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It is the SRO’s responsibility to establish and maintain this oversight and to ensure that senior and operational benefit owners are achieving the targets detailed in their benefit profiles.
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Examples will include: Programme and project management and assurance, Benefits management in programmes and projects, Common questions and answers on benefits management, Identifying and structuring programme and project benefits, Introduction to benefits management for programmes and projects, Programme and project benefits evaluation, Realising and tracking programme and project benefits, Templates for benefits management in programmes or projects, the main activities and milestones from benefit profiles, for example baseline measurement dates, actual measurement points, assessments, reporting points, a summary review of the collective set of benefit profiles, detail how benefits will be quantified and measured, define what the combined set of benefits looks like, document what systems and processes will be used to, explain how benefits realisation will be achieved, describe what governance arrangements will be in place throughout, and post project, the background to the programme or project and its purpose, reference to the approach to benefits management, details of the benefits methodology to be used and its key stages, a description of the roles, functions and responsibilities for benefits planning and realisation - including governance structures, a complete benefit profile for each benefit, details of how and when a post project review will be completed, training and education activities - some form of post-implementation education and training may be required to reinforce and embed change, development of new processes and procedures - it may be useful to introduce new procedures and handbooks to enhance training and ensure consistency and standardisation of approach, communications - open and honest communications are essential in facilitating successful change within the business and should be an ongoing strand of the change process; many organisations appoint a high level ‘business change champion’ - a senior manager who has access to key resources and sufficient stature to be able to encourage other groups of, re-deploying staff - if benefits are related to increased efficiency or a reduction in staff resource, it will be necessary to re-deploy staff to realise the benefit; consultation with management, personnel and relevant unions will be required. /FontDescriptor 75 0 R

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The key activities from each benefit should be drawn together to form the consolidated plan. endobj In the rare instances where programme or project benefits are fully realised within the life of the project, post-project governance arrangements are not applicable.

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As such, there must be an overarching management framework to monitor, track and manage the total set of benefits. /W 0 /W 0

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