Read Citylights Review – a film that gives a strong message to commoners who abandon village struggle in the hope to conquer city dreams. On the one hand it presents the problems of career selection, which youths of all over the world face, because mainly the occupation or selection of area of working are imposed by parents and on the other hand there is first-rate insight of educational set up in the developing countries. The movies with regard to topics range from love to action, social to political and historical to contemporary affairs. With regard to education insight, not only the issues of teaching methodologies reference material but also the behavior towards the problems of students is addressed superbly. I think Sagarika has a point and I agree with what she wrote. Local language based print media has many stories of students killing themselves after not getting stellar marks despite huge investment by parents by purchasing these paid apps. The movie by virtue of its message and script can be called as a movie especially for youth or young generation. In this context the traditional way to deal with course and syllabus and the examination systems come under question. ALSO READ| Check Out Kareena Kapoor Khan's Best Accessories She Has Donned For Her Public Appearances. This blog is developed in order to explore vistas of cultural, linguistics and literary phenomena in the developing human understanding. Many issues related with young generation are manipulated very skillfully and naturally. YT, FB, Twitter automatically do the take down because the notice contains the right language, and evidence. We aren’t gram, are we, stuff of steel; If... Bollywod has given panorama of movies on different topics to the world audience. This movie revolves around 3 friends, so does the name came “3 Idiots”.. She asks if the message is interpreted in such a way by students then soon we might have a nation full of photographers but there would be no engineer to build our roads, bridges and machines. Now the onus is on user to prove they are within fair use guidelines. Your email address will not be published. Kareena Kapoor Khan is all set to star alongside Irrfan Khan in Angrezi Medium. 3 Idiots is a good movie. It had refused to play in his DVD player. Then the movie caught my attention and I started to focus on watching. A few weeks ago my friend Charan came to me on a peaceful evening when I was rather relaxed and listening to some good old Hindi film music. In result of that he always remains under the dogmas and can not manipulate the confidence. ALSO READ| Kareena Kapoor Khan Slays In These Outfits On The Sets Of 'Dance India Dance'. It asks people to follow what they like and not what is “hot” in the market. The movie’s suggestion is not to escape —it rather encourages students to think and realize where lies their real interest. The movie “3 idiots” has many lessons in it about hope, friendship, studies, family, and the goodness of life. The camera print was surprisingly good. There are two places to spend money in business. I also think Indians go a bit overboard by directly calling something a fraud or criminal activity- which could be taken as online defamation. Correspondingly, the character of Mr. Joy has been depicted as an example facing the problems of datelines and the victimization of the rigid and anti-humanistic way of dealing students. In the issues of problems concerned with selection of future vocation, for example, the character Farhan Querishi faces an odd overwhelmingly. Tips for Lansdowne Trip: Travel, Hotels and Weather, New Delhi World Book Fair or Vishwa Pustak Mela at Pragati Maidan, Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow (Famous Photograph), Sangeeta and Vaishnavi in Bhopal (Viral Photograph). The movie 3 Idiots revealed the harsh realities of our education system. The author further writes that we do not want to create a nation of escapists. Sagarika argued that the movie goes overboard in proving that these days college education is nothing but stress and it produces not the innovators but just run-of-the-mill knowledge and degree holders. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The film released in 2009 and sent a strong message of how the education system should be as compared to how it … Please bring this to notice of influential youtubers like dhruv rathee/akash banerjee/carryminati so that some corrective actions can be taken. What's new the economy of India has always been based on exploiting Indians. Besides being entertaining, it highlighted how things are rotten with India's education system. ALSO READ| Kareena Kapoor Khan's Most Underrated Songs That Are A Must-listen. The movie 3 Idiots talked about the education system in India and starred Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Boman Irani in important roles. It is played in every part of Sindh. The plot of the movie goes like – Two friends are searching for their long lost companion. Then the movie caught my attention and I started to focus on watching. I erected numero... Culture, Language, Literature: Education : "Education: an ever underestimated sector The world is well aware of the importance of the e... Shaikh Ayaz (1923-1997) is considered philosophical poet of Sindhi Language. Edtech startups with their paid apps, are charging money for free content available on and EDIT 5: Airtel replied to one of the tweets. In today’s world, Big Universities, Institutes, colleges, and even schools make every student study so hard to get the best scores. In this direction, the serious issue of committing suicides by the students is addressed. Be it commercial potboilers or ones with social messages, Kareena has acted in various films throughout her career. Not to speak of pleasure ... Penitence   Poem by Saeed Memon Getting the pain in extreme I smashed my lips In the inauspicious life I suffered a lot! The movie 3 Idiots talked about the education system in India and starred Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Boman Irani in important roles. And something is only illegal if you can prove it in court/ convince govt to take action.

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