We human beings seem fascinated by the fact that we see in straight lines. An alignment of three or more things, one of which is one's eye, seems to possess some peculiar significance. by the reasonably level area of land on top of the hill, but this was extended and established more firmly by the huge retaining walls which still define the sacred precinct—the temenos— around the temples. This means that if the width of a rectangle is 1 foot long, the length will be 1.6 feet long. A similar relationship between God and His creations in matter can be seen in the Vesica Piscis, where two circles overlap. Although it appears to be a 3-dimensional object, it is really multi-dimensional, and represents consciousness on higher planes of reality wherein all manifestations are aware of their existence within the trinity. When architecture incorporates these symbols, they need only be implicit as a theme out of which the design evolves. The most difficult circle of presence to determine rationally is the intermediate, the one within which one feels that one is 'in the presence' of the body. Alignment implies a line of contact— an axis—between oneself and the distant object, exciting in the viewer a thrill of recognition of the linkage (which is even stronger when 'eyes meet across a crowded room'). The word geometry, as a subject in school for example, suggests circles, squares, triangles, pyramids, cones, spheres, diameters, radii, and so on. The power within the symbols is vibrational, and the way they are used should optimally be compatible with the inhabitants. Two circles apart define separation between male and female, but in the overlapping they are integrated. Next, using your compass, draw a circle with a 3.4-inch radius. Then with the same compass radius, further subdivide the circumference of your circle into 12 segments. Buildings can have a profound influence on our health and our psychic and spiritual state of be-ing, Harmony and balance, light and colour, relationship to landscape, ecological sympathy, energy efficiency and geometric form are contributing elements of shelter which aspire to be nurturing rather than draining. Step 1 -To begin, start with a point on your page, and it draw a vertical   line and a horizontal line perpendicular to it, also through your center point. It appears that sometimes buildings were aligned with sacred mountains. One of their methods for demonstrating this pattern was to have the students manipulate round pebbles or glass beads in a bowl of sand. The smallest circle of presence, physically, is described by the distance within which one is able to touch, and perhaps embrace, the body. One therefore is meaningless, as only God is absolute unity, and one represents creation unmanifested. The proportion referred to is often called the “Golden Proportion” or the “Golden Ratio” and can be mathematically approximated by the ratio of 1:1.618. Snowflake Pattern illustrates a beautiful pattern known throughout the world. The proportion, shape and configuration of a structural system are critical to its function, effectiveness and efficiency. The Vesica thus expresses the powerful potential in mankind to achieve harmony through the blending of the masculine and feminine qualities. The diameter is a straight line – it defines two points (at its ends, which lie on the circumference), thus symbolising duality or polar opposites. The ratio of 1:1.6 is said to be “pleasing to the eye.”. And symmetries form fix tools for architectural design. The arrangement of the 7 equal circles clearly shows the relationships which occur in a Six-Around-One pattern. The line of a pathway in the landscape is often a result of people's and animals' tendency to move in straight lines being diverted by changes in the surface of the ground. Geometry is central to the intersection of structure and architecture. All subsequent steps in creation contain triangles.The 3-dimensional version of the triangle is the tetrahedron, a solid object contained within a sphere, but one which is pure of form because it contains 4 faces all of which express the trinity.

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