I'm in an illegal state and I make carts and let's just be real clear on this I find it real hard to believe that someone is making these with anything really horrible. Carts come filled with some golden liquid, but who knows what … Nothing. ... can go online and buy the packaging and cartridge just for a few cents apiece and fill them up with whatever they like. Idk who his plug is but the big facts are that these cartrages (atleast the ones that regularly hit my city) do origanate somewhere in California. I have seen them at both legit and non legit shops. It’s not cool because people are unaware about this and believe some fakes are actually legit. just know the signs to look for and when in doubt, chuck em. I hit it so few times, I felt the necessity to get rid of it. The reason for this is because this specific cartridge is not an authentic one. We got a better taste of this cartridge and did not like it at all. People have reported chest pains from vaping these carts and shortness in their breath. Theres a plug with these and im pretty close with him. I got a couple of cartridges from someone... they were good.. so i got more and these two taste like burnt rubber... they're pre-filled but no … Some people will even say that some of these carts aren’t as strong as they claim to be. Personally, I didn’t like it one bit and it had a terrible taste to it, it could’ve been filled with anything, it’s difficult to trust the old packaging. Fake Carts are gaining a lot of popularity, especially in states where cannabis is not legal yet. All these damn snobs on here talking about I only vape 100% pure concentrate pressed from exclusively grown plants from the trenches of the guana rainforest that have been triple tested by NASA scientists from quizbeca stan, listen man if your in an illegal state and your just trying to get high like the rest of us, just try to find a steady source with a decent product. Either way, we bumped the watts up to 12W and hated this fake Smart Cart even more. The taste is odd and atrocious. Show below is a list of inauthentic flavors. It seemed to have a nice and thick consistency and has a very clear and clean color. I decided to start making my own since I have access to good shatter and although my carts ain't always beautiful golden droplets of honey they get you high as fuck and there is nothing in them more harmful than regular old ejuice. I’m in the process of getting into doing this, as I’m in an illegal state. The long-term consequences can be fatal. The vegetable you chomp on that fucker or maybe drink it in some fashion but bud, and concentrates you inhale that. And if you do come across one of these, just throw it out and don’t risk your health. Even though these cartridges claim to have 80%-85% THC level, vendors can put any sort of oil they’d like. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I was pretty surprised because I had never seen them in a shop before. We did manage to find a battery that did fit, the E Leaf Pico. All suggestions/identifications should be taken with a grain of salt. I didn’t even get high off of it just because I really couldn’t stand the taste. Therefore needing a more diluted product to run through the wick. i’ve had fake carts that are tasty, hit smoothly, and gets me pretty stoned with no side effects. So I buy a cart from a guy and its fire and the next time I barely get high. I am from the socal area, I am hitting an exotic cart right now. IF YOU SELECT ” MIX FLAVORS”, KINDLY FILL OUT THE FLAVORS YOU WANT IN THE MESSAGE SECTION OR THE ADDITIONAL NOTE SECTION AT THE CHECKOUT PAGE, Strawbanana | Grape pie | Gorilla glue | Do-Si-Dos | Wedding cake | Sunset sherbert | Mars Og | Kosher kush | GSC | Skittles | Cookies & Cream. Because obviously there's THC in this one but wtf is the other shit, I can't find a clear answer anywhere, I bought this exact one with HV211, bought it off a girl I never bought off, the first box she gave me was sealed but once I opened it had nothing, I told the girl and luckily she gave me another, they hit nicely ngl only thing I would advice is not to burn the oil. Find out how you detect fake carts. ... With carts you never know, since it's not like flower, which you can analyze with your senses and determine it's quality. If they are legit suppliers and take pride in their product then fuck it you just got a good product tax free! I'm sure in 10 to 20 years well see how this has affected us if this problem persist. The main problem I have had with black market carts or fake carts is usually quality and consistency. Here we encountered the old version of Smart Cart, before they updated their current packaging. Mario Carts THC Oil Flavor Review. Black market brands will try to sell you on the packaging. Despite being runny, I've had good experiences with exotics for the source provided to me. Someone that knows what their doing can emulate quality with the right supplies. More posts from the fakecartridges community. Normal to hit smooth? Mix Flavor, Strawbanana, Grape pie, Gorilla glue, Do-Si-Dos, Wedding cake, Sunset sherbert, Mars Og, Kosher kush, GSC, Skittles, Cookies & Cream. if they're just poorly made I might pick them up especially because they're cheaper but if it doesn't produce a good high I'll skip. First off, Smart Cart is a legit company with authentic and tested products. As mentioned earlier, if you ever face these packaging, than without a doubt they aren’t legit. I do not have proof that i can provide yall on this thread, but please do not buy these raw gardens. We aren’t sure if this is because of the thickness of the oil or because of the hardware of the cartridge itself. Or they are just weak. At the end of the day... be careful. It was so nasty, after a few hits, we trashed it. (The proof is that the return address on each pack is always the same and when he ships cash the address matches the return address from packs) They most likley wink wink nudge nudge come from a centralized source in california, especially considering the rediculous ammount of carts he buys and after he makes a shit load of cash he can immediately reup and have a larger quantity delivered to him within just a few days. The spacing between the lines in the E is not even in a real one, Also another dead giveaway is the info on the front shouldn't have no info, Yea bro some fakes can hit really good and smooth and if you start to feel chest pain or shortness of breath throw it out ASAP because that means it’s cut with something and it’s not worth your life. If you're familiar with concentrates, you'll know the higher the THC the less flavor. From hitting it to the after taste, it really did make me gag for a bit. Carts come filled with some golden liquid, but who knows what it's made of or how it was made. If it looks like some simple, plain package that doesn’t seem to shine, than it may be a fake Cereal Carts. bro it all comes down to who filled it. Finding that is harder for me than anything right now. So we picked this particular cartridge and didn’t like anything about them what so ever. - Can0dopeNew Member i’ve also had fake carts that taste like chemicals, burn my throat and give me really uncomfortable highs accompanied by headaches. We’ve reviewed the Nerds cartridge and the Ghost OG cartridge to see what they’re actually like and whether they can be recommended or not. and some as you say, with the taste of "burnt plastic"... guess need to go for another brand. If you ever come across any one of these, we don’t recommend you to consume them. The whole pesticide bullshit is out of control. They use pesticides on every bit of produce bought at the grocery store. Theres a plug with these and im pretty close with him. Previous cart I had was a mario. This update was recent due to the amount of fake cartridges being distributed. Yeah some people may say that a few carts taste amazing and do get you high. The main thing to be concerned about with those carts are that they are not tested and could possibly contain a cocktail of pesticides.

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