Tools and equipment left out can be very dangerous. No PDF files hosted in Our server. Written for the Cskills Awards Level 3 Diploma in Site Carpentry, this book has been developed in partnership with Leeds College of Building to bring you up-to-date and expert knowledge of site carpentry. All wood is sustainable. 1.4 Information to employees are available in many forms job specifications are available to inform employees of what is required to be completed and the tools required to complete. Manufactured sheet materials Known as MDF, internal and external ply, Come in different thicknesses and have different purposes. 3.3 Explain the reasons for ensuring documentation is completed clearly and within given timescales. Read : 191, Author : Method statements help reduce hazards by planning an operation. Waste should be minimised by only ordering necessary materials and not having delays. Read : 626, Author : Found in site office. Used for fixing materials together. LEVEL 2 DIPLOMA IN SITE CARPENTRY AND BENCH JOINERY book. 2.3 Explain what the accident reporting procedures are and who is responsible for making reports. Some tools require oil spraying and silicone spraying to ensure they run freely. City & Guilds. Ensure check in good working order, guards in place, no lose wiring. Replace with new and make good to any surrounding damaged area. Format : PDF, ePub Require maintaining well to ensure long use. GUILDS TEXTBOOK: LEVEL 2 DIPLOMA IN SITE CARPENTRY AND BENCH JOINERY book. Training is essential to use correctly and maintenance of all PPE must be maintained. File Size : 79.43 MB They should be discussed with staff on site. For speed of completing work and making the job easier. Health and safety procedures Ensure G cramps in working order. Hardhat is worn to protect head from falling objects, banging head. Try to eat green leafy veggies and stay away from dry beans, peas, Site Carpentry Level 2 Diploma corn. 7.9 Describe the methods of sharpening the hand tools used when maintaining non-structural carpentry work. Do burn out depending on use. Level 3 NVQ Certificate/Diploma in Business and ... Level 1 and 2 Office Procedures (8965) - City & Guilds, English for Business Communications (8959) Level 3, Free Printable 2015 Calendar - Waterproof Paper. Local council offices regulate building developments and renovations. 7.8 Describe how to maintain the tools, accessories and ancillary equipment used when setting up and using transportable cutting and shaping machines. personal skills when involved with fires, spillages. Night site operatives should be employed if risks remain at night. • If injuries can be tended on site first aider to support. 4.3 All employees behaviour on site could affect others, we should use power tools correctly,  follow safety regulations and be aware of risk assessments and requirements. 3.2 This question has been addressed in QCF 641 Q 1.4, 1.5. If work becomes lose this could be dangerous. Format : PDF, Mobi Houses and buildings Yes Have to be pre measured and ordered. File Size : 20.8 MB Ensure foreman aware and informed. If accident occurs at work inform first aider. Report problem to site manager or customer. The City & Guilds Textbook: Site Carpentry and Architectural Joinery for the Level 2 Apprenticeship (6571), Level 2 Technical Certificate (7906) & Level 2 Diploma (6706) by Stephen Jones. 2.4 This question has been answered in 3.7 and 3.8 in QCF 641. Doors must always be stored flat on top of each other to stop twisting. Each occupation has its own hazards, requirements, risks and timescales and all site staff should be made aware of them and updated regularly as situations change. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Format : PDF The tools should be dry and ensured that they have not got wet in storage. The procedures guide employees as they are a series of steps that guide you from start to finish of a job in chronological order. This information lets the user know of anything specific to ensure safe use, moving and storage of product. Carpenters and joiners make and install wooden structures, fittings and furniture . 5.4 We protect timber and other materials to keep as dry as possible, to prevent twisting. Angle no more than 75%. These must be read and followed at all times. Collective PPE should be considered. If unable to avoid weather tarpaulin could be used to protect property. • If serious injury ambulance or attendance at A&E may be required. Pin mitre. Schedules are used for listing repetitive items in a construction project, such as doors windows and their ironmongery, manholes, finishing to rooms, etc. Safety guards are available and in good working order Ensure pat tested To site foreman first. Repair and replace doors and windows As Above Remove door and windows. Filesize: 733 KB; Language: English; Published: December 12, 2015; Viewed: 1,347 times Must be maintained to keep workable standard. 2.3 List the current common safety risks. These are contractual obligation and if they are not meet there can be financial penalties to the building contractor. 2.4 Contributing to zero/low carbon work outcomes within the built environment can be achieved by the selection of appropriate raw materials. If more men required, this should be communicated to foreman and organised. It must also be stacked safely and not too high so it topples over. New workers to site should be inducted and have tool box talks, if unsure how to use anything site foreman should be asked. Read : 427, Author : Stephen Jones New staff should be shown the risk assessments prior to joining site work. Read : 462, Author : Steve Jones All tools and equipment should be stored safely and locked away when not in use, storage containers with sturdy locks should be made available. Hard wood – oak, mahogany are the most used. Book Condition: New. 2.4 See Q 3.7 QCF 641 these assessment questions have already been answered. Back pains due to position of working if in confined spaces. All sites should be safe and locked when not in use, general public should not be able to access. – organising the work sequence- reducing carbon emissions. When using templates, profiles and jigs you must make sure they are correctly cramped to work place. Remove and replace As Above As Above, Form joints associated with repairs PPE Remove old material, cut 45 degree mitre glue and nail back on.

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