It features a spooky … #ts4 #sims 4 #sims scenery #ts4 scenery #forgotten hollow. Planet Sixam is an awesome planet in Sim space that is accessed through the new Scientist career and space travel hobbies. All of the town's residents are vampires. The poor guy was obsessed with the thought of vampires. Follow. However, you do need to gain some skills and answer a few questions to get into the Forgotten … Well with this mod, you can replace Forgotten Hollow with Sakura Hills, an Asian inspired world! Some townie Makeovers of the forgotten hollow gang for my apocalypse save. The Forgotten Grotto is just one of many secret lots in The Sims 4 and can be an awesome place for your sims to hangout and do things like fishing and collecting. Forgotten Hollow The spookiest neighborhood of the region, featuring four old Victorian homes and one forgotten … 2 EA families 2 Simsie families. Forgotten Hollow, almost always referred to as Vampire Town, is a small community in an unknown mountainous region of the world. A downloadable save file for The Sims 4 featuring new townies, renovated lots, and updated everything. Check out the video to see this beautiful … ... Thorn. 3 EA houses 1 Simsie house. Specifically, the two ways to get to Planet Sixam in The Sims 4 … The Thorn siblings inherited a beautiful home in Forgotten Hollow after the death of their overly paranoid grandfather. gutenmorgyn. The Sims 4: Get to Work – Planet SixamThe Sims 4 Get To Work also adds another secret neighborhood or should I say planet. Do you find Forgotten Hollow to be dark, & boring? ... #sims 4 #sims 4 gameplay #sims 4 screenshots #sims 4 vampire #forgotten hollow #ts4 #vampire. Click the names of the neighborhoods below to tour the lots here. Mainly, the house is too blocky and contains too much space for just one Sim to live in it. But upon arriving at the Marchesi house… His whole house … The Forgotten Hollow house shares many of the same issues as Britechester's Honeydew Fields.

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