. Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. 5. Don't forget to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! Users are even allowed to use various calendars, and all of them can be managed via one interface. Google Calendar’s mobile apps have received polarized reviews. If you’re only adding a … While some critics praised the design for being “cleaner”, “bold” and making use of “colorful graphics”, other reviewers asserted that the graphics took up too much space. The good news is that it only takes a couple of steps to sync your Google Calendars with your iPhone. Enter the info about your event. Locations can be added for easy understanding of an event’s place. It’s also useful for long-term planning. Enter the name you want to use for your new Google Calendar, an optional description, as well as the time zone you want your calendar's events to appear in. Google Calendar allows you to schedule meetings and set reminders for upcoming events, as well as share those meetings and reminders with others. On the menu on the left-hand side of your screen, scroll down to "Other calendars" and click the + button. The Smart Suggestions feature was also liked and disliked, with varying levels of success in the app actually managing to suggest relevant information upon event creation.

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