Oracle has developed software that allows life-sciences companies to do their processing using electronic records and electronic signatures. Use it to show them why your business will offer the best experience for them, even if another contractor might work for less. Developed by UNCG's Bryan School of Business and Economics. Strategic – risks which could affect a firm’s market position, they way it competes, and the way it provides its products or services to its customers. “The meetings give suppliers a deeper reach into the marketplace and a one-stop opportunity to gain insight into the plans of multiple restaurant brands,” says Dove. Contributed by: Denise Myshko. Some have a higher value than others.”. A documented and well-articulated logistics strategy helps to facilitate this branding process and creates internal engagement from various stakeholders on the future ambition and bridges the corporate strategy with the supply chain strategy. “While other industries can focus on just-in-time component delivery and en-route assembly to eliminate bottlenecks, the pharmaceutical industry has to provide an immense focus on accurate internal and external documentation,” says Marcus Yoder, director, life-sciences industry, at Agile Software Corp., which provides a Web-based solution to help manage the product record. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to get a handle on where the costs — and the savings — really lie with regard to the supply chain. Value Proposition. Effectively configuring a company’s supply chain can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage, and can significantly impact the bottom line. The supply chain enables a company to understand others that are involved in each of the stages, and thereby provides some insights on the attractiveness or competitiveness in industries the company might want to enter in the future. They involve the marketing and sales department in logistics early on in a product’s launch. According to Mr. MacGillivray, flexibility is growing in importance as manufacturing and fulfillment operations involve a larger and ever changing mix of partners across supply chains that are increasingly global. One  potential and frequently use attribute is the financial implication or impact of the requirement a breakdown of any organization’s acquisition needs according to an ABC analysis (Pareto Analysis) in which about ten to twenty percent of the number of separate needs account for seventy or eighty percent of the dollar value of the total corporate spend. proposition co-created by the entire supply chain network. NOTE: The content below contains the first few paragraphs of the printed article and the titles of the sidebars and boxes, if applicable. Companies spend a lot of money making sure their systems are up and running and properly validated.”. For more information, visit Driving Integration – The Holistic Approach. All agreements have to comply with the relevant laws and regulations. “One challenge is that nomenclature could be different, ship dates or inventory available dates are some things that can be different from system to system and company to company,”he says. The criteria for deciding what, in a particular instance, represents good value fall into three levels: strategic, traditional and additional current. A value proposition … The promise of supply chain management is highlighted throughout this introductory chapter. The article indicates that in the earliest days, portals were cheap and easy to setup. Best Practices has found that companies with the most effective supply chains use technology to improve their supplier partnerships. h�bbd```b``��u �q=XDLz�Ș�`v2���${��l����HG i&"U'I�%���{A"L�`�;@"f�`��@���cL@7����H2�����w� xbF endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 75 0 obj <>stream While addressing short-term issues of integrating what can be two very different distribution networks, it’s important, he says,not to lose sight of the longterm goals of the organization. “Manufacturers would rather overstock products than experience financial penalties for noncompliance.”. Although close and long-term relationships may offer better GLYNN PERRY.VP, life sciences, Manugistics Group Inc., Rockville, Md. Mr. Hagey says companies that are successful in efficiently managing the supply chain can outperform their competitors. Amway – Supply chain benchmarking and strategy development, Arvato – Strategy development for Arvato across geographies for various industry verticals, Baxter – Global Supply Chain Strategy development including roadmap and priorities for next 5 years out, Belkin – Supply chain maturity assessment, supply chain benchmarking and supply chain strategy development, Cisco – supply chain strategy and innovation, Danone – Supply chain opportunity assessments, benchmarking what other companies have done like Danone and developing a value proposition and strategy using the Canvas method, Denso – Benchmarking what other companies like Denso are doing. “It is obviously a key category for most of our client restaurant brands and represents in excess of $100 million in category spend for us. Companies that are particularly good at measuring the value of their supply chains have worked to bring the marketing and sales department into discussions about distribution and logistics early in the process. This allows manufacturers to build relationships with customers and accurately forecast demand. According to an April 2001 report by Urch Publishing, despite considerable investment in ERP soft ware, many pharmaceutical companies have not achieved the synchronized and efficient supply chains they were hoping for. Generic Supply Chain. Keywords – value, value propositions, demand-supply collaboration, service supply chain The type of paper –Work-in-progress paper INTRODUCTION Persson and Håkansson (2009) suggest that research on supply chain management (SCM) is Value proposition is needed for C-level supply chain executives and for 3PLs and 4PLs. A company driving for operational excellence will focus on costs, standardization and economies of scale whereas a company aiming at product leadership will focus on short pipelines, continuous innovation and pushing products into the market place. Collectively, the discussion provided in the definition, goals, and evolution sections indicate that supply chain management provides utility to customers, achieves fulfillment goals, and generates shareholder value. It's completely free. Most companies say managing the supply chain is a priority, but we find that only 10% to 15% of companies truly have all the information they need about their company’s supply chain.”, *side profile* – Most companies say managing the supply chain is a priority,but we find that only 10% to 15% of companies truly have all the information they need about their company’s supply chain. Charging the right price has many attributes, but is based on market forces, competitive strategy, price elasticity of demand, and customer preferences. Defining a supply chain strategy for customer value aligned with the business strategy is key for success. BCI can play various roles in such a process, ranging from project lead to a subject matter expert role and challenging the client’s team. Stock turnover was 8 times for 2001. Capturing the voice of the customer, both internally and externally, A supply chain assessment: mapping and assessing the client’s supply chain operations on a maturity grid, Assessing the benefits of supply chain segmentation, Prioritization of initiatives and assessing the size of the prize of each of these initiatives. In 1997, the FDA released the final rule, 21 CFR part 11, for accepting electronic records and electronic signatures on various documents.While the use of electronic records is not mandatory, those companies that rely on electronic information instead of paper records must meet the criteria outlined in this rule. More than 85% of senior executives say improving their firms’ supply-chain performance is one of their top priorities, but fewer than 10% are adequately tracking that performance. Quality – Quality covers both functionality “Does it do the job we want done?” and conformance to specification “Does it fit the specification agreed to?”  Meeting quality standards is a first a minimum demand on suppliers. VP, process manufacturing and configuator development, Oracle Corp., Redwood Shores, Calif.; Oracle is one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies. “It’s also a difference that encourages suppliers to develop stronger direct relationships with the brands. /* Content Template: Articles - start */ NOTE: The content below contains the first few paragraphs of the printed article and the titles of the sidebars and boxes, if applicable. The distributor model that exists in the pharmaceutical and medical/ surgical industries today isn’t going to vanish.

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