The other plus is that this plan includes grapefruit, plenty of leafy green vegetables and some lean protein aside from the eggs, so it does offer more nutrition than most fad diets. Some people may be concerned about the cholesterol in eggs, but don’t worry; unless you struggle with high cholesterol, research suggests that this short-term diet is unlikely to make a difference. There are three commonly known boiled egg diet plans. These meals consist of only lean protein and foods low in carbohydrates. A good way to round this diet out would be to add salads to help you avoid the constipation that can plague high-protein dieters. The creators and followers of this diet claim that you can lose up to 14 pounds in 2 weeks without regaining your weight once the diet is over. 8 Diet Hacks For Improving Health & Skin, The Japanese Professor Diet, For Which He Received Nobel Prize – Fasting and Autophagy. In addition, regular water consumption will teach you how to make a difference between feeling hungry by feeling hungry and helping you eat less food. Clean out your pantry, refrigerator and freezer, if you can, to rid your kitchen of anything that might tempt you to stray. You also eliminate junk food and snacks. Dinner- Two eggs, some vegetable salad, and one orange. Eggs contain no carbohydrates, sugar or gluten, Simson says, though they are packed with vitamins and minerals as well as the amino acids that make up the protein of the egg. You can also serve a low-carbohydrate fruit or vegetable with breakfast and dinner. Keep in mind that fruits and some vegetables can still be high in sugars and carbohydrates so you want to limit or avoid these completely. Your lower carb options are going to be the best — berries, melon, pineapple, and oranges. As you might notice, this is a low carbohydrate diet, so be sure to consult a doctor before starting it. advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. Lazy Keto, Dirty Keto and Strict Keto | The Benefits, Risks & Diet Tips, Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks Through A Healthy Diet & 5 Easy Tips, 21 Day Challenge for Simple Nutrition & At Home Workouts, Healthy Recipes - Our Favorite Easy Meals, Diet Food Doesn't Have to Taste Like Cardboard - Healthy Pizza Recipe, Lower carb fruits like grapefruit and berries, Zero-calorie beverages (water, herbal tea, black coffee, diet soda), Beverages with calories (milk, juice, soda), Breakfast: 2 Boiled eggs and a grapefruit, Lunch: 1 Cup berries and 2 pieces of sweet potato, Dinner: 1 Large plate of salad with chicken breast, Dinner: Leafy greens with 1 orange and 2 eggs, Lunch: Low-fat cheese, 1 tomato and 1 piece of sweet potato, Dinner: 1 Large plate of salad with chicken. It is also crucial that you monitor your body for any signs of fatigue, weakness, or discomfort. Why ? The diet requires you to increase your protein intake and drastically reduce – or eliminate – carbohydrates and other dietary elements. Learn more about us and our team here. Don’t worry about the quantity of water because your body is dehydrated and you will need more water. Read More. ", Colorado State University: "6 Health Benefits of Citrus". Boiled eggs not only have very nutritious properties for your health but also are a perfect ingredient for a rapid weight loss. You can use it for two weeks, or until you lose the desired weight, but no longer than three weeks. They are about as close to a superfood as anything can get, according to clinical dietitian Rachel Simson, MS, RD, CDN, at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. We realize that you may have found this post because you want to lose weight fast. You will, however, almost certainly get bored. I took your advice and drank more water. You may have hard-boiled eggs for one meal and have vegetables — which are low in carbohydrates — such as spinach and broccoli, along with lean protein and a small amount of fruit. The third, most varied and most nutritious option is the egg and grapefruit diet. I am trying this because I love eggs and I NEED to lose weight. And is it okay if I work on a graveyard shift? Vogue published a popular egg and wine diet, and with the keto diet growing in popularity, the original diet morphed into an “egg-fast” to jumpstart weight loss. There are different types of boiled egg diets, for examples the “egg only” diet, the “egg fast” diet (only eggs, cheese, and butter), the “egg and grapefruit” diet etc. Here are a few examples from successful boiled egg dieters: Other foods you can eat with the egg diet include: When you are on the boiled egg diet, it is important to drink plenty of water, because high-protein diets may cause you to become constipated. The Egg diet is great for those who want quick results. I’m hopeful that I can actually hit that, and be back on track to a BMI of 25 by mid-November! Prepare your chicken or fish with no added fat by grilling, broiling or roasting them. This egg diet for weight loss is easy to follow, but you need to use it only for one week. used as a substitute for professional medical advice, This common health problem also increases the risk of other serious side effects like diabetes, heart diseases, as well as cancer! Last question, how about 3 eggs per meal? Water is also good for weight loss; it helps you to feel full, detoxes your body, and provides the hydration your body needs. Here is a sample boiled egg menu that has proven to work: Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and a grapefruit, Dinner: Two slices of whole grain bread and an apple, Lunch: One slice of whole-wheat bread, tomato, and a piece of low-fat cheese, Lunch: Two boiled eggs and steamed vegetables, Lunch: Chicken, tomato, and steamed vegetables, Dinner: Two boiled eggs, salad, and an orange, Dinner: Two boiled eggs and steamed vegetables, Lunch: Two boiled eggs, steamed vegetables, and a piece of low-fat cheese.

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