One more kind of existential sentence is where a relative clause is followed by a noun phrase. (US journalist Helen Rowland, 1876-1950) Please view the next lesson to learn about the relative pronouns where, when, and whose. To avoid fragments, you must connect the adjective clause to the main clause of the sentence. 1. The movie was really enjoyable, but the book was a lot better. Thanks for any tips and I appreciate your sharing your hard work! A sentence with an adjective clause is called a complex sentence. job interview. They shouldn’t throw stones. Reduced Adjective Clauses — Rules A reduced adjective clause begins with either a present participle or a past participle. It’s probably not a good example to use for teaching adjective clauses (maybe I’ll delete it heh). We use sentences when we send formal emails, text messages, letters, and even when we develop reports and other documents for school or work. The adjective clause describes the boy. The following three examples are compared in terms of acceptability: The first example shows only one relative clause used in the sentence which makes it acceptable grammatically. Step 3: Move the relative pronoun to the beginning of the second sentence/clause. 3. An adjective clause, which is also called a relative clause, is a type of dependent clause that functions as an adjective in a sentence. An adjective clause is also known as relative or adjectival clause and has three main characteristics: The following patterns are applied to the adjective clause: Here are some of the examples that can help in understanding adjective clause better. (right), Tom orrow is the day on which he has his Instead, it becomes a sentence fragment. ), The reason she hates me is unknown to me. Your lessons and exercises are excellent. Hiking and swimming are my favorite summer pastimes. Adjective Phrase: The books borrowed from class must be returned. Show Answers, 6. Therefore, this type of clause must rely on another clause to make the thought complete. Imagine living in a world where people communicated not with phrases or sentences, but with one-word dialogues. Keep in mind that using a semicolon to join two clauses together is only acceptable if both statements convey a complete thought. This is the first lesson on adjective clauses. Although the sentence above expresses a complete thought, it does not indicate what books the writer likes. The keys were in my shoe. Examples of Adjective Clause. When we converse with friends and family, or when we write to relatives and colleagues. Let me show you by continuing with our example. (common). This is all I have. Decide which to use. The woman is in my class. When this happens, Once two independent clauses are joined together, the audience is then presented with two related statements that are equally important to the writer’s message. So we use an object relative pronoun (whom/that/(nothing)). The adjective clause is acting as an adjective in this sentence. I found a website. The man who(m) the officer who(m) the detective identified questioned lives near my home and is a relative of mine. In English grammar, an adjective clause is a dependent clause used as an adjective within a sentence. You may also see subordinate clause examples. Can you correct these 14 basic grammar mistakes? Generally speaking, you can tell your students that the subject and predicate (verb ending) are the most important. The underlined words would represent the adjective clause. You may also see cumulative sentence examples. Chicago. Do not use who after prepositions. I really wanted a caramel macchiato, but they only offer plain coffee and tea. Often there are two ways to combine a sentence. Step 2: Replace the second word with a relative pronoun (we’ll use a subject relative pronoun – that/which/who). Using Adjective Clauses (#12): Avoid these Mistakes! However, generative grammar might identify it as inappropriate in terms of handling so many terms grammatically. We were using it yesterday. You can use the words that or which for non-human nouns, or that or who for human nouns. There are three lessons. Part 3 Although adjective clauses are very useful in both speaking and writing, you should be careful with them. In this example, the adjective clause is describing the noun ‘people’. Hello. We will use the word adjective clause. I gave a dollar to the man ___ I see every day. The clause starts with a relative pronoun such as who, whom, whose, that, or which or a relative adverb such as when, where and why. These words may represent time, place, comparison, cause, or condition, depending on how they are used in the general statement. It was built by my friend. Here are some examples of adjective clauses: The carpets that you bought last year have rotted. Do you see the cat? (We cannot use whose/where/when/whom to replace subjects.). Step1: What do we have twice? You may also check out adverb clause examples. (= This is all that/which I have. correct 2. Each type is comprised of its own unique characteristics that differentiates one from the other. The man who(m) the officer who(m) the detective who(m) I saw identified questioned lives near my home and is a relative of mine. You might be wondering why some examples contain a comma before and/or after the adjective clause while others do not. Maggio, R. (2009).

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