So I tried to log into Glyph a week and a half ago to change my email address to my gmail because my old aol doesn't work anymore when this time, it needed an authentication code. This reply is an excuse for saying how awesome your TennoGen is XD, Well probably they are indeed trying to get PoE soon, I mean not Steve's SoonTM but real world soon =P, probably the same reason we don't see a 700 day milestone yet: They've got their hands full with PoE. Glyph not working Reply 4# yoshikou yeah i know but that wasn\'t the bug i had, i wasn\'t maxed out except on 1 item. Yep i posted there too ^.^ since last week no update. Attention all, We are currently investigating an issue with Glyph log in that is not allowing players to sign into our Glyph client, websites, and forums. Asked by Myscho. Tried a few more times. anyway it work now i just lost an entire day not being able to glyp anything. I did that few times since i have it and still nothing, also deleting cookies do nothing. I made a new account with a Yahoo and it worked no issue, wouldn't work with gmail. We’re very sorry … Press J to jump to the feed. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. Login reward day 650 glyph not working on forum . Customer support is nonexistent. I have recieved no emails with an authentication code even though I have reportedly requested several. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We are aware it is incorrectly stating "The email address or password supplied is not correct." Yep. Authenticators are a pain in the ass even when they work and don't help against hackers at all. Anyone at the 650 milestone with the Glyph mind giving it a test run? Received message saying that authenticator had been removed on Sunday morning. Tried a few more times. One day it worked fine, and the next day the computer no longer recognizes the drive. I had successfully installed and formatted the drive, and it was working beautifully for several weeks. i cant log in into do not accept my password. In webpage Glyph account I can log in with no problem, just Glyph application is not working as it should. Now,I open glyph,to play Archeage, I enter my email and password and I get the message: "authentication failed". 4 hours ago it was all fine. Nothing and as stated above I could not log into my AOL. I really wanna know what kind of goodie I'll be getting in 40 days though, probably the same reason we don't see a 700 day milestone yet, I think they change visibility of next milestone after you hit one, next can be see 20-22 days before you actually reach it. However, as soon as I close the launcher and re-open it to a non-auto-login ‘session’, I can open up the Glyph Launcher and begin playing RIFT without any issues. i starting to go nuts... i see "skoda" emblem in that glif. [DE]Danielle is collecting information about all of the missing glyphs in the forum: As far as I remember somebody already commented about the Spectral Tide Glyph. If you have trouble updating Glyph you’ll want to delete it from your computer and download the latest version. I had this issue for defiance. Nothing and as stated above I could not log into my AOL. PC; Question. So I put in the authentication code from the mobile authenticator, but it didn't work. Subreddit for the essentially dead MMO Rift. Started a ticket on the site provided details such as security answers, paypal email address to match payment method, etc. Had the same issue on Thursday afternoon. Support is NOT nonexistent, but it is slow; possibly a staff reduction due to the holiday weekend. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I reach saturday milestone day 650 in login reward which include glyph, i set it as active in-game but look like it wont transfer here on website. I turned my PC off before leaving town on the 20th. Anywho, I changed the passward to my glyph associated email, as well as to my glyph account to two brand new unique passwards and I've had no problems since then. Tired many codes and it didn't work. I reach saturday milestone day 650 in login reward which include glyph, i set it as active in-game but look like it wont transfer here on website. i cant log in into do not accept my password...i double click on glyph shortcut, input my email and password...but nothing happened...its been two days starting to happened after launch of archeage...i do not install archeage, im only playing Rift for now...please do something about response from technical support teams yet..already complained... Souns like the exact setup that many peeps are having when using same passwords for multiple games etc. Glyph down apparently since yesterday - no official word News Glyph is not working at all, you either cannot login to the app at all, or cannot connect in the game, cannot log in on the website either, and you cannot even log in on the forums to post because they also use glyph login.

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