Simply, “DM” stands for “Direct Message”. According to PopSugar, when someone calls you “extra” they are implying that you are trying too hard or being dramatic. As stated at the beginning, a blog post can’t give a full list of teenage slangs, but thankfully, there are a couple of online dictionaries from which you can get the meaning of slangs. It is believed that the song is a diss track, so as a teenage slang, clapback means to respond to criticism in a way that makes your critic look silly. According to Refinery 29, “The more woke one is, the more sympathetic and knowledgeable one is about a topic or type of person.”, Refinery 29 also noted that “woke”, “is most often used to describe a man who is also a feminist (as most men should be).”. More often than not the word is used to refer to something about a person’s appearance. News A parents' guide to modern teenage slang. You may find a different set of slang words on the West Coast of the US versus the East Coast or in the Midwest versus the Deep South. “AF” is generally used after an adjective to give emphasis. If you are a parent of teens or if you work with them, it’s helpful to have an idea of what their secret code words and phrases mean every now and then. It is generally used as internet slang, but personally I have ACTUALLY heard people use it in conversation (generally people who think they’re cool, but are too scared to curse in front of mommy). According to PopSugar, “ship” is just a shortened form of the word “relationship” and is used to refer to wanting two people in a relationship. A Parent's Guide To The Latest Teen Slang, A Parent's Guide to the Latest Teen Slang. “Gucci”, when used as a slang term, is synonymous with “good” and “fine”. A related use of “on fleek” is “fleekin” or “fleeking.”, so it is also used to refer to something that is perfect. According to Refinery 29, you “begin a statement with "Bible" if [you]'re about to say the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”. You think “groovy” or “rad” didn’t sound ridiculous to your grandparents when your parents were saying it? The 20 Best Memes And Tweets About The Weird Robot Word That's Tearing The Internet Apart. Charise Rohm Nulsen is a writer, social media influencer, activist, and perpetual volunteer. Menu. Confused by today’s slang? This is slang for rejecting someone romantically or sidestepping their advances. It seems to refer to a closeness level in friendship. Regardless of how you feel about slang, there isn’t any denying that it has it’s place in society and that those who use it tend to fit in more (especially for those under 25). As stated at the beginning, a blog post can’t give a full list of teenage slangs, but thankfully, there are a couple of online dictionaries from which you can get the meaning of slangs. You might see a post from your teen that referencing ignoring a girlfriend’s text with the following hashtag: #curve. They are invaluable in understanding teenage lingo. It can also mean taking someone's wig off, or grabbing something that doesn't belong to you and then pulling it back. Information on our advertising guidelines can be found. A related use of “on fleek” is “fleekin” or “fleeking.”. I want to hear what happened after you left the party.”, Breaker, breaker. So if you see this one, maybe you should stay near your teen for a few minutes longer. Now that I’ve accepted the phenomenon of modern day slang, I’ve become "woke" on the subject and I’ve compiled a totally "lit" list of the top 30 trending slang terms for 2018 below. An easy way to remember this one is to picture someone flexing their muscles. Pretty creative! Which is where I’m convinced this phenomenon of only thinking the slang from your generation wasn’t stupid comes from (guilty). "I’m dead" refers to the fact that your teen is laughing so hard about something that she is dying of laughter. You don’t have to worry if you hear your teen saying that someone or something is snatched. P O Box 4801K Ikeja Headquarters, Ikeja, Lagos. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive; there are thousands of slangs used by teenagers. Stay cool. © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. This one may take you back to the walkie-talkie days of your youth. The emotions and themes of teen experience may not change much, but the one thing that certainly does change year over year is the slang that teens use. Even when you’re young, it’s hard to keep up with all of the new millennial slang, but this list is here to help you fit in with the crowd. Extra – Over the top, dramatic behavior. Heck, I’m only 25 and I only knew a handful of the ones on this list. Dope, as teenage slang, is usually used to describe music, clothes, and people’s outlook. . Singer Eminem was the originator of this slang, and it was used to describe a crazed and obsessed fan of a celebrity or popular figure in the society. The teenage slang is often used in written communication on the internet, but at times, it is spoken when teenagers are trying not to say the f-word in the presence of their parents. I’ll be the first to admit that modern day slang can be irritating. According to Refinery 29, we now have an alternative to FOMO in the way of “JOMO”, which stands for the “joy of missing out”.

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