Mark Potterton examines the merits... Matthew Charlesworth visited his former high school, where he encountered an artistic composition that prompted a deeper spiritual reflection. You can also watch the recording of our event: Here’s another aspect of that “boys’ club” mentality: 98% of VC funding goes to men. Here’s an example to illustrate the difference: providing separate bathrooms in an office for males and females is an example of the two sexes being treated differently. Sarah-Leah Pimentel is especially... For countless generations, America has represented a place of hope and opportunity. Speech on 26 February, brought some relief, a few surprises, and indications In today’s day and age, it seems anachronistic for men to consistently earn more than women across a variety of different professions. This message goes beyond Hollywood and the film industry; women in the workplace today should be equal with their male colleagues. Stan Muyebe OP explains the challenges around the precariousness of labour in our strained economy and shines a light on the efforts of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) Justice and Peace Commission to secure basic rights for rural farm workers. Data from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that Asian/Pacific Islander women have the highest median annual earnings and are compensated $46,000. The Forum seeks to promote Catholic ethos and morals among business leaders and to implement these in business activities. For every hiring challenge, Workable has a solution. The Scriptures hold a stark warning for those who cannot recognise the most pressing issues of their generation: “And in the morning, ‘It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! Mahadi Buthelezi reports on a joint initiative by the Catholic Business Forum and the... An all-Catholic panel will host a webinar on 16 October, 2020 at the Jozi Book Fair. Even if now things have changed and more women choose to study engineering and web development, it’s still tough for them to enter this male-dominant space. The massive forest fires in the Amazon have reached unprecedented Court of Appeals Sides With Victim in Driskell vs Summit. More than half of women leave the workforce for at least a year, which is twice the rate of men. (Some examples here and here.) Having gender equality isn’t just an important issue for women; workplace gender equality is also directly related to the overall economic performance of corporations and in general, the whole country. “Men are more assertive than women, that’s why they request and get a promotion more often.”, “After a certain age, women will struggle to balance family needs with the requirements of a senior position.”, “Women are more sensitive, thus not able to handle the pressure that goes with leadership.”. The exclusion of women from key decision-making processes denies society a crucial voice that could add immeasurable value. The horrific account of sexual abuse at Parktown Boys is the subject of veteran journalist Sam Cowen's new book. For women of color, the numbers are even more disappointing, as only 4% hold a C-suite role among US companies. If you don’t support career growth for the rest of your women who now hold an entry-level position, then soon you’ll face gender imbalance again. So, eventually, that number will go even higher. As much as possible, make sure your company, division or department has clear policies for advancement and promotion – and then follow them. There is also a stigma in corporate America, and within most corporations, that women have to work harder than men to acheive the same level of career success. If you're a business owner, make sure your organization provides proper training on gender equality to all management personnel and supervisors. This is as opposed to merely being treated differently. For instance, relocating might not be possible due to their spouse’s work. Mahadi Buthelezi is a daughter, a wife and a mother of five children. If you feel comfortable confronting the offender, then do so. 315 E Worthington Avenue greater clarity on plans for the National Health Insurance (NHI) plan.... Farm workers are among the most exploited of labourers in South Africa. In the workplace, workers should be judged, promoted and valued based on the merit of their effort, contribution and ability – not their gender. The wanton vandalism of hundreds of South African schools during the current lockdown prompted Levinia Pienaar to reflect on the disregard for education in... Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered his Medium-Term Budget speech on 28 October 2020, painting a sober picture of South Africa's economic recovery prospects. Unconscious gender bias in the workplace 3 1.1 Gender bias in company practices and structures 4 1.2 Assessing unconscious bias against women at work 5 2. In other research, we learn that Americans don’t find significant differences between women and men in their ability to run a company, with numbers varying based on sector. Earnings also vary by race when compared to what men are compensated. In some jobs, travelling is necessary and employees may even have to relocate to different locations either in the country or internationally. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And it’s not just about representation for the sake of it; it’s not about striking gender balance in numerical terms. In a male-dominated industry like mining, women have proven themselves to be just as competent and valuable – despite the industry-related stigma and stereotypes. The title of Pope Francis' new encyclical, 'Fratelli Tutti' aroused controversy prior to its publication. It is something which has emerged out of skewed perceptions and socially constructed roles for each gender. Develop a written set up policies to promote gender equality in your organization. Remote work, digital transformation, and engagement are hot topics according to our new survey on the New World of Work. Gender discrimination in the workplace is another gender inequality issue. Learn more about the features available and how they make each recruiting task easier. South African... August is Women's Month in South Africa. Women continue to push through gender barriers and more and more of them are choosing careers in traditionally male dominated fields such as technology and engineering. Businesses would greatly benefit from the set of skills that women bring. According to the report, only 4.6% of women work in STEM occupations, compared to 10.3% of men. While some statistics show that women earn 80 percent of what men are paid, new data published in November 2018 suggests the pay gap between men and women may even be greater. Am I Eligible For Unemployment Benefits During COVID-19? Vatican News reports that... During the month of September, many Christian churches celebrate creation and draw attention to the ways in which our consumption patterns are contributing to... Mahadi Buthelezi celebrates the start of spring by reflecting on some of the lessons that COVID-19 has taught us. And this is a trend that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. Women continue to remain under-represented in corporate leadership positions. This in turn can promote better economic and social values. You have entered an incorrect email address! According to a report released by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (“IWPR”), it will take until around the year 2058 for that gap to be rectified. Spreading gossip – whether true or false – will only hurt your cause and likely create a worse situation for both you and the offender. So what to do if you’re feeling the stealthy yet noticeable sweep of gender discrimination in the workplace? Tributes have been pouring in for Fr Emil Blaser, a pillar of Catholic media in South Africa, who passed away on 16 November. “We all have stories to tell and projects we need financed. Men working in media and general retail earn about 25.1% more than women. And the need to do that was clear after she realized that, when looking for a new job in late 2016, 49 out of 50 times she was interviewed by a man. It offers news and analysis on issues related to faith and society. Equally concerning is that the few women CEOs and directors who reach the top, have a tendency of kicking the ladder once they reach the top. * The opinions expressed here by Spotlight.Africa contributors and editors are their own and not official statements of the Society of Jesus in South Africa or of the Catholic Church unless explicitly stated. We need commitment from business leaders and the government to promote legislation and incentives to favour companies owned by women, youth and persons with disabilities. Think, for example, an engineering position. are divergent views on whether the use of masks in public can help to slow the Homelessness and COVID-19: Political, institutional and theological capacities and priorities, After 75 Years: The life, legacy and witness of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The uncommon cold – a healthy response to the coronavirus, Amazon fires — political ploy to privatise public land, Burning Amazon — World’s lung under threat, Teen climate change activist challenges global economic model, Catholic Business Forum joins civil society to promote moral renewal, Webinar — COVID-19: Faith and the crisis of capitalism, Faith organisations launch campaign to end gender-based violence, Fratelli Tutti: A political theology for our time, ‘Fratelli Tutti’ – Encyclical of love that misses the boat on women, Politics and religion in (not so polite) society, Class of 2020: Matric exams in a pandemic are unfair, Equality within Catholic leadership structures promotes greater joint responsibility.

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