Similarly, in doubles, the team who won the previous game will serve first in the next game. The one exception to this rule is that the server uses the inner back line. Play each game to 21 points unless, without a two-point margin, the score reaches 29-all. You'll get more of a cardiovascular workout in a singles game than in a game of doubles, because you are responsible for the entire side of your court. The singles … Doubles Service Boundaries for Even Scores Who Serves and Receives First in the 2nd and 3rd Games in Badminton? The badminton court lines should all be in one colour, so try to focus on that. This applies to both singles and doubles. In both singles and doubles, the server will serve from the left hand side of the court when the server’s score is odd and from the right hand side of the court when the server’s score is even. It is usually done by accident but is completely valid, so you’ll have to react quickly to the change in direction. The height of the net is 5 feet or 155 cm and slightly lower in the centre. A student may compete in both. BADMINTON SINGLES RULES: There are two significant regulation and tactical differences for single players. If you’re looking for general rules of badminton, we did a post detailing the official rules in an easy to understand manner in Fundamental Rules of Badminton – The World’s Fastest Racket Sport. If a server’s score is an odd number (1 3 5 7…), he has … And even if you’ve been playing badminton for a while, you might have come across an obscure situation you’re not sure of. Singles At the beginning of the game (0-0) and when the server’s score is even, the server serves from the right service court. The Badminton World Federation will start testing of an Experimental Service Law (Fixed Height) from 1 March, next year, including at the TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2018 in Bangkok and at the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018 in Nanjing. You can play with it in different angles. In singles, there are no special rules, simply obey the above rotation system based off of the server’s score. They are certainly trickier than service rules for singles, which are seen as much straight forward. Service. If you’re new to badminton, you may be wondering how to start a game or point. Service Boundary Differences. For the rest of this post, we will refer to the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for official rules. One-against-one is called singles;two-against-two is called doubles.In doubles, either player can hit the shuttle; you do not have to take it inturns. A game of Badminton is the first to 21 points with a clear two-point lead. Play badminton doubles by knowing the service rules and how to serve a forehand shot. Whenever the serving side wins a rally, the same person serves again (but from the other service court). She is a certified yoga instructor, group fitness instructor and massage therapist. This page on Badminton Rules for Doubles summarizes all the rules you need to know in order to play a casual game of doubles. in natural resources from Michigan State University and an M.Ed. The serves in the doubles match always start with a coin toss. It should travel 'diagonally' over the net and to the right service court of your opponent. COURT AND COURT EQUIPMENT 1.1. Good explanation, I play Badminton and I love the game. A service box in badminton is only used during a serve. If you would like to receive alerts when we publish new posts, subscribe to us by clicking the bell icon. You lose the point if you fail the serve, whether it is a fault, not hitting the shuttlecock in-bounds, or not hitting the shuttlecock over the net. So you have to learn the winning techniques. A serve that touches the net but still goes over and lands inbounds is legal and considered a valid serve. They serve over the net to the receiver. However, in classic-rules badminton, used at some college recreational programs, only the server can earn points. When you are doing straight serve then you have to do down from the center line. In doubles service which lands in the colored area is valid (Shuttle even if it lands on the line is considered as valid) And all service in doubles (and singles) are done diagonally. If the opponent attempts a return then he is ruled having been. The receiving team may also decide who receives first for each game. You must serve underhand as BWF states “the shaft and the racket head of the server’s racket at the instant of hitting the shuttle shall be pointing in a downward direction”.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'badmintonbites_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_7',112,'0','0'])); You cannot stand on a line when you serve or receive a serve in badminton. Badminton World Federation: Laws of Badminton. The singles format consists of two players playing against each other on either side of the court. These boxed areas are delineated by: Front service line. (You know after all this craziness is over)! The singles court includes the back tramlines and excludes the side tramlines. Doubles consists of a pair of players on either side of the court competing against each other. Badminton Canada 700 Industrial Avenue, Suite 401 Ottawa, ON, K1G 0Y9 . A two point lead could be 22-20 or 27-25 to give two examples. The rectangular court is 44 feet (13.4 metres) long and 17 feet (5.2 metres) wide for singles, 20 feet (6.1 metres) wide for doubles. The server wins the point. As long as your service lands in coloured area in the pictures above (refer to singles if you’re playing singles and vice versa), the shuttlecock is said to have landed INSIDE. One-against-one is called singles; two-against-two is called doubles. In official BWF games, faults result in a point for your opponent and you must surrender the serve. How Do You Make Your Shuttlecock Last Longer? In between games and after the first player scores 11 points in the third game, change ends with your opponent. You can play with it in different angles. If the receiver was not ready and a serve was made, it is considered a let and the point is redone. The rules for singles and doubles are the same! Players may move other parts of their body during the serve. However, court boundaries are different. Service Rules; odd and even in Badminton. The next first serve depends on who wins the rally. Well don’t worry, we have you covered! 2017 Badminton Singles Rules. We’re not going to go into detail on the service technique itself in this … You get a single serve (1) in badminton. You may see players use different types of serves in each discipline but they all follow the same rules. While there are many rules which are applicable to both single and doubles, there are some which are unique to each of these disciplines. A singles match in badminton features one player on each side of the net. Whereas, again similar to the pattern of doubles, a match of badminton singles comprises the best of three games; the winner has to win two games out of three. A Beginner’s Starter Guide, Fundamental Rules of Badminton – The World’s Fastest Racket Sport.

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