4, #1–4 (November 1998 – February 1999), by writer-penciler Tom Lyle. [14], Warlock's adventures were reprinted, with new Starlin covers, in the six-issue "Special Edition" limited series Warlock vol. Still travelling through different portals, he finally came across the present Thanos who had been trapped within his future omnipotent self and Eros with Pip who try to free Thanos, but were discovered. "Gathering the Watch!". Although the concept of a superhero savior was still present, it often came across as forced, and certainly contradictory to the idea of a pacifistic savior. Adam Warlock - Powers and Abilities Powers and Abilities As Him, the character possessed superhuman strength; speed; durability; stamina; agility and the ability to manipulate cosmic energy for energy projection, flight and recuperation (e.g. That is definitely incredible, but it's hardly his most amazing power. Duggan, Gerry (w), Deodate, Mike (p), Deodate, Mike (i). However, he is yet again killed by Thanos via another missile. The remainder of the artwork was lost in a New York City taxicab in 1976. After reviving in Chandilar, Adam and Pip go to an abandoned ancient planet containing old temples. Whether this power limitation was caused by his symbiotic relationship with the soul-gem or some other factor is not yet known. [43], Warlock obtains the Infinity Gauntlet, being a near-supreme being of the universe. [15] This reprint series was itself reprinted, with yet another set of new Starlin covers, as Warlock vol. During the battle, Warlock's younger self appears and takes the older Warlock's soul. After another resurrection he and Pip go to Titan and encounter Eros. [77] After some talking with Soldier Supreme, Adam Warlock plans to copy the souls in Warp World in order to bring them and Devondra into the real world as Hulk punches Devondra into the hole leading to the real world. [74] As Gamora in her Requiem alias uses the Reality Gem to partially fuse Captain America and Doctor Strange to get the Mind Gem and the Time Gem, Gamora beheads Adam Warlock. Gamora attempted to take the Soul Gem from Adam Warlock. Finally, on Thanos' request, the "new" Living Tribunal resurrects the original Adam Warlock from the point he was killed moments before the convergence took place. NEXT: 10 Mutants Who Could Take Down The Guardians Of The Galaxy By Themselves. Among his body's special adaptations are an enclave of cells able to tap and transform cosmic energy for personal use. This renders him in effect immortal. Ulm, Chris (w), Saltares, Javier (p), Ivy, Chris (i). This can also just serve as a giant chill pill if he just needs some downtime. "Ignition". [5], The story continued in the series The Power of Warlock, which ran eight issues (August 1972 – October 1973),[6] with some plotlines concluded in The Incredible Hulk vol. [41][42] Warlock agrees and Pip and Gamora decide to accompany him. However, before he could proceed he is confronted by his past selves who didn't want Adam to sacrifice himself. RELATED: Marvel: 10 Worst Things Done With The Infinity Stones. [67], For reasons unknown, Adam finds himself within the Soul World where he is approached by an aspect of himself that reveals that the Infinity Stones are coming together once more which will ensure a calamity. Among his body's special adaptations are an enclave of cells able to tap and transform cosmic energy for personal use. Thanos then proposes to Adam a plan to beseech the One Above All to recreate the universe. Adam Warlock was literally designed to be a god. [38], Thanos (after being resurrected) once again collects the Infinity Gems into the Infinity Gauntlet,[39] capturing the Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer in the Soul Gem for opposing. ", Lee, Stan (w), Kirby, Jack (p), Sinnott, Joe (i). [7], In a 2009 retrospective survey of the character, writer Karen Walker said the series, ... continued the story of Adam's attempts to drive the Man-Beast [a fallen-angel figure] out of Counter-Earth, but drifted toward standard superhero stories with pseudo-Biblical references injected into them. ", Thomas, Roy (w), Kane, Gil (p), Adkins, Dan (i). "[78], The Goddess is the embodiment of Adam Warlock's goodness, created when he uses the Infinity Gauntlet to remove the quality from himself.

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